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An app to help young sports coaches start a basketball program at Golden 1 Center


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Before the Sacramento Kings start their season at the Golden 1 Center in less than a month, much younger players have taken to the field to shoot an explainer video for a new practice app .

Max Goodnick, executive producer of MOJO Sports, says the app aims to make sports training for young people easier, more fun and less stressful.

MOJO Sports have used the Golden 1 Center to produce their next basketball program, promising to deliver world-class training to children by helping coaches create practices at their fingertips.

Learn more about MOJO Sports here.

“We’ve been working for months with amazing coaching consultants to try and find the best, most engaging, age-appropriate, super fun games and, of course, working on basketball fundamentals,” said Goodnick.

The app currently offers soccer and football training videos through partnerships with NFL Flag and FC Barcelona. They hope to launch basketball videos by fall through similar partnerships with the NBA and WNBA.

“MOJO is free for coaches. We believe coaching should be accessible regardless of your background or zip code, ”said Goodnick. “But we also offer activities at home for parents on the sidelines or during games, to bring this pleasure of practice and bring it home. Get the kids off the couch, help them have fun, and most importantly, help them grow.

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