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Airport board chairman responds to allegations in lawyer’s letter


In response to Mrs. Pendlay’s letter: Mrs. Pendlay made a mistake in her letter – I never called anyone. I said the CONCEPT was delayed.

In fact, I’ve already made a public correction stating in the log that I shouldn’t have used that word. I should have said “illogical”.

Some citizens have complained that Dennis Lindahl (Director of EDC) could not properly represent Tioga since he does not live in Tioga. I think that’s illogical.

I would say that Mrs. Pendlay could agree that this is illogical since she herself does not live in Tioga. I wonder if (City Auditor) Abby Salinas might think that argument is illogical since she also lives outside the city limits.

By the way, one of the women complaining about the EDC manager is hosting this “fakebook” page and she could have deleted the comments immediately.

I was defending the director of EDC. Why is Ms Pendlay raising this issue with the airport board?

As chairman of the airport board, I requested a copy of any written complaints. There are not any. Can you launch an “investigation” without a written complaint? Or is this just an attempt to slander me?

Mrs. Pendlay also refers to a “Hess debacle”, an incident where I used a bad word about Hess. This happened during an EDC Zoom meeting. (It shouldn’t be an airport board issue either.) Yes – there was a Hess debacle, but it was initiated by Hess, when four local contractors were laid off.

Next, Pendlay’s letter asks why I didn’t appear “clean and tidy,” as usual, at a city commission meeting.

I had to come straight from a job to defend a fellow airport board member for over 11 years – for the second time because the city had failed to do its job of advertising a position vacant by the end of the year, as is normally done. I didn’t have time to go home and clean up, and yes, I was frustrated. No, I wasn’t drunk. Oddly enough, Natalie said I should have reminded the city to do its job. Really? As a volunteer, do I have to remind paid city employees to do their jobs? The city is the nominating council. Before that, they always advertised vacancies on the airport board in time.

I may be tough around the edges, but I work hard and I’m honest (even when people don’t want to hear the truth). With a degree in aviation management and over 30 years of construction experience – managing several multi-million dollar projects in the Twin Cities and across the country, including 15 golf courses (including seven for Arnold Palmer) – I think I served Tioga well. Most people don’t know how much time and effort I put in as a volunteer on the Airport Board and EDC. I am grateful for the business opportunities I had at Tioga, which is why I chose to serve the community in these mostly thankless positions. I really like the people and businesses of Tioga. I try to encourage entrepreneurship and economic development for all of Tioga.

The city needs to keep its attorney in check. Was it really worth having taxpayers’ money to have a legal draft of this letter slandering me? The city has no authority over the airport board; they only appoint the members of the board of directors. Again, there was no written complaint against me and Mrs. Pendlay got the facts wrong in the letter.