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COPD study shows: Kaia Health app maintains positive effects of hospital-based rehabilitation for longer


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a study including patients with COPD, a chronic respiratory disease, doctors from the rehabilitation centers of Zurich and the University of Marburg examined how the use of Kaia Health affects physical activity after treatment hospital. As a result, researchers found that with Kaia Health, improvements in inpatient rehabilitation were sustained over the entire six-month study period – compared to the control group. The study of Prof. Dr. A. Rembert Koczulla, Dr. Marc Spielmans et al. is the first scientific study that addresses the effects of digital therapies on pulmonary rehabilitation.

The Kaia Health COPD app provides the key elements of pulmonary rehabilitation in digital form: an individual training program with movement units, breathing and relaxation exercises, as well as advice and information on the disease, guided by digital motion analysis. It can be used alone as a digital therapeutic, or after hospital therapy.

In the randomized controlled study, patients with COPD were observed over a period of six months after completion of inpatient rehabilitation. Participants were randomly assigned to either the Kaia Health COPD app or conventional follow-up treatment. The research objective of the study was to measure physical activity – a crucial factor in rehabilitation. For this, the steps taken by the participants each day were recorded by an activity tracker and then evaluated by the authors of the study.

“Results show significantly higher physical activity over a six-month period using the Kaia Health COPD app compared to the control group. The Kaia Health COPD app has proven to be an innovative way to positively influence the health status of COPD patients over a longer period of time. Our next goal is to demonstrate efficacy in patients with COPD without prior treatment in rehabilitation in an ongoing follow-up study,” says Stephan Huber , one of the study’s co-authors and Chief Medical Officer Europe at Kaia Health.

Improve symptoms with the Kaia Health COPD app

In addition to these results, another figure particularly stands out from the results of the study: the CAT score. CAT stands for COPD Assessment Test (an assessment survey for patients with COPD). Here, patients rate their symptoms – such as cough, congestion or chest tightness – on a scale of 0 to 5 [1]. As part of the Kaia Health COPD App Efficacy Study, the CAT survey assessment of study participants shows that using Kaia Health significantly reduces the overall severity of symptoms. “Of course, we were very pleased with these positive study results, but we weren’t surprised,” says Professor Koczulla, consultant pulmonologist at Kaia Health and co-author of the study. “With Kaia Health, six-month inpatient rehabilitation success was maintained to the greatest extent during the study. Even slight symptom improvements can be achieved.”

When using Kaia Health, COPD patients are no longer alone after hospital rehabilitation. This is especially important because many of the millions of people affected by COPD in the United States find it difficult to resume their daily lives after returning from rehabilitation and to implement everything they have learned independently in four to six weeks of seminars and therapy. [2]. With Kaia Health’s COPD app, they have a reliable digital companion at their side.

“Kaia Health was founded around an unwavering commitment to democratizing healthcare for all,” said Kaia Health President Nigel Ohrenstein. “Building on the demonstrable success of our MSK digital solution, we are excited about the potential the Kaia Health COPD app can bring to the United States, which adds another layer of support to our mission to make therapies digital. clinically validated and cost effective accessible anytime, anywhere and for anyone.

About Kaia Health

Kaia Health is a digital therapy company that creates accessible, evidence-based treatments for a range of conditions, including MS pain and COPD. Kaia Health spans 60 million lives worldwide, and its clinically proven motion analysis capability is transforming and democratizing healthcare with technology that patients can access anytime, anywhere, with the camera of their smartphone or tablet. Kaia Health is the most clinically validated digital MSK provider, and its motion analysis technology is as accurate as physiotherapists in suggesting exercise corrections, resulting in equitable care regardless of BMI, body weight, and weight. age, sex or location. Kaia Health is a member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) and has offices in New York and Munich. Learn more about www.kaiahealth.com.

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