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Competitor Corner: September 2022 | An NRA shooting sports journal


The month of September 2022 Shooting Sports United States The digital magazine’s cover features Indiana First Lady Janet Holcomb on Range Six at Camp Atterbury where she fired the first shot to open the NRA Nationals for the second straight year. Ms. Holcomb, along with NRA First Vice President Willes Lee, Second Vice President David Coy and Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association President Charlie Hiltunen were at the first shot ceremony to kick off the national matches of the 2022 NRA at Camp Atterbury, which had another success was at the Indiana National Guard installation. Read the first half of our coverage of this year’s championships (page 20), including opening day and the NRA High Power Rifle OTC, High Power Rifle Mid-Range and Precision Pistol National Championships.

The United States Mayleigh Cup team featured in the first half of our 2022 NRA Nationals Match Report.

You’d think it would be hard to top the solid GMR-15, but JP Enterprises has produced a real crusher in their new JP-5 timed pistol caliber carbine. Using the roller-delayed pushback OS and a few other tricks, the PCC JP-5 9mm offers superior recoil handling and adjustability, along with a host of competitor-friendly features. Read my review of the Model JP-5 Steel Challenge Carbine in Product Focus this month (page 12) and learn all about this demonic speed competition PCC.

Whether you like it or not, reading the wind is an essential part of shooting success in any precision rifle shooting discipline. High Power Rifle fans and PRS fans won’t want to miss Serena Juchnowski’s interview with Sgt. 1st Class Walter Craig (page 26). In it, Craig shares his tips for determining windage corrections, windage bracketing and more.

Managing transitions well is at the heart of the Steel Challenge competition. In his article this month, field editor Chris Christian describes the eye training and hip rotation technique that can help shooters achieve faster times in Steel Challenge (page 32). He also shares tips on better target management and getting your eyes on target faster, as well as some red dot optic recommendations and tips for long gun shooters.

In 3-gun competition, shotgun reloading can often trip shooters on an otherwise successful stage. In his article this month, Josh Honeycutt delves into the art of rapid shotgun reloading with input from Keith Garcia, a USPSA Grandmaster and top 3-gun competitor. Read Honeycutt’s article (page 36) if you want to learn more about the intricacies of quad loading and how to shave seconds off your 3-hit competition scores.

Next month’s issue of the digital magazine will feature the second installment of our Match Report of the 2022 NRA National Matches at Camp Atterbury, including the High Power Long-Range and Smallbore Rifle National Championships. Plus, be on the lookout for more details on the Pershing International Trophy Match, where a team of 32 shooters traveled from Great Britain to Indiana to compete neck and neck with Team USA.

John Parker
Chief Editor, Shooting Sports United States

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