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GCC net zero targets set to boost sustainability-related lending and bonds


TRSDC and AMAALA look at electric vehicles and hydrogen cars as part of sustainable mobility solutions

RIYADH: The Red Sea Development Co. is taking all possible measures to ensure that the megaproject achieves its goal of sustainability. Andreas Flourou, executive director of operations and mobility at TRSDC, told Arab News that efforts are underway to ensure transportation for the project in line with its green ambitions.

“At the end of 2020, we engaged global engineering firm Mott MacDonald to provide consultancy services to determine the optimal configuration of sustainable vehicles and fleet at destination,” Flourou told Arab News.

Mott MacDonald provided a comprehensive and robust analysis of the total land, sea and air transport requirements for the development and operation of the 28,000 km2 site, from its opening in 2022 to its completion in 2030.

This involved a clean destination-wide mobility strategy using electric and potentially hydrogen-powered vehicles, boats and planes.

“Most recently, we engaged with WSP, one of the world’s leading engineering consultancies, helping us operationalize our mobility strategy and the wider market, seeking to challenge mobility providers to deliver solutions that meet our aspirations to be net zero from day one,” Flourou noted. “Our need spans land, navy and aviation, and so far there has been tremendous enthusiasm to participate and be part of this journey.”

The TRSDC is currently investigating the use of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft in the tracks.

“Excitingly, we have even investigated the use of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, which can take off and land without a runway and are fully sustainable. In parallel, we have also started planning our urban air mobility strategy,” Flourou revealed.

Sustainable approach to design

AMAALA, on the other hand, ensures that innovative ideas and creative designs match the beauty of nature and the landscape of this region.

Asked how sustainable considerations shape the approach to the design of the megaproject managed by TRSDC, Zak Ayache, Executive Director of Design at AMAALA, replied: “We are blessed with an abundance of diverse marine habitats. and colorful sheltering natural treasures. From nesting turtles and hawks to blooming corals, inspiration literally surrounds us. All our designs enhance these assets and favor their preservation and enhancement.

All of AMAALA’s built assets are sustainable and earn at least Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold certificates on all buildings, with some earning platinum ratings, the highest LEED category, according to Ayache.

Furthermore, all of AMAALA’s masterplans comply with the Dark Sky Strategy, prohibiting all light pollution, and its ambition is to become an international dark sky reserve.

Ayache added: “The majority of our planting palette is locally sourced with planting species that do not require excessive irrigation water. Our sister project, TRSDC, has a fully operational landscape nursery, the largest in the region, growing over 25 million plants in both destinations.

Additionally, all cars and vehicles considered in the master plan are electric, eliminating carbon emissions and noise pollution.

Ayache explained that the innovation is present in the exceptional architectural designs which harmonize with the unique natural features of the site, capitalizing on the magnificent and dramatic mountains to the east, the pristine azure coves dotted along our coastline and sensational sunsets. West.

“Similarly, Triple Bay’s master plan for phase one offers a unique mix of luxury side-by-side assets while providing varied guest experiences. Each complex offers complete privacy from the adjacent complex, which means there are no overhanging views, which enhances the privacy and seclusion of each retreat. Each asset is linked by an innovative wellness itinerary,” he noted.

Ayache said it is actually a “green spine” that offers various activities along its stretch: hiking, biking, horseback riding, places of contemplation, outdoor yoga and gym, exploring the landscape, etc. .