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Blogger tells MacG to “get the hell out of it” after receiving letter of request


Entertainment and pop culture microblogger Musa Khawula has drawn a line in the sand after receiving a letter of request from Podcast host and Chill Macgyver ‘MacG’ Mukwevho.

Khawula shared the letter sent to her by the broadcaster’s legal team on Twitter, with the following caption:

“So MacG’s lawyers asked me to apologize to him for calling him a transphobe. Is that crack? First, you get no apologies from me and if [your] memory is short see the next tweet for a good reminder of yall’s transphobic statement. Kindly get the hell out.

According to the letter sent by lawyers for Tania Mokwana Inc, Khawula tweeted in early October which called MacG transphobic and considers Khawula’s statement “false and malicious”.

The letter further claimed that Khawula’s statement had “caused substantial damage” to MacG’s personal and business reputation.

The legal team further alleged that Khawula’s tweet attracted retweets, comments and likes from people who consider MacG a transphobe as a result of Khawula’s tweet.

Khawula retaliated by reposting an old clip from MacG’s YouTube channel showing MacG and his co-host Sol Phenduka making crass jokes about transgender women. The comments caused a stir when the episode was first posted to YouTube.

The initial comment scandal left many labeling the show’s hosts as transphobic, and the sponsors severed ties with the broadcaster’s platform and also saw MacG and his co-hosts undergo LGBTIQ sensitivity training. +.

Despite this, the broadcaster, speaking through his lawyers, demanded that Khawula issue a full retraction and correction of his statement as well as a public apology in addition to deleting his tweet by 6 p.m. on Tuesday, October 19. Something he has so far refused to do.


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