Home Correction app Darktable open source photo editor app now boasts Canon’s CR3 Raw support and more

Darktable open source photo editor app now boasts Canon’s CR3 Raw support and more



Darktable 3.8.0 is now available for download. Latest version of open source photography workflow app and developer RAW includes new features, user interface improvements, editing tools, improved file support and other improvements .

In version 3.8.0, the keyboard shortcut system has been reworked. Darktable can now be controlled by external devices such as MIDI controllers and game controllers. Mouse movements, multiple button / key presses and long presses / clicks are now recognized by standard keyboard / mouse shortcuts . After the update, all shortcuts created before version 3.8.0 will need to be redefined.

A new diffusion or sharpness module has been added. To reconstruct images from lens blur, haze, sensor low-pass filter, or noise, you can simulate or reverse the scattering processes. The module can also be used to simulate watercolor stains, increase local contrast and perform surface blur. You can also specify specific rules to apply scattering on edges.

The Perspective Correction module has been renamed to “Rotate and Perspective” and the user can now manually set the correction parameters by drawing lines or rectangles on the image. This replicates the old keystone correction functionality of the old “crop and rotate” module. A new LMMSE demosaicing algorithm has been added. It is ideal for high ISO images and noisy images.

Darktable 3.8.0 now supports the Canon.CR3 RAW file format. LibRaw provides support, so users should have at least version 0.27.4 of exiv2 with BMFF support enabled. In terms of camera support, there are many new supports over darktable 3.6 including support for Canon EOS R series of cameras, many Canon DSLR cameras, a few Leica cameras and three Sony cameras, including the A7 IV. White. Balance presets and noise profiles have also been added for a variety of cameras. The full list of supported cameras can be found here.

Darktable 3.8.0 is a free download for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It should be noted that this is the final version that will support macOS 10.7 and build with Xcode 11. The next major release will require running macOS 10.14 or later and building Xcode 12.

Go to darktable website to download darktable 3.8.0. Read the full release notes for a full list of new features, changes, and bug fixes.