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A Letter to a Distant Friend – Kashmir Reader


I approached and you answered. A spontaneous approach and a spontaneous response. I never thought this would mark the start of a friendship and make us pals. Building trust and admiration for each other’s quality and respecting each other’s difference of opinion strengthened this friendship.
But alas, that was not enough for the survival of our bond of friendship. No matter how big the tree is, it won’t even withstand the slow wind if its roots aren’t deep.
Your presumptive assertions turned into accusations that tore me apart. Maybe I don’t deserve your friendship. Maybe you deserve someone beyond reproach, an angel like you. I am full of faults and errors as I am made of them. I make mistakes and that’s me. And yes, I am also open to your mistakes. Correction, openness, forgiveness, compassion and, above all, mutual understanding are the prerequisites for any relationship, which is lacking here. A friendship cannot be dictated by terms and conditions.
In the midst of all the negativity around me, the positivity in you has always fascinated me. But that moment when you sent the negativity back overshadowed everything. You didn’t even take a moment to throw it all away. Not a moment to rethink your false assertion of judgment. It broke me and tore me apart. You could have asked for an explanation before declaring your verdict.
I may not be in your heart anymore but I won’t end up like you did. I will end it on a positive note. I will always pray for your better future here and in the hereafter.

By Insha Rasool. [email protected]