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Candidates reject change in state leadership


I just read NBC Channel 5’s synopsis of the gubernatorial candidates. First, I have to say Governor Pritzker, and especially Dr. Izike, for their combined leadership during the pandemic – Dr. Arwady from Chicago as well. Plus, Treasurer Mendoza’s smart management of state money, paying bills on time, and positively correcting the state’s credit rating.

Back to the list NBC: None of these candidates have offered anything to require a leadership change in Illinois. They rely on weary guilt by association with Madigan, with nothing but innuendo, and profess great public service in military or private matters.

Some have even jumped on the police support bandwagon.

When it comes to business acumen, we’ve had our share of so-called great business minds at the state and federal level. No thanks. I don’t agree with all of the Democratic Party’s positions, but the opposition offers nothing but hot air and continued determination!

Michael Dunn