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App State Chancellor Announces Salary Increases | New


BOONE – Appalachian State University Chancellor Sheri Everts has announced a general salary increase of 5%, which will break down into a 2.5% increase for this fiscal year and a 2.5% increase for this fiscal year. during the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

The 2.5% increase for the current fiscal year will be retroactive to July 1, 2021.

“Our elected officials have delivered these messages to Raleigh and have worked tirelessly to ensure that our university is well represented throughout the budgeting process.” Everts said in an email. “The biennial budget is great news for App State and a historic record for our university and the work we do.”

In its email, Everts announced other aspects of the budget that would affect the state of the app. One is a bonus of $ 1,000 for full-time state employees and local education employees, and an additional bonus of $ 500 for employees of at least one of the groups of following employees:

1) Employees with an annual salary less than $ 75,000,

2) Law enforcement officers

3) Employees of the Department of Public Security, Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice Division, whose duties require frequent in-person contact

4) Employees of the Department of Health and Social Services occupying a position in a residential or treatment establishment open 24 hours a day

Everts said retired government employees will not receive a raise, but will receive a 5% cost-of-living adjustment bonus over two years: 2% this fiscal year and an additional 3% in the year. during the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

“In anticipation of an expected pay rise, the chancellors of the system (at the University of North Carolina) have asked the system to provide clearance as soon as possible, so we can include this increase in the December paychecks. “said Everts. “Additional authorization for merit-based salary increases has also been requested. “

Everts also reported that the budget includes nearly $ 123 million in funding for capital / repair and renovation / App State initiative support, which breaks down into $ 79 million for capital projects. and $ 43.15 million for one-time support for repair and renovation projects.

Funding to support capital projects includes $ 54 million in one-time funds in the current fiscal year to begin work on App State’s Innovation District project. It also includes $ 25 million for the renovation of Peacock Hall ($ 12.5 million per year during the biennium).

One-off repair and renovation project support is also included for:

  • $ 20 million: Renovation of the Edwin Duncan Hall
  • $ 10 million: Wey Hall Partial Renovation – Building Systems
  • $ 5 million: Wey Hall Roof wrap and repair
  • $ 1.5 million: campus-wide electronic door access installation
  • $ 1.3 million: Walker Hall envelope and structural repair
  • $ 1 million: Smith Wright Hall roof repair and replacement
  • $ 800,000: HVAC and lighting upgrades at Edwin Duncan Hall
  • $ 600,000: Chapell Wilson Hall gutter / soffit / roof replacement
  • $ 500,000: Walker Hall HVAC repair and upgrade
  • $ 500,000: Hot water piping replacement for Anne Belk Hall
  • $ 300,000: Operation of the facilities / Repairs to the walls of the motor pool
  • $ 300,000: John E. Thomas Hall Envelope
  • $ 250,000: John E. Thomas Hall Cooling Compressor Upgrades
  • $ 250,000: university hall sprinkler system
  • $ 200,000: Holmes Convocation Center cooler
  • $ 200,000: Opening of Howard Street Hall Road
  • $ 200,000: Peacock Hall elevator upgrade
  • $ 150,000: Replacement of the Holmes Convocation Center VAV
  • $ 100,000: BB Dougherty Cooler Repair

Additional support in the budget also includes $ 500,000 in one-time funds for a State Rural Medical Resources Enforcement initiative and $ 133,333 for the State Energy Center App.

“The support for App State in this budget says a lot about our university, the quality of the work done by our faculty, staff and students, and the trust the state and the leadership of the UNC system have placed in us,” Everts wrote. . “Like so many others, I celebrate the increased compensation of our faculty and staff, which recognizes the work they do to support our students every day. I know you also join me in thanking our elected officials, our board of governors and the leadership of the UNC system for their advocacy for the state of enforcement.

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