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CORRECTION: Chatsworth Securities partners with QR Payments Group OrderEx


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NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/January 18, 2022/ Chatsworth Securities LLC is pleased to announce the latest strategic partnership with OPER Pay, (OPER, LLC DBA OrderEx), a unique payment engine designed to make mobile payments easier for the customer. OrderEx is an all-in-one digital ordering and mobile payment platform that will take a brand or merchant’s retail operations to the next level.

“OrderEx’s is a highly advanced QR payment platform offering customers a seamless retail-level experience. It places a lot of power and freedom in the user’s hand without the need to download an app” , said Marcus Magarian, Managing Director of Chatsworth, “Chatsworth Securities has significant experience in the digital payments and data analytics space. First-party analytics data alone could unlock actionable insights for brands to improve the in-store customer experience and help brands generate more revenue,” Marcus continued. Chatsworth will provide the company with expanded access to capital, improved business metrics and potential business opportunities.

The OrderEx platform enables the seamless integration of payment processing and technology solutions across a variety of marketplaces at physical locations. It gives the user a suite of tools to save time and safely serve more customers. It tackles tedious tasks so staff can spend more time with customers. With interactive menus, mobile ordering and payment, customer rewards, and on-demand server engagement and communication, restaurants can ensure high performance and high-quality service, even during peak hours. .

OPER was founded by Dave Laiderman, CEO who began developing payments technology in college and has been solving the challenges facing restaurants for nearly 20 years. “Integrate OrderEx with your current POS system or payment provider in just two hours. Customers browse and order from their mobile phone; and, when they are done, they pay directly from their mobile phone,” he said.

Chatsworth is an investment bank which also provides advisory and consultancy services. “We not only provide mergers and acquisitions and raise capital for clients, but we help clients solve business challenges and seize business opportunities,” said Ralph DiFiore, Chatsworth’s senior managing director. He added, “Given the challenges businesses face today, we all want to help our clients improve business metrics such as revenue, profit and EBITDA. One way to improve these metrics is to unlock the revenue potential of their “on-premises” data, which is extremely valuable to large consumer goods conglomerates and QSR groups, for example.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry2vabFOfYg&ab_channel=PayWithOPER (OrderEx Payments technology demo video)


OPER Pay has built a unique payment engine designed to facilitate mobile payments for brands and merchants. Through several innovative strategies and market engagement, OPER has proven dramatic incremental revenue increases for its partners.

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Chatsworth Securities partners with QR Payments Group OrderEx

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