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Exactech Launches Significant Update to Equinoxe® Preoperative Shoulder Planning App | national company



Exactech, a developer and producer of innovative implants, instruments and smart technology for joint replacement surgery, today announces the U.S. release of the Equinoxe® Shoulder Planning v2.1 app, providing surgeons with increased flexibility to plan placement of shoulder components and select implants and sizes for the scapula and humerus based on specific patient anatomy.

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Exactech launches a major update to the Equinoxe® shoulder preoperative planning app (Photo: Business Wire)

The preoperative shoulder planning software can be used with the Exactech GPS® in the operating room, linking the preoperative plan to the placement of implants. Recent studies demonstrate that GPS provides verified placement accuracy within 2 mm and 2 degrees of the preoperative plane 1,2, better fixation 1-4 and better clinical outcomes compared to non-navigation groups, including better range of motion and a reduction in postoperative complications, revision rates and adverse events. 5

The latest features of the Equinoxe Planning app version:

  • Humeral planning, with a range of Equinoxe humeral rod components and sizes, including the Shoulder without foot and Preserve short rod
  • Views for anterior/posterior, medial/lateral and rod tilt positions
  • Humeral Head Offset and Position Adjustment in Anatomical Procedures
  • Planning the Humeral Tray and Liner for Reverse Procedures
  • Refinement of the patient’s neutral abduction position
  • Views of the whole joint and use of combined movements to assess shoulder range of motion and impact at specific locations
  • A redesigned and improved user interface
  • Easy access to Predict+™, the first machine learning-based clinical decision support tool for shoulder surgery

“Enhancements to the Equinoxe planning app allow me to truly personalize each reconstruction in a patient-specific way,” said Moby Parsons, MD, joint replacement surgeon at the Knee, Hip, and Spine Center. shoulder (Portsmouth, NH) and Equinoxe/GPS design team member. “The addition of humeral planning provides a complete suite of planning solutions that incorporates the full range of implants offered by Equinoxe. The ability to assess range of motion and impact based on implant configuration complements my ability to determine the optimal plan that can positively impact each patient’s outcome. Combined with the actionable insights provided by Predict+, which has also been added to the planning application, I can now manage Active Intelligence ® driven solutions for my patients. »

“Since the launch of the original Equinoxe planning app, surgeons have planned over 50,000 shoulder cases and executed their plans in over 30,000 cases using GPS,” said Chris Roche, Vice Exactech Senior President for Ends. “The planning app, combined with GPS, makes the system the first and only shoulder navigation technology that links the preoperative plan with intraoperative instrument guidance in real time – and verifies implant placement. The new features added to the planning app underscore Exactech’s dedication to creating new solutions that improve our surgeons’ surgical experiences.

International market approval of the planning application v2.1 is expected in the fourth quarter. Download the Equinoxe Planning app from www.AISurgeon.com and explore all of Exactech’s active intelligence technologies at www.AIExactech.com.

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* In vitro (laboratory) test results are not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.

The Equinoxe Planning app is used exclusively with the Equinoxe Platform shoulder system and its comprehensive glenoid and humerus solutions. ExactechGPS and the Equinoxe planning application are manufactured by Blue Ortho, a subsidiary of Exactech, and distributed by Exactech.

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Exactech is a global medical device company that develops and markets orthopedic implants, related surgical instruments and the Active Intelligence ® platform of intelligent technologies for hospitals and physicians. Based in Gainesville, Florida, Exactech markets its products in the United States, in addition to more than 30 markets in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific. Visit www.exac.com for more information and join us on LinkedIn, Vumedi, Youtube, instagram and Twitter.

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