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Davis School District Apologizes, Calls Letter Sent to Parents About COVID-Positive Students “A Mistake”


FARMINGTON — The Davis School District is apologizing for sending conflicting and confusing emails regarding students who tested positive for COVID-19. They say the letter saying COVID-positive students could still attend classes was a mistake.

When Ty Barney arrived for class at Layton High School on Friday morning, he said he felt like half the students had left and there weren’t many teachers there either. Barney said he felt the faculty was already struggling to find enough instructors because of COVID-19.

“One of my teachers, she has a student teacher in her class [that] was actually filling in for another teacher because none of the teachers are here. It’s crazy how quickly the cases have increased,” Barney said.

Families at Layton High School and Woods Cross High School have received emails saying the “test to stay” protocol has been suspended due to a shortage of tests and medical staff and that children whose test was positive or refused would be allowed to go to school, although he urged parents to keep their children at home if they felt sick.

(The letter sent to families at Woods Cross High School. Photo: Woods Cross High School)

Barney said his mother couldn’t believe what she was reading.

He said: “My mum really saw that and she said, ‘This is crazy. They say they let kids who have COVID go back to school.

Barney acknowledges that the district sent out a correction a few hours later, telling everyone that COVID-positive students shouldn’t return to school and should stay in isolation. District spokeswoman Hailey Higgins said their first letter was in error, but they cannot confirm how that email was sent.

She said: “The message that came out goes against everything we’ve been hearing for two years: ‘Stay home if you’re sick’.”

A statement released by the district on Friday morning said leaders “sincerely apologize” for the confusion as they “navigate the rapidly changing landscape caused by the Omicron variant.”

Higgins said: “If a child is feeling sick, if a student or a teacher or anyone is feeling sick, of course don’t come to school. Stay at home. Take care. Get better. Wait five days or more if necessary.

If symptoms persist, students are told to stay home until they are fever-free for 24 hours.