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CMS School Board releases response to leaked letter from former superintendent. Earnest Winston’s lawyer


CHARLOTTE, NC — Clear signs of frustration at an emergency CMS school board meeting on Monday.

The council discussed a leaked document from former Superintendent Earnest Winston’s personnel file.

In the document given to the WFAE, Winston’s attorney accuses the board of improper action when Winston was fired in April. The board issued a public correction to the record. Refutation of these assertions.

“It’s unfortunate that we’re here today to do this,” said board member Rhonda Cheek.

Several board members expressed their frustration Monday during a 10-minute meeting. A letter from former Superintendent Earnest Winston’s attorney has been leaked to the WFAE.

The letter alleges Winston was asked to leave before he was fired on April 19. And also accuses the board of having acted badly during its exit.

“We’re going to let the public know how the board acted and in accordance and in order with what was supposed to happen,” Cheek said.

Board member Dr. Ruby Jones says she leaked the letter, with Winston’s permission. And says she was upset with the way board chair Elyse Dashew spoke about Winston.

“You could very well have spat in my face,” Jones said.

“As an older black woman, I’ve been hearing this rant since I was young. Aimed at black men in particular,” she continued.

“Fifty-two years I have been in the education sector. This was one of the weak points. Low points,” Jones said.

Dashew then cut Jones off when his commentary time ran out.

The board released its response to Winston’s attorney, refuting the claims, calling them inaccurate and incorrect.

Winston was fired last month. He will earn more than half a million dollars over the next two years. Former Superintendent Hugh Hattabaugh is currently Acting Superintendent.