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Canadian Exploration Services Limited (CXS) now offers geological services


Founded on February 2, 2000, Canadian Exploration Services Limited (CXS) is a group of professionals covering the entire exploration process, initial site development and reclamation. They are a company in the region surrounding the whole process of exploration. They form a claim to staking advanced geophysics, providing a single point of contact and excellent levels of communication during your exploration program. Integration with our experience and expertise ensures that every project is completed correctly, on time and on budget, providing one point of contact and an unrivaled level of communication during your program.

Speaking about soil sampling, the CXS spokesperson said, “Soil sampling is the extraction of a small amount of soil for later analysis in analytical laboratories. The results measure the concentration of various metals in the soil, allowing for more targeted exploration programs. Soil samples are mainly collected and analyzed for various elements by mining exploration and environmental companies. Interpretations based on the results will direct an exploration company to the source of the soil anomaly in bedrock or may lead to the recommendation and implementation of a site restoration plan by an environmental company. In mineral exploration, “soil” samples are usually taken from a specific soil horizon (horizon-based sampling), such as a humus layer (H horizon), soil of B horizon or C horizon soil. The different layers allow a more targeted exploration of certain metals or serve as a scout for certain types of deposits.

If you’re wondering what channel sampling is in geology, CXS has you covered. Channel samples contain small rock chips taken from a specified linear interval. The objective is to excavate a linear channel through the vein or ore body for the most representative samples possible over the given interval. In most cases, chip channel samples are taken in succession along a pre-given sampling line with a tape measure designed to cross the area of ​​interest. Chip groove samples are often taken along surface trenches or from the floors or walls of various underground workings. Sampling intervals are kept at a specified width, between 1 and 20 feet, mostly 5 feet. This helps to find a representative sample because the sample is not biased.

The spokesperson added: “Differential GPS surveys are a correction method used to maintain the quality of location data accumulated using Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. Differential correction can be performed in real time directly in the field or post-process the data in the office. Although both methods are based on the same underlying principles, each accesses different data sources and achieves different levels of accuracy.

CXS offers a range of geological services in Canada. First, prospecting is used to search for mineral deposits in a location. Prospecting is generally carried out by direct observation. This involves researching what has been historically noted in the field. Next, the prospector physically studies the soil and samples favorable rock types that may be encountered. Line cutting is usually the first physical exploration work on a claim. There is a baseline in the middle of the study area when cutting lines, with a series of grid lines or wings extending from the baseline at 90 degree angles. Wooden stakes with written coordinates are placed on the ground at regular intervals. These pegs give explorers a coordinate system that helps locate features on maps for further work.

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This mining exploration company is dedicated to employee and environmental safety and is committed to ongoing training in tool operation, worker safety and health. Our approach has resulted in no lost time injuries in the past five years. In addition, our civil liability and industrial accident insurance prevents you from operating risks.

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