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Decades of housing crisis in the making – Saanich News


LETTER: Decades of housing crisis are brewing

In response to “Densification responds to the concerns of the modern world”. Sidney shares land with North Saanich, so take that into account when you say intensification in Sidney is limited to downtown. Sidney had to restrict evictions so less wealthy baby boomers could stay in their apartment/condo, so it’s misleading to say the older generation is “wealthy”.

Not every retiree can afford $1,000 per square foot of living space in new construction, condominium fees of hundreds a month, and Sidney taxes exceeding all other municipalities on the peninsula. The affordability of service workers is a Canadian issue and it will take all three levels of government to address this overlooked issue.

“Climate change is impacting the way we live due to the government’s failure not to be proactive. Over the past few months there have been many published studies explaining what is causing our housing crisis and of the post-pandemic labor shortage. This is not a new problem, but decades of preparation, which is now reaching a critical level. Old methodologies may solve one but will create a new one.

BMO released a detailed report based on 20 years of data that Canada has 475 homes for every 1,000 citizens. The results show that one in six homes is held as an investment property, contributing to the growth of the housing bubble. Wages have not kept up with the cost of living for three decades, since the Wall Street bailout in 2008. The separation of the global economy and the real economy is a long way off where a correction would lead to a collapse of the world economy. As the US staved off a recession by bailing out $50 trillion on Wall Street, it set an unpredictable global economy in motion.

North America has a larger landmass compared to Europe. Europe had to use land efficiently for housing and transportation for centuries. Cars don’t just kill us; the world is overcrowded and weather-beaten, making migration a matter of survival. Developers can build up to the sky to let legislators provide clean water, sewage treatment, and land for waste (on an island). Can the problem be solved by public opinion or local government? It will take all levels of government, with a shared political will to resolve.

Jo-Anne Berezanski

Saanich North