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Best Photography App for Android of May 2022


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The best photography apps will take your phone’s photography game to a whole new level. Shooting is about more than pointing and shooting, so if you’re thinking about how to take your photos to the next level, then you’ve come to the right place. The right photo app can completely change your photos and could be the difference between a better picture and a great one.

Once upon a time, taking photos, processing them, and getting your work seen meant hours of hard work in the darkroom or thousands of dollars spent on publicity. These days have been extended. Today, there are phone apps for Android devices that make everything easy, from finding locations to laying out shots and signing releases. Normally, this makes stock camera apps better than third-party apps. To get the most out of your phone’s camera, it’s a good idea to download one of the best photography apps below to help you take, edit, and even share your photos.

The best photography app for Android

The photographer’s ephemeris

The Photographers Ephemeris interface is quite cluttered, especially on devices with a small screen. But once you get used to it, it doesn’t matter. A top bar that displays controls for setting the date; Most of the screen is taken up by the 2D map, powered by Google, and a few icons for interacting with it.

Below the map, there’s an information bar that gives you information about the moon and sun’s sunset and sunrise times, as well as the nautical and civil twilight start and end times. You can tap the map once to show or hide the information bar. Below the sun, moon, and twilight information is an interactive timeline.


VSCO, a mobile app that lets you edit and apply filters to your photos and share them on your own social and other networks, has been gaining traction since the VSCO Girl phenomenon began. Prior to this development, VSCO created high-quality Photoshop filter plugins for professional photographers, but the company discontinued these products in favor of this social application.

It’s a little more artsy than the dominant photo-sharing app, Instagram, and has long avoided some of that app’s peer pressure by not displaying as totals, a strategy Instagram has recently begun. to test. VSCO’s minimal and intuitive interface provided powerful photo taking and editing tools.


Facetune includes a total of ten tools to enhance your photos. You will find tools like Crop, Whiten, Smooth, Detail, Reshape, Patch, Tones, Red-Eye, Blur, and of course Filters and Frames. Each tool is designed for a specific task, and while most tools have similar functionality in terms of use, they all have small tweaks and nuances that you’ll need to become familiar with to get the best results.

For example, the Patch tool helps you cover moles, pimples or moles. Start by selecting the place you want to cover, then select a part of the skin to copy and replace the unwanted mark. The end result is that you can easily cover just about anything.


ProCam X has a fantastic layout that you can easily switch between a simple and clean auto mode to a manual mode that’s packed with controls like focus modes and exposure compensation. You can record slow motion and fast motion videos, and there’s even a built-in interval timer for recording stop motion and long exposures.

But what makes ProCam X our favorite camera app is the fact that you can quickly and easily customize the settings displayed when you switch to manual mode. For example, you can quickly toggle HDR mode on and off with a drag-and-drop interface, or you can switch between shooting in RAW or JPG mode with just a tap.

mobile light chamber

Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile is a free app for smartphones and tablets that lets you edit and share photos. You can sync your phone with the desktop version of Lightroom CC. Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile offers the same image editing features as the PC version, including RAW image editing, color correction, and more, while being portable and easily accessible.

If you configure synchronization correctly, you will be able to access your images anywhere and anytime, using the mobile version. To start syncing, you need to sign in with your Adobe ID in mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom. Then, on the PC version, choose the “Sync with Lightroom Mobile” option on the top corner and the sync process will start automatically.


Instasize offers quick and easy editing options which can be used to make your social media images more eye-catching. With the app, you get a large collection of filters and a variety of professional editing tools. The online photo and video editing app is a comprehensive set of creative tools for users to enhance their images and videos. On top of that, you can also turn your raw videos and images into posts that drive social media traffic.

You don’t need to be a big influencer to create awesome edits, edit anytime, anywhere and add a professional touch to your photos using the Instasize app. With this app feature, you can make any photo look HD and maintain a cohesive feel across all your social media platforms.

Hyperfocal Pro

HyperFocal Pro is a photography app from Zendroid. The app is used in conjunction with DSLRs when it comes to accurately measuring photographic factors such as angle of view, depth of field, field of view, hyperfocal distance with f-numbers and area of ​​sharpness. This helps them achieve perfect focus and capture perfect photos. The app provides an intuitive user interface for simplified assessment and smarter composition.

Users can finally adapt to all photographic conditions, whether lighting is not optimal or space is limited. They can also use the app’s own “hyperfocal distance chart generator module” to create custom charts or documentation for each available camera/lens combination.

photoshop express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a great free photo editor for desktop and mobile, and Adobe Photoshop Express Editor makes all of its tools available from the convenience of your web browser. It’s well-designed, and unlike Photoshop, everything is immediately accessible, even if you’ve never used a photo editor before.

No need to install browser plugins; As long as Flash is installed, just upload an image and you’re good to go. Photoshop Express Editor only supports JPG files smaller than 16 MP and no larger than 8191 pixels. The width limitation is not expressed in advance, which is a shame.

magic spectator

Specific versions of Magic ViewFinder for different camera brands are complemented by a Magic Film ViewFinder version that supports different formats and cameras, including 35mm, 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7cm, 4×5″ and Pentax 645D. Hasselblad H5D-40, H5D-50, H5D-60 and Phase One P25+, P30+, P45+, P40+, P65+ digital backs.

Magic ViewFinder presents you with an accurate preview of the framing for the camera/lens combination you are going to shoot with, where you are with your phone/tablet. It simulates the camera and lens framing it is designed to mimic, helping thousands of film and photography professionals in pre-production.

Google Photo Scan

In short, it’s more or less. Download and install this app and you’ll be scanning photos in just a few minutes. But before you ditch the heirloom photos, read my experience with the app to decide if this is the way to go more minimalist or clean your attic or basement of all those old photos.

The dot updates its progress as it scans a section of the photo and gradually turns blue. You will also see an arrow indicating the next point in the scanning sequence. The app actually stitches multiple images together during this process.

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