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Encinitas city manager is completely wrong about Leichtag – North Coast Current


Re: Encinitas board approves homeless plight deal amid fierce criticism, October 14, 2021

“Leichtag was kind enough to extend his deal and allow us to stay, to keep the program going, but they could no longer support him because of threats and disruption caused not by the people participating in the program but by people who were trying to make sure he didn’t stay in Leichtag, ”(City Manager Pam Antil) said ahead of the city council vote.

This assertion is patently false. The Leichtag Safe Lot is buried in the middle of their property and is inaccessible to anyone except Leichtag employees. You cannot see inside the property or know who is using it as many people come in and out of their driveways at times when the land is in use. People live on the property. The property is under surveillance.

I would love to see the North Coast Current contact Charlene Seidel with Leichtag and ask him directly (investigating and fact-finding was once part of good journalism) and correcting that information.

City manager Antil was neither living nor working in Encinitas when the Leichtag lot was opened. At a community meeting held there prior to the approval of the lot in 2020, Seidel told the public, which I was a part of, that the intention was to keep the lot on the Leichtag property only for a year, then the city could decide whether to move or stop the program.

I hope the newspaper prints the correction.

Cindy Cremona
October 14, 2021

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