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FIX and REPLACE County Marketplace Sees 500% Increase in Monthly App Downloads After Transforming Penny Pincher Coupon Book with Birdzi


ISELIN, NJ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Please replace the version dated April 20, 2022 with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.

The updated version reads as follows:


Birdzi and County Market have successfully replaced the expensive paper Penny Pincher coupon book with an in-app digital alternative in all stores

Birdzisupermarket industry’s most comprehensive customer engagement and intelligence ecosystem, today announced the successful implementation of the digital Penny Pincher at Niemann Foods County Market. To reduce printing costs and increase shopper engagement, County Market was determined to quickly transition from the popular Penny Pincher paper coupon book to a more cost-effective digital format. One month after implementation, regional grocer saw 400% increase in digital coupon redemption rates and 300% increase in engaged digital shoppers, including those who had previously resisted to a transition to paper.

To better digitize the in-store experience, County Market turned to its historic partner, Birdzi. The regional grocer has engaged with Birdzi for its mobile app, web app, personalized email marketing, and customer segmentation and analytics capabilities.

County Market converted its paper-based Penny Pincher coupon book into digital deals using Birdzi’s platform, which also highlights relevant deals for each shopper in the myCountyMarket app. When clipped, these coupons are automatically added to their customer profile and easily activated at checkout. Unlike paper flyers, the success of digital Penny Pincher campaigns is tracked in real time via Birdzi’s dashboards, allowing County Market to be more strategic and adaptable.

Partnered with Birdzi, County Market’s digital Penny Pincher has dramatically improved critical metrics for a fraction of the cost of paper flyers. In just one month, the results of the digital switchover included:

  • An increase of more than 300% in the number of digitally engaged customers compared to the previous highest number of digitally engaged customers

  • A 500% increase in monthly app downloads and web signups

  • 80% of shoppers who selected and activated an offer redeemed it for a purchase

  • An overall redemption rate of 45% for digital coupons, a 400% increase over redemption rates for previous digital coupons

“County Market has done an exceptional job encouraging customers to try the digital Penny Pincher,” said Shekar Raman, CEO and co-founder of Birdzi. “As a result, County Market immediately gained loyalty and engagement. Over time, they will gain invaluable data and customer insights that can be used to better meet their customers’ needs and improve their profitability.”

In December 2021, County Market began the transition to digital by consistently offering 2-5 digital coupons on the store app for two months. Additionally, the grocer used signs, flyers, and pushers to educate and encourage customers to download the app. QR codes have been placed next to some items; if scanned, these QR codes launch the app and take customers to the corresponding coupon. Finally, all store associates have been trained in the use of the platform in order to be able to support customers. By March 2022, County Market had implemented the Penny Pincher digital campaign in all forty-two stores.

“We’ve been impressed with our shoppers’ willingness to go digital Penny Pincher,” said Avry Brown, consumer engagement manager, Niemann Foods, Inc. “With Birdzi, we’ve seen an increase of over 400 % digital coupon redemption rates vs. previous coupon trials in first month only Birdzi has been a critical partner for us as we improve the customer journey for our customers in-store and online.

To learn more about how Birdzi is revolutionizing the weekly advertising flyer, go to www.birdzi.com.

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