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[Deal Alert] SKRWT perspective correction app and Neo Monsters game drop to $ 0.10 in a few countries


None of these offers are valid in the United States, Canada, and many countries around the world. The. This should help you skip reading this article altogether. But if you’re still around, then you probably live in one of the few countries where these $ 0.10 offers have been a frequent occurrence over the past few months, and you’re already familiar with the exercise. We are talking about 0.10 EUR in France, Italy, Spain and Germany, 0.10 GBP in UK, 10 RUB in Russia and 0.20 AUD in Australia. Other countries are probably not affected, but it won’t hurt to check.

That being said, the two software you can buy are SKRWT and Neo Monsters. SKRWT is a perspective and lens correction app that can take any misaligned photo, any image with converging lines, or any distorted photo, and help you correct it for a professional look. . This normally costs $ 1.49, with a few IAPs to unlock more options.

As for Neo Monsters, it reminds me a bit of Pokémon. You form a team of monsters and fight online against other players for missions, leaderboards, and more. There are 6 different worlds to play in and plenty of leagues and missions to take on, for dozens of hours of playtime. It is well rated and usually costs $ 0.99, although there are still ISPs.

You can check both apps on the Play Store via the links below and let us know if they are on sale in other countries that we haven’t verified.

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