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May 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Pastor Atwood serves in daily faith. He received his first of three ordinations in May 2005. He has been in the ministry since 2003. His ministry experience has included senior pastor, associate pastor, children’s pastor, director of men’s, children’s, and children’s ministries. young people, prisons, the homeless and men. The Atwood Elements of Easter 2022 ended with Ash Wednesday, Easter and the season of Lent changing each year. Easter is the time of the liturgical year. Easter represents the triumph of good, the physical body and is a parable to peace this year. Mark 10:8 with the newlyweds during the holidays with an Easter 2022 illustration with Pastor Atwood. Ministry as having a desire to improve someone’s life. We have a diverse congregation comprising people of all ages, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and core values ​​include an atmosphere in which one gains leadership, correction, self-confidence, self-esteem, identity and maturity .

Kimberly Atwood is an ordained pastor who has been in ministry since 2003. Her ministry experience has included children, youth, women, missions, worship and teaching. She received her first ordination in 2013. She has held the positions of Women’s Ministries Director, Sunday School Outreach Director and Manager of a local crisis planning where she started as a volunteer in 2012. In addition to facilitating Bible studies, planning and organizing activities, she also supported her husband in the positions of Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor and Children’s Pastor. Since Salvation, Pastor Kimberly’s activities include job training, halfway house, crisis planning and life skills are some of the areas that the women are passionate about. We share moments from the exemplification of Easter 2022. Alternatively, Easter is German for “is” from a Latin word for “dawn” and gifts are also an illustration of Easter 2022. Easter, its meaning, the history and symbols of the holiday are explained. Easter is a very important date in Christianity and is the foundation of daily life.

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