Home Correction letter Effect of the Russia/Ukraine Crisis on Stocks, Oil and Markets | Letter Midas RAW ft $NGC $CWRK

Effect of the Russia/Ukraine Crisis on Stocks, Oil and Markets | Letter Midas RAW ft $NGC $CWRK

Letter from Midas

Letter from Midas

Effect of the Russia/Ukraine Crisis on Stocks, Oil and Markets | Letter Midas RAW ft $NGC $CWRK


Stocks tumble on Friday on lingering concerns over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Russian-Ukrainian crisis negates any chance of good news from a strong US payrolls report.

Hiring across the United States increased last month as the economy recovers from a labor downturn caused by COVID-19 and its variants. The US economy created 678,000 jobs in February. That’s an increase of 200,000 from the previous month and analysts’ forecasts.

Oil prices rose as the crisis in Eastern Europe escalated, provoking Ukraine, with the latest news sparking a fire at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. Russia, of course, is a major oil producer in the world.

Midas Letter is here to try to make sense of the geopolitical crisis in terms of financial impact and to predict the effects on markets, stocks and the possible rise in oil prices.

There are two exclusive on-deck interviews in this week’s episode.

CurrencyWorks Inc (CNSX: CWRK, OTCMKTS: CWRK) Founder Cameron Chell

$CWRK is a FinTech company that builds turnkey blockchain solutions to expand existing business markets and create strategic differentiators for their businesses. B2B solutions can include digital currencies, payment rails, NFTs, STOs, and any combination of digital assets within an ecosystem.

Northern Graphite Company (CVE:NGC, OTCMKTS:NGPHF) CEO Greg Bowes

$NGC is a mining development and technology company focused on delivering the expected growth in EV/battery demand. The company intends to acquire two graphite mines from the Imerys group. When completed, the company will become the only North American producer and the 3rd non-Chinese graphite producer.


00:00 – Intro
03:18 – Coming soon
04:15 – Questions from the audience
04:16 – How many users does Voxtur have?
04:45 – First reaction to the Russia/Ukraine crisis for the markets?
05:20 – Reduced rate increase due to conflict?
06:04 – Is cheap Colombian cannabis impacting the US market?
06:52 – Probability of recession?
07:30 – Cathie Woods adds $ATAI to $ARKK ETF good for psychedelics?
08:06 – How high is the price of oil destined to go?
08:53 – Is gold still the best safe haven?
09:43 – Queen Elizabeth contracts COVID
10:02 – Russia/Ukraine War
12:20 p.m. – Effect of the war on the markets
12:36 – Gold
13:26 – Bitcoin $BTC
14:54 – Financial crash/probability of correction
15:45 – Oil
17:03 – Copper
17:37 – US Copper (formerly Crown Mining) $USCU
7:10 p.m. – Elon Musk
19:31 – Copper chart
21:26 – Lithium
11:50 p.m. – Interest rate (10-year rate)
25:46 – Dow Jones Index Chart ($DJI)
26:04 – S&P 500 Index Chart ($SPY)
26:19 – NASDAQ Index Chart
26:38 – Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF
28:13 – 30-year fixed mortgage rate
29:07 – Housing indices
32:52 – CurrencyWorks Inc (CNSX:CWRK, OTCMKTS:CWRK) Interview with Founder Cameron Chell
43:57 – $CWRK chart
44:12 – NFT
44:44 – Russia/Ukraine crisis forecast
51:01 – Interview with CEO of Northern Graphite Corp (CVE: NGC, OTCMKTS: NPHHF) Greg Bowes
59:25 – $NGC Chart

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