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Different types of emergency loans

Different types of emergency loans

There are many kinds of loans for emergencies. Each one has its own specific features and services.

Personal credit

Personal loans are the most sought-after form of loans for those in need.

It’s a great option for those confronted with a sudden financial crisis because the funds are usually disbursed promptly, usually within the same day following the approval.

Personal loans typically also have lower interest rates contrasted to credit cards. If you don’t want to make any charges unexpected for your credit cards,, you may want to consider applying to borrow an individual credit instead.

In particular, there are credit cards that have rates of interest that exceed 17%. The average interest rate for personal loans is around 11 percent or less.For those who are financially stable, they could have rates less than 6.6 percent.

  • Strategies:The personal loan route is the most suitable option for those who are able to receive a lower amount of interest on loans from banks.

Payday loans

Payday loans are thought of asloans that are short-termand are usually required to pay back at the time of your next payday.

Even though they don’t need the submission of an application for credit, they’re still very risky.

Because the term of the loan is comparatively short and the repayment terms are extremely strict.

If there is a failure to pay, the payment may be a cause for the imposition of an extremely high rate of interest and charges for late payment.

  • Guidelines:Payday now for emergenciesis the best option for those who aren’t able to satisfy the requirements of the standard kind of loan that has low interest rates and need cash quickly.In the end the type of loan for emergencies is not generally advised and should be considered as an alternative option.

Home equity loans

Equity loans for homeownersor lines of equity credit are very rare when unexpected expenses come up.

The procedure to approve loans will be more detailed, which makes the process of transferring funds into your bank account significantly longer.

Because the lender is checking you out as a potential borrower, and it is secured by your home, your interest rates are most likely to be lower.

  • Tip:This is best for homeowners looking to steer clear of their home being be foreclosed on. But, you must have sufficient equity in your house (around 15%-15 15 percent) to be eligible to get an equity loan for your home or credit line. To obtain quick funds to pay for unexpected expenses, an earlier emergency cash loan would be the best choice.

Cash advances with credit cards

A credit card company might offer you an advance loan for a limited time frame in the form of an advance in cash.

The cash advance may be utilized to pay off outstanding loans, to pay for unexpected expenses or to pay for anything you’ll need to pay.

It’s one of the fastest ways to receive cash, which is why it’s one of the best options in the need for a loan during an emergency.

However, the drawback is the fact that interest rates, as well as charges, can be quite expensive.

  • Strategies:A cash advance through the credit card of the company is a great option for people who require funds quickly. If you’re not able to wait for the next day to you can receive your money, these types of personal loans can be an excellent option. However, you should keep an eye on the interest rates.

Letter: Let’s hope the struggle for Galilee has not been in vain | Opinion


With our newly elected Narragansett City Council and legislators, may we work together to prevent RIDEM from continuing to violate the zoning ordinances of our town of Narragansett in the Galilee. This year, RIDEM continued to allow PRIX to maintain its use of the parking lots on the five-acre plot in the Galilee despite the expiration of its lease. Additionally, the parking lots are operated in violation of our city ordinances.

In an email I received from former City Council Speaker Jesse Pugh, he noted that the Narragansett Building Manager’s Office had advised by certified letter that on September 23, all owners of parking lots in the Galilee , requiring a special use permit, had to apply within 30 days or be in violation of the city ordinance. This includes the batch operated by Procaccianti Developers. I hope our new city council does not allow the developers of Procaccianti and all parking operators in the Galilee to continue to blatantly ignore our city’s ordinances.

RIDEM also enabled Procaccianti Developers to abandon the Lighthouse Inn which now poses a health, safety and environmental hazard. RIDEM is supposed to protect our environment, but it allowed Procaccianti developers to create one of the worst environmental horrors and hazards on state-leased land in US history.

In a recent opinion piece in the Providence Journal, Save the Bay Executive Director Jonathan Stone states that “the structure of CRMC is fundamentally flawed and requires immediate correction by the Governor and General Assembly” because it it was an enabler of the Champlin Marina to be illegally expanded. The illegal expansion would have increased the size (doubled) of the Champlin marina, as found by research by journalist Jim Hummel. Without the city’s resistance, the Supreme Court would never have heard the case to strike down the expansion.

I agree with Stone’s assessment of CRMC, but strongly disagree with his statement regarding RIDEM. He noted that unlike agencies like RIDEM, whose director is responsible for the decisions of the agency, no member of the Board is responsible for their decision. In my opinion, the RIDEM and its director were equally negligent, as were the officials of the CRMC in their inaction in trying to stop the expansion of the Champlin marina. The Director of RIDEM did not step in to oppose and prevent the illegal expansion of the Champlin Marina, even though expansion of the Champlin Marina would cause great damage to the fragile ecosystem of The Great Salt Pond.

I would add that the director of RIDEM, Terrance Gray, failed in the mismanagement of the five-acre parcel in the Galilee, because the Lighthouse Inn was intentionally abandoned by Procaccianti and Paolino, and RIDEM previously announced that it wanted the state to pay for the demolition. However, due to public outcry, RIDEM has announced that they will now have the Lighthouse Inn inspected to see if it is salvageable or needs to be demolished due to toxic waste. The inspection should be completed shortly. RIDEM also generated a tender and flatly rejected the proposal from the town of Narragansett without considering any type of compromise. How can the actions of RIDEM be beneficial for the State, the city, its citizens and professional fishermen?

More recently, the City of Narragansett authorized the University of Rhode Island to conduct a research study to determine the best use of the parcel. The research will be completed in December and is led by Dr. Will Green and professional landscape architect Charles Carberry. Let’s hope that our fight for Galilee has not been in vain. Hopefully our new city council and general assembly will not turn a deaf ear to the will of the people and the URI research study. Hopefully our City Council will not allow RIDEM to ignore our City’s ordinances without consequences. Members of this council such as Susan Cicilline Buonanno and others led the fight for a modern, state-of-the-art library. Hopefully this advice will not be forever remembered for saving a library but failed to save our village in Galilee. Do not pave paradise.

Albert Alba


Contractor and Invoicing Software for Landscaping Jobs


Creating and sending invoices and quotes for landscapers used to be very difficult. Even a part-time tailor has to send bulk estimates to satisfy his clients.
Landscaping jobs can involve a variety of tasks and there isn’t much competition.

Landscaping includes laying sod, planting trees and shrubs, seeding lawns and gardens, digging ditches or ponds, preparing soil for plants, etc. The final part for all landscape architects and laborers is paying their bills. This article will give you a complete guide on how to price landscaping work.

Lawn Care Billing Template

When you opt for jobs like lawn maintenance, you don’t have to create and send invoices specifically designed for a particular client or company. You can use the invoice template and customize it to your needs. To use this invoice template, all you need to do is enter your business and customer information, and you’ll get a neatly formatted invoice in PDF format, ready to send to customers.

Here are some features of the invoice template:

  • Maintain a logical structure and be sure to include all relevant details.
  • Appear more official than handwritten invoices
  • Fair and fast payments
  • Manage customer accounts, supplier accounts, tariffs, prices and fixed costs
  • Set clear payment terms to protect your business.
  • Facilitate filing with electronic versions of all invoices
  • Keep your business efficient and consistent

Why is it necessary to create invoices in the lawn care industry?

Lawn care customers may be familiar with the concept of recurring billing, in which they are automatically billed each month for services rendered. However, some owners may not be aware of another type of billing called pay-as-you-go billing. With this style of billing, a customer is billed for every visit made to their lawn, regardless of the duration or amount of service provided. This can lead to higher bills and tension between the homeowner and the lawn care provider, as it is difficult to track actual expenses.

The best way to avoid usage-based billing is to have itemized invoices that list the total charges for labor and materials used on your property. Plus, give advance notice if you’re going out of town so your customers can plan accordingly. And finally, keep careful records of who was on duty at any given time so that disputes over disputed payments or services can be resolved quickly.

Landscape invoice, planning and payment

As a landscaper, the key to attracting new customers is to provide satisfactory service on time. Whether in the field or at your desk, Invoice Scheduling can help you win more business with professional quotes in seconds.

  • Send correct quotes to customers in minutes.
  • Do the smart thing and send more professional estimates with markup and payment terms.
  • Quick, clear, and comprehensive estimates can help you get more projects.
  • Create and deliver custom models.
  • Create the lines of your article to save time.

The best way to create your invoice for a landscaping company.

The invoice is an essential financial document for your landscape accounting. When you start using landscaping invoicing software, every invoice will have the following important elements:

Bill number: Maintain the order and facilitate the retrieval of invoices by assigning a unique invoice number to each one.

Date sent: Date each invoice so that the due date can be determined according to company regulations.

Your company name and contact details: Include your company details (email, phone number and mailing address) on each invoice.

The name and contact details of your client: It is also customary to address the invoice to the appropriate party.

Items, services and descriptions: In this section of your invoice, you will detail the goods and services you have sold.

Item quantity, price and amount: Enter the quantity and cost per unit, and the lawn care billing software will automatically calculate the total for you.

Total: Most invoices, like receipts, will give a running total of all costs before itemizing taxes and other charges.

Total balance due and due date: Your client must know the total of his debt and its due date.

click to pay button: Customers can quickly and easily provide payment information, review terms and conditions, and then click “Pay” using online landscaping invoicing software.

comments: In this section, you can include any other relevant information, such as the consequences of late payment.

Best Lawn Care Billing Software for Lawn Care Professionals

Photo by Kindel Media

Although you’ll go to great lengths to keep your clients’ lawns in good shape, you shouldn’t have to do much to get paid for your services.

Create custom invoices for your lawn care customers in no time using a template. This form is tailored to the needs of lawn care businesses like yours.

Lawn care software with full automation for invoice generation

Easy tracking of work from quote to final invoice

Landscapers and other home-based consulting businesses can get everything they need in one convenient package by upgrading to contractor and invoicing software. Digital worksheets are available through our PC, iOS and Android apps, eliminating the need for paper forms and duplicate data entry.

Improve productivity with smart queries

Using lawn care software, you can easily track your phone conversations, emails, and online inquiries. Project management solutions allow green sector organizations to set up real-time notifications and automated responses and quickly turn inquiries into quotes.

Quotes, estimates and quotes on demand

Create quotes or estimates from your mobile device as soon as you hang up with a client. Easily adaptable templates, price lists and material packages ensure your quotes are faster and more professional than the competition.

Instruments for landscaping planning and time tracking

Job scheduling software provides real-time information on who is closest to a job for better dispatch in the field.

Generate automated timesheets and communicate effectively with your landscaping staff to keep your project schedule on track. Integrate Google Calendars and plan with confidence!

On-demand contractor management solutions

Using the Connections tool, you can quickly and easily organize meetings and invite and track contractors. Individual profiles can be set up for an unlimited number of users, allowing them to quickly view and respond to appointments and invitations.

Get paid faster

There is no limit to the number of projects you can run in invoicing and cost estimating software. Thanks to online payments and automated reminders, you will be paid in the shortest possible time.

What to remember when hiring someone for landscaping?

When hiring someone to do landscaping, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

First, make sure you get a quote before you hire. This way, you will be able to get an accurate estimate of the cost of the job and you won’t be surprised by unexpected charges. A complete landscape overhaul can cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size, complexity and plants used.

It can be difficult to fit the cost of a landscaping project into a family’s annual budget. Yet many companies divide the work into smaller tasks that can be completed in two or three years. Some landscaping services provide plans, expecting the client to supply and install vegetation.

Second, always confirm the date and time of the appointment. Provide a due date and whether or not late fees will be charged.

Third, inspect the work area before work begins so that any potential hazards or damage can be noted and corrected before it’s too late. Confirm that they will avoid damaging giant trees by fencing off an area around them where no unloading, heavy equipment, or storage of construction materials is allowed. This prevents the roots of the tree from being damaged by heavy machinery or other objects. If there are other parts of the yard where you don’t want visitors, equipment, or fallen tree branches, mark them.

Fourth, ensure that all materials and tools are provided before work begins. Please include any needs of local historic districts or HOAs. In the event of an accident, such as a burst pipe or a smashed sidewalk, what insurance will cover the costs?

Fifth, always pay attention to worker safety – never leave the worker alone on the job site and always wear protective gear when working with outdoor plants or trees. Working hour limits, including start and end times, should be specified. This can be crucial if there is a newborn or a night shift worker in the family.

Finally, when the task is completed, feedback should be provided so that any issues can be resolved and improved for subsequent visits. Keep in mind that no one can control the weather, so you should be prepared for delays. The excitement people have for their gardens and the shopping frenzy that follows an outbreak can keep you from getting the plants you want. Farmers, wholesalers and landscapers may have less supply of popular plants. Modifications, such as the use of other components, are also possible.

Press release distributed by The Express Wire

To view the original release on The Express Wire, visit Contractor and Invoicing Software for Landscaping Jobs

Nickel prices soar as ‘thin’ trading conditions increase volatility


Nickel prices hit their highest level in more than six months, underscoring the deterioration in trading conditions since the market chaos erupted in March.

The benchmark nickel contract for three-month delivery briefly hit the London Metal Exchange’s 15% daily trading limit, hitting nearly $31,000 a tonne on Monday. That was followed by a 5% rise on Tuesday after a nickel mine in New Caledonia, which supplies Tesla, cut its fourth-quarter production forecast.

Trade sources said the volatile price movements are a testament to the poor liquidity that has plagued the market since the LME suspended and canceled billions of dollars in nickel trades in March following an unprecedented price rise. .

“The market is still very thin. What we’ve seen are the effects of low liquidity unfolding before our eyes,” said Geordie Wilkes, head of research at Sucden Financial, a metals brokerage firm.

Nickel, used to make stainless steel and the batteries used in electric cars, had an extremely turbulent year. Sanctions fears against Norilsk Nickel, a major Russian producer, coincided with a huge bet by the world’s largest stainless steel producer, Tsingshan, that prices would plummet, causing prices to more than double in a matter of days in March.

Nickel prices rose nearly 25% in five days on optimism over the reopening of the Chinese economy and Beijing’s support for the real estate sector, as well as a weaker US dollar following data inflation better than expected.

But Nikhil Shah, head of nickel research at consultancy CRU, said the string of positive news ‘does not justify the rally we’ve seen’ and ‘we could see a strong correction over the next few months’. .

Volume in the LME’s three-month nickel contract since March has been 30% of levels in the six months before the market chaos, according to Bloomberg data.

Column chart of trade volume on the three-month LME contract showing that the nickel market is suffering from low liquidity after the market chaos

Prony Resources, the owner of the Goro nickel mine in New Caledonia, which is part-owned by commodity trading giant Trafigura, said in a statement that production had to be cut in the last three months of the mine. year because heavy rains caused a “limited release”. of salt-laden liquid” from its tailings dam.

Videos of an explosion at a nickel smelting plant in Indonesia were circulating on social media on Monday, but the site’s Chinese owner said production had been operating normally from the start to the end of last month.

A nickel trader said the main driver of the nickel surge was a weaker dollar exacerbated by low liquidity in the nickel contract. “Any supply problems are not significant.”

Nickel producers are increasingly concerned about the adverse impact of volatility. Jeremy Martin, managing director of Horizonte Minerals, a London-listed developer of nickel projects in Brazil, said a stable price of $20,000 to $25,000 would be best.

“What is very difficult are these very large peaks. Everyone then says ‘we have to have an alternative, we have to replace and nickel is not that stable entry product that we thought it was for our battery technology,’” he said.

Economic recession or not, the housing market recession is here


Earlier in 2022, an economic recession seemed inevitable by the end of the year. Two consecutive quarters of negative Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – usually the main indicator of a US recession – along with the known bear market in the stock market, made an almost official recession declaration.

However, with the news of positive GDP growth in the third quarter (Q3) of 2022, as well as the continued recovery in employment, fears of an economic recession have eased somewhat. This slight rebound in GDP was attributed to the increase in consumer spending — hello inflation — which was enough to offset a 7.4% decline in the housing sectoraccording to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

But to fuel this amount of consumer spending, households save less. The national personal savings rate is at its lowest level in a decade, at just 3.5% in August 2022. The current savings rate has fallen out of necessity as households struggle to make ends meet under pressure from above consumer price inflation since the 1980s.

As a senior Wells Fargo economist recently put it in The New York Times, as long as spending continues to outpace income, consumers are on “borrowed time.”

Although an economic recession has not yet arrived in 2022, it is only a matter of time; for housing, the recession is already here.

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Foreign real estate investors are scared off and California is paying the price

The real estate recession will get worse before it gets better

Like water in the cracks of a foundation, the recession gradually seeped into the housing market, causing damage such as:

California home prices have completely reversed course from their May 2022 peak, ranging from 4% below San Diego’s lower tier peak to a staggering 10% loss in San Francisco’s upper tier in August 2022. This rapid decline happened in just three months — and prices are still falling.

Many media have attributed the fall in house prices to the Federal Reserve (the Fed)and their work to calm inflation by raising their benchmark interest rate.

Although the 2022 interest rate hike certainly plays a role, as it reduced buyer’s purchasing power instantly, the house price correction that will take place in 2022 was in the cards, regardless of recent interest rate jumps.

Years of home price increases far outpacing the pace of income has built an unsustainable market, with investor buyers increasingly taking the place of traditional owner-occupier buyers. In other words, to borrow language from the broader economy, the housing market has long operated on borrowed time.

Therefore, anyone who thinks this is a short-term setback for home values, likely to rebound as soon as interest rates ease, is dreaming.

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Investors watch for future interest rates

Buyers — and real estate agents – have become accustomed to experiencing housing as a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s time for everyone to pivot and see housing as shelter or long-term investment first.

Cautious homebuyers will wait for prices to bottom out before returning to the market, which is likely to happen here in California around 2025. Short-minded fins will sink deep submarine in the coming years as prices continue to decline.

Real estate professionals who wish to continue living even as traditional market players take a step back from housing will learn to innovate, taking other sources of income. Ready to take advantage of existing contacts in careers adjacent to real estate, these agents and brokers will survive and succeed even if the housing market continues to stumble in the years to come.

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Misunderstanding of Wikipedia and editing (letter)


In her article, “Wikipedia, Once Avoided, Now Adopted in the Classroom,” Susan D’Agostino and some of the professors she cites misunderstand Wikipedia, especially its fundamental limitations and errors. At the same time, just as blatantly, they confuse ‘editing’ with ‘revision’.

The title of the article surprised me: from “avoided” to “embraced”. Neither is correct. The small number of cases, mainly in 2n/a medical course, does not establish “uptake” and certainly not “trend”.

More importantly, no one tells the truth on Wikipedia: Entries are unreviewed, unsigned, or unattributed; there is no fact-checking or verification. It is what invalidates the use of Wikipedia for reputable or legitimate, academic or more general purposes.

Nothing in D’Agostino’s commentary or any of the teachers she quotes actually and factually kiss this basic fact.

Also, the exercises in class, as far as I know, are much more aimed at revise—correct, verify, authenticate, reconstruct, etc.—only editing. Should the author and his cited teachers be sent dictionaries, thesauri, or admission to a first-year rhetoric and composition course? My point, I emphasize, is not facetious.

Does “editing” by undergraduates and early med students address Wikipedia’s problems or threaten to make them worse? Are these unschooled “editors” somehow prepared to perform systematic checks, corrections and revisions? Do they possess the high level of intellectual and rhetorical guidance that these tasks require?

Finally, nothing in the described classroom exercises has anything to do with “digital literacy”.

–Harvey J. Graff
Emeritus Professor of English and History
Ohio Distinguished Scholar in Literacy Studies
Ohio State University

Dollar licks wounds in silent trading, EUR/GBP a focus of the week


The dollar is recovering slightly in calm trading in Asia, digesting some of the losses from the past week. The yen and Canadian dollar trail the greenback, while the Swiss franc leads the Europeans lower. But overall, major pairs and crossovers are limited inside Friday’s range, suggesting a lack of activity. The economic calendar is light today and trade could remain subdued. But there are plenty of important economic data forecast for the week, including inflation, retail sales and employment, which deserve attention.

EUR/GBP is a pair to watch this week as the UK government will finally announce a new fiscal plan on Thursday. In addition, the UK will release a batch of economic data. Technically, the 0.9267 corrective shape could be considered finalized with three waves down to 0.8570. The break of the resistance at 0.8827 will confirm this case. A further break of 0.8869 will open a stronger rebound towards 0.9267 high. Still, the break of 0.8689 support will likely extend the correction to 0.8570.

In Asia, at the time of writing, the Nikkei is down -0.78%. Hong Kong’s HSI is up 2.63%. China Shanghai SSE is up 0.47%. Singapore Strait Times is up 1.51%. Japan’s 10-year JGB yield is up from 0.146 to 0.246.

BoJ Kuroda: should continue monetary easing

BoJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said in a speech that Japan’s situation “differs” from both the United States and the eurozone. The country is still “in the process of recovery”. The output gap has “stayed in negative territory” but is expected to “turn positive” at some point in the second half of this fiscal year. The inflation rate “has not increased on the demand side”. The current rise in inflation has been “led by rising import prices”, and the rate is expected to return to below 2% from fiscal 2023.

He reiterated that the BoJ “believes that it must pursue monetary easing and thus firmly support economic activity”. In doing so, “it aims to provide a favorable environment for businesses to increase wages and achieve the objective of price stability in a sustainable and stable manner, accompanied by wage increases”.

Regarding exchange rates, Kuroda said that “the sharp and abnormally unilateral weakening of the yen appears to have come to a halt, partly thanks to government intervention in foreign exchange.” He stressed that it is “important that exchange rates move in a stable manner, reflecting economic fundamentals”.

Fed Waller: Start paying attention to the endpoint, not the pace

Fed Governor Christopher Waller said over the weekend, “we’re at a point where we can start thinking maybe at a slower pace,” but “we’re not softening.”

“Stop paying attention to the rhythm and start paying attention to where the end point will be,” he urged. “Until we reduce inflation, that end point is still a long way off.”

Last week’s CPI report was “good, finally, that we saw some evidence that inflation was starting to come down, but I just can’t point out [enough] it is a data point. We’re going to have to see a continued streak of this type of behavior and inflation slowly start to come down, before we really start thinking about taking our foot off the brakes here,” he said.

Inflation, retail sales and employment data to watch

More inflation data will be presented this week, including the CPI from the UK, Canada and Japan, as well as the PPI from the US, UK and New Zealand. In addition, retail sales data from China, the United States and the United Kingdom will be presented. Employment data will be released in the UK and Australia. In addition, RBA will publish the minutes of the meetings.

Here are some highlights of the week:

  • Monday: PPI Switzerland; Industrial production in the euro zone.
  • Tuesday: Japan’s GDP; RBA Minutes; China industrial production, retail sales, capital investment; UK employment data; Germany ZEW economic sentiment; Eurozone GDP, employment, trade balance; Manufacturing sales in Canada, wholesale; US PPI, Empire State manufacturing.
  • Wednesday: Machinery orders in Japan, tertiary industry index; wage price index in Australia; UK CPI, PPI; Housing starts in Canada, CPI; US retail sales, industrial production, business inventories, NAHB housing index.
  • Thursday: New Zealand IPP; Japan’s trade balance; Employment in Australia; Swiss trade balance; Euro zone CPI final; US unemployment insurance claims, Philly Fed survey, building permits and housing starts.
  • Friday: CPI Japan; UK Gfk consumer confidence, retail sales; Canada IPPI and IPMB; Sales of existing homes in the United States.

AUD/USD daily report

Daily pivots: (S1) 0.6618; (P) 0.6667; (R1) 0.6757; After…

AUD/USD is pulling back slightly today, but the intraday bias remains to the upside. The current rise of 0.6169 would target a 161.8% projection from 0.6169 to 0.6521 from 0.6271 to 0.6841. On the downside, minor support below 0.6628 will turn the intraday bias neutral and bring consolidations, before staging another rally.

Overall, the break of the support at 0.6680 turned into resistance confirming the medium term bottom at 0.6169. It is too early to call for a trend reversal. But even as a corrective move, the rise from 0.6169 should aim for a 38.2% retracement from 0.8006 to 0.6169 at 0.6871. A sustained trade above the 55 week EMA (now at 0.6934) will increase the chances of an uptrend starting. This week now remains the preferred case as long as 0.6521 resistance becomes support.

Economic Indicators Update

GMT Ccy Events Real Provide Previous amended
07:30 CHF Producer and Import Price M/M Oct 0.20% 0.20%
10:00 USD Eurozone Industrial Production M/M Sept. 0.10% 1.50%

HNB offers working capital loans to SMEs


HNB PLC has been selected as a partner financial institution by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to disburse part of the $13.5 million in funds allocated to the SME-Line of Credit (SMELoC) emergency response program.

The ADB program aims to support and strengthen Sri Lankan MSMEs affected by the current economic crisis with working capital credit facilities, with a particular focus on agriculture, tourism and export sectors.

Working towards this goal, HNB seeks to disburse funds to select companies through its extensive network of MSMEs.

“We are delighted to be part of this powerful AfDB initiative. Given the unique strength and breadth of HNB’s network of SME clients across the island, and our longstanding relationship with ADB, we believe HNB is uniquely positioned to help elevate this sector, which , even through our current challenges, continues to serve as the backbone of the Sri Lankan economy. We urge all eligible SME clients facing challenges in their working capital needs to take advantage of this invaluable opportunity,” said Bandara Rekogama, Head of Refinancing and Special Lending Products at HNB.

SMEs that meet the eligibility criteria of an annual turnover of Rs. 750 million will be offered a maximum facility of Rs. 10 million, with a repayment period of three years. All loans granted under the program must be used exclusively for working capital needs, including recurring expenses such as salaries, overheads and the purchase of raw materials. HNB will provide attractive interest rates for the facility, significantly lower than current market rates.

The bank has supported over 650 MSME clients with working capital and Capex facilities worth over Rs. 6.5 billion through ADB – SME LoC schemes.

Set up to support businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the emergency response program initially disbursed US$10 million to 280 local businesses in the form of emergency working capital loans over the past two years.

HNB has disbursed loans worth Rs. 600 million for about 132 women entrepreneurs with a grant of Rs. 100 million under the SME LoC – Wefi window.

Douglas Elliman launches content creation app


Douglas Elliman Building, an independent residential real estate agency, launched Elliman Productions, a content creation app powered by Infinite Creator, Thursday.

Through the app, real estate agents can capture videos and photos to promote their real estate listings.

Camilo Lopez, founder of the Infinite Creator and Lifestyle Production Group, created content for Douglas Elliman for years.

“Having worked with countless brokers over the years to produce compelling content for their listings, I know that quality content is essential for real estate,” Lopez said in a press release.

The app has pro-level editing tools such as graphics assistance, auto-correction, and step-by-step tutorials for high-quality photo and video production for agents. The app was designed exclusively for Douglas Elliman agents and provides them with branded assets and graphics for them to create personalized content.

After production, content can be submitted for further editing through the app. During this stage, a team of editors provides agents with branded and edited content in a day. The content produced can then be used as a cheaper marketing strategy, according to the statement.

“Elliman Productions not only gives agents the ability to create high-level marketing content, but also allows them to do so quickly and without compromising quality,” said Stephanie Garbarini, Chief Marketing Officer of Douglas Elliman.

Elliman Productions also provides a networking platform for agents to connect with professional real estate photographers and videographers. Through the app, agents can schedule property shots.

Douglas Elliman CEO Scott Durkin said in the release that Elliman Productions is tracking the launch of StudioPro and Elliman Showroom this year. “Elliman Productions is adding a critical new component to the toolkit we provide our agents,” Durkin said.

Douglas Elliman also uses and invests in early stage proptech companies and provides real estate related services such as marketing, property management and escrow.

true to name


The “Left Coast” mostly bore his name mid-term, although occasional signs of dissent could be seen. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom won big and the GOP had no major statewide successes. California Comptroller candidate Lanhee Chen, the rare Republican endorsed by virtually every major newspaper, barely did better than his hapless GOP running mates in a loss. In Oregon, Christine Drazan failed to make it to the governor’s mansion, despite Portland’s ongoing collapse and a spirited race. And in Washington, speculation of a closer-than-expected Senate race has proven false.

The Golden State’s electoral evidence remains incomplete. California has taken an ultra-permissive approach to voting, including mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting. The state’s electoral system ensures that close races — most importantly, the Los Angeles mayoral race between progressive Karen Bass and former Republican Rick Caruso — remain up in the air for days after election night. .

For now, Caruso appears to hold a narrow but shrinking lead. If Bass wins, she will have overcome the results of Caruso’s $80 million spending spree, corrupt city governance, proliferating homelessness and multiple celebrity endorsements. And if Caruso hangs on, he’ll be crippled by a seemingly even more left-leaning city council.

San Francisco, of all places, may be in better shape. After recalling a far-left district attorney and three school board members earlier this year, voters elected moderators (parents) to the board of oversight. But otherwise, the signs of change are limited. California’s paltry GOP delegation looks likely to shrink by at least two seats. The Republicans remained competitive in Orange County, the Inland Empire, and the Central Valley. But they are not a factor in the most populated urban coastal areas. A similar pattern applies to Oregon, where some suburban areas and small towns could still swing to the GOP.

Is radical West Coast politics spearheading the nation’s future? The region has long anticipated major technological, cultural and fashion trends. But it breaks down. Rather than leading the post-pandemic recovery, California has lagged in job creation, lost business at ports, and seen increasing emigration. Business relocations continue to rise, including among technology companies. California now ranks among the least popular places for migrants. Recent surveys suggest that affluent young professionals and parents are looking to leave. And demographic downturns are also underway in Oregon and Washington, as Portland and Seattle’s ambitions to become the next San Francisco persist, despite the apparent failures of that model of governance.

And yet, Tuesday indicated that West Coast progressives still face only limited opposition. Kate Brown, the outgoing governor of Oregon, was ranked as the state’s least popular chief executive, but a plurality of people still voted for her successor. Newsom’s endorsement is positive but far from overwhelming, but he pulled off a near landslide victory.

Many on the left argue that America’s future lies in nation building, as the Los Angeles Times proclaimed, “California again.” This includes an aggressive green policy and a desire to tackle inequality with massive redistributive programs. But such an approach is increasingly unsuitable for California, let alone the rest of the country. San Francisco is facing what a local magazine called an “epic real estate crash.” The IPO market is drying up. Even the biggest tech behemoths — Meta, Twitter and Seattle-based Amazon — have seen their stocks plummet. With wealthy people moving elsewhere, the Bay Area seeing lost tax revenue and problems in the real estate market, California will struggle to fund its ambitious social and climate plans. West Coast Democrats will soon have to choose between their cherished policies or higher taxes, which they need from their high-income professional base.

Only when economic reality can no longer be ignored will these states reverse social immobility, homelessness and rising crime. Embers of opposition linger, but the stubborn truth is that only a combination of deteriorating conditions and a revived Republican Party can bring about the course correction needed to restore the region’s promise.

Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Letter to the Editor: Veterans are remembered for their “duty, honor, country” mantra


Editor’s note: Today’s Veterans Day ceremony in Dover has been canceled due to expected weather conditions from Tropical Storm Nicole. Dave Skocik shares the thought he would have offered at the event.

On Veterans Day, we recognize the men and women who have served our state and our nation with courage, integrity and bravery. They deserve thanks not just one day a year but every day.

Over a period of four decades, I have been privileged to serve with three generations in three veteran branches, from Vietnam in 1966 until my retirement from the Naval Reserve in 2007. After serving 11 years in the Air Force, I took a 21- year break from service before joining the Army National Guard in 1998 and then moving to the Naval Reserve in 2002.

Some of my most memorable experiences were working with combat-wounded Marines at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, after the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Their injuries included amputations, gunshot wounds, and shrapnel, burns and blindness. Their main concern was not their life changing injuries, but the guilt of having “left my Marines behind”.

Ten years later, in 2013, then lieutenant. Governor Matt Denn asked if anyone from our Kent County Vietnam Veterans Chapter 850 could take three soldiers flying to Philadelphia to be guests of honor at Governor Jack Markell’s second inauguration. Mr Denn had read ‘The Outpost’, a bestselling book by CNN’s Jake Tapper which documented the October 2009 heroic actions of a small number of 10th Mountain Division soldiers in the remote Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan.

They repelled several hundred Taliban fighters who attempted to overrun their camp during a siege lasting several days. Eight soldiers were killed, with two dozen wounded. The heroism of two soldiers resulted in their subsequent awarding of the Medal of Honor.

Tapper noted that his book was written to help readers “better understand what our troops are going through, why they are going through it, and what their experience was in Afghanistan.”

Chapter President Joe Startt Jr. and I traveled to Philadelphia and delivered them to the DoubleTree Hotel in Wilmington, with instructions to dine with them, courtesy of the state.

We fell into easy conversation and conversation with their leader, a staff sergeant in his late 30s and the others in their mid 20s. With Joe and I in our mid-sixties, we represented three generations of veterans, but we spoke as timeless colleagues in the context of “duty, honor, country.”

We returned the next morning to escort them to William Penn High School, where they addressed the uniformed Junior ROTC students. Almost all raised their hands when asked how many had family who had served in the military. Later in the day, Mr Tapper joined us for a book signing and public address at the Grand Opera House, before the soldiers were flown to Dover for the dedication ceremony.

Since then, countless others have continued to serve on our behalf in active duty, reserve, and National Guard units. The purpose of this missive is to emphasize that military service and the willingness to sacrifice are generally ingrained in families over generations. Less than 1% of our fellow citizens are willing or able to risk their well-being and their lives for us, let alone ongoing family separations.

If we don’t take care of our current generation of patriots, we cannot expect these men and women to encourage their children to pick them up when their custody ends.

An update: About 15 months ago, in cooperation with the Delaware Department of Correction and in conjunction with veterans, veterans court, elected officials and others, the Delaware Veterans Coalition launched an effort to reaching out to incarcerated veterans, with the understanding of their military service earns them the same benefits as their brothers and sisters outside the walls that lock them up. Our goal is to educate them with a view to their reintegration into society.

The fact is that veterans in general have far more education, training, discipline and camaraderie than the general prison population. We encourage them to prepare for their release in this spirit.

Reach out and thank a veteran. Educate your children on how they guarantee our freedoms. Attend an event. Consider a contribution to the Delaware Veterans Trust Fund at delawareveteranstrustfund.com.

dave skocik

President, Delaware Veterans Coalition


AUDJPY, AUDUSD, EURJPY, EURUSD, other currencies, gold and S&P 500 [Video]

AUDJPY, AUDUSD, EURJPY, EURUSD, other currencies, gold and S&P 500 [Video]

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Douglas Elliman unveils the Elliman Productions app


Powered by Infinite Creator, the custom app enables agents to produce professional-looking marketing videos and photos using their mobile phones.

NEW YORK, November 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Douglas Elliman Realty, one of the largest independent residential real estate agencies in United States, today announced the launch of Elliman Productions, an app-based content creation platform powered by Infinite Creator, which enables real estate agents to use their mobile phones to produce professional-looking videos and photos. to promote their real estate listings. Founder of Infinite Creator, Camilo Lopezhas a long history of producing content for Elliman’s listings and events through its Lifestyle Production Group and has selected the brokerage firm as the app’s exclusive launch partner.

Combining intuitive, in-app production tools with on-demand access to professional video, photo and editing services, Elliman Productions empowers agents to produce engaging and profitable marketing content faster and more efficiently. The app offers graphical assistance, auto-correction and step-by-step tutorials to help agents capture high-quality media files, which they can submit through the app to a team of editors and receive videos and fully personalized and edited photos within 24 hours. .

“Elliman Productions is adding a critical new component to the toolkit we provide our agents,” said Scott Durkin, CEO of Douglas Elliman Realty. “From StudioPro to Elliman Showroom to this powerful new app, which we all launched this year, we’re investing in innovation to ensure our agents have the tools they need to stay on the cutting edge.”

In addition to providing tools and guidance for user-created videos and photos, Elliman Productions allows agents to connect to a network of professional real estate photographers and videographers and schedule real estate shots, all over the world. throughout the app.

“Having worked with countless brokers over the years to produce compelling content for their listings, I know that quality content is essential for real estate,” said Camilo Lopez, Founder and CEO of Infinite Creator. “By investing in our platform and empowering their agents with this new app, Douglas Elliman shows they understand that too and why they are the right partner to help bring our product to market.”

As a custom application designed exclusively for Elliman agents, Elliman Productions provides users with all the assets and branded graphics to create custom content, on their schedules and without spending too much money or time.

“Like any good entrepreneur, our agents need to make the most of their time in order to grow their businesses,” said Stephanie Garbarinimarketing director of Douglas Elliman. “Elliman Productions not only gives agents the ability to create top-notch marketing content, it also allows them to do so quickly and without compromising on quality.”

For more information, please visit EllimanProductions.com.

About Douglas Elliman Inc.

Douglas Elliman Inc. (NYSE: DOUG, “Douglas Elliman“) owns Douglas Elliman Realty, LLC, which is one of the largest residential brokerage firms in United States with operations in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jerseythe Hamptons, Massachusetts, Florida, California, Colorado, Texas and Nevada. In addition, Douglas Elliman researches, utilizes and invests in disruptive real estate technology (“PropTech”) solutions and ventures and provides other real estate services, including development marketing, property management, and settlement and escrow services in certain markets . Additional information regarding Douglas Elliman is available on its website, www.elliman.com.

Investors and others should note that we may publish information about Douglas Elliman on our website at www.elliman.com or, where applicable, on our accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube or other social media platforms. Publications or press releases may include information that is considered material information. Accordingly, we encourage investors, the media and others interested in Douglas Elliman to review the information we post on our website at www.elliman.com and on our social media accounts.

SOURCE Douglas Elliman Realty

LumaFusion, the best video editing app for iPhone, finally comes to Android


With DaVinci Resolution – our choice for best free video editing software – coming to iPad, mobile video editors have never looked so good. And things got even better, as LumaFusion, an iOS exclusive, finally made its way to Android.

Since its launch in 2016, the video editing app has won millions of fans (and numerous awards) for its advanced toolkit, which rivals some of the best video editing software for professional editing on the go.

Now, a beta version of the app is available for the first time on Google Play and the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Luma Fusion for Android

Specifically designed for touchscreen devices, users can expect multitrack editing, color correction and grading tools, and audio editor tools. The advance version even contains a multitude of VFX software features, such as chroma key and time-lapse effects.

Elsewhere, LumaFusion on Android introduces a versatile media library with online storage stand – ideal when working on large projects, or several at once.

“LumaFusion is equipped with all the professional features you need to complete your project and share your story, from multiple aspect ratios and frame rates, to track overlaying, cropping, audio mixing , custom titling, and multi-layer effects with keyframes,” said LumaTouch, the developer behind the tool.

In other words, while LumaFusion will be fine for cutting videos here and there, its main purpose is to offer a complete professional editing suite on mobile devices.

Users can get the Android video editor for a one-time cost, which is likely to tempt those looking for a subscription-free subscription. alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. The early-release version is priced at $20 / £18 – a 30% discount that’s expected to drop to $30 / £26 once the full version launches.

For publishers looking for additional assets, stock images, stock videos, and royalty-free music and SFX samples will be offered through in-app purchases.

Devices running LumaFusion require Android 11 and above. Samsung has confirmed its Galaxy Tab 8 is compatible, although we suspect it won’t be tablet exclusive.

LumaFusion can be downloaded from google play and the Samsung Galaxy Store (opens in a new tab) now.

Syndicated Loans Market Technology, Key Manufacturers Report 2021-2030: Special Focus on US, Europe and Japan Markets


PORTLAND, OREGAON, USA, November 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Allied Market Research released a report, “Syndicated loan market by type (term loan, revolving loan, secured transactions, other), by use of proceeds (working capital, acquisition finance, project finance, other), by vertical (financial services, energy and power, high technology , Industrial Products, Consumer Products and Services, Others): Global Opportunities Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2031”.

According to the latest report, over the next few years the market will witness a major peak in CAGR. Technological innovations and increase in disposable income would contribute significantly to the growth of the market. The report offers a comprehensive study of the major market players, key trends, and driving factors.

Grab a sample report with Industry [email protected] https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/request-sample/31884

The Global Syndicated Loans Market report includes in-depth information about the driving factors and opportunities propelling the market growth. Additionally, the report includes an analysis of challenges and restraining factors, which helps market entrants understand the pitfalls of the industry. Technological advancements and an increase in demand are the major reasons for the growth of the market. The untapped potential of developing countries will open new opportunities in the years to come.

Market growth is analyzed using several strategic tools and methods. SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five analysis are offered in the report. These tools offer a detailed analysis of the major determinants of market growth and are essential for taking advantage of lucrative opportunities in the market.

The report will help leaders:
• Understand the dynamics of the market as a whole
• Inspect and review the competitive scenario and future market landscape with the help of different restraints including Porter’s five forces
• Understand the impact of different government regulations throughout the global health crisis and assess the state of the global and Asia-Pacific speed camera market during this challenging time
• Consider the portfolios of functional protruding players in the market in conjunction with the in-depth study of their products/services
• Have a compact idea of ​​the most revenue-generating segment

The global Syndicated Loans Market market report provides detailed market segmentation.

Key segmentation

• Term loan
• Revolving loan
• Subscribed transactions
• Others

Product use
• Working capital
• Financing of acquisitions
• Project financing
• Others

industry vertical
• Financial services
• Energy and electricity
• High technology
• Industrial
• Consumer products and services
• Others

By region
• North America (United States, Canada)
• Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, rest of Europe)
• Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, rest of Asia-Pacific)
• LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East, Africa)

The report includes a comprehensive analysis of sales, revenue, growth rate and market share of each segment over the historical period and the forecast period, along with graphs and tables.

Interested stakeholders can inquire about purchasing the report @ https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/purchase-enquiry/31884

Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the growth of the Global Syndicated Loans Market Market. Prolonged lockdown in several countries and restrictions on import expert have disrupted the supply chain. In addition, labor shortages and rising commodity prices affected the market.

The global Syndicated Loans Market industry is analyzed based on region as well as each region’s competitive landscape. The regions included in the report are North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia, and Italy), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea , India and Southeast Asia), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia), Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa). This information helps in formulating business strategies and opening up lucrative opportunities.

The Global Syndicated Loans Market Market report includes an in-depth analysis of the top 10 market players active in the global market. The study includes the analysis of sales, production and revenue. Major players in the market are Acuity, Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA, Bank of China, Bank of the West (BNP Paribas), BTPN, Capital One, CLAAS Group, EBRD, JP Morgan & Chase, Mizuho Bank, Ltd., MUFG, State Bank of India, SILC Group, Union Bank of India. These market players have adopted several business strategies such as new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations to maintain their presence in the market. The market report includes statistics, tables, and graphs to offer a detailed study of the Syndicated Loans Market industry.

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About Us:
Allied Market Research (AMR) is a full-service market research and business consulting wing of Allied Analytics LLP based in Portland, Oregon. Allied Market Research provides global corporations as well as small and medium enterprises with unrivaled quality “market research reports” and “business intelligence solutions”. AMR has a focused vision to provide business insights and advice to help its clients make strategic business decisions and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market areas.

Pawan Kumar, CEO of Allied Market Research, leads the organization in delivering high quality data and insights. We maintain professional relationships with various companies which helps us to extract market data which helps us to generate accurate research data tables and confirm the utmost accuracy of our market predictions. All data presented in the reports we publish are drawn from primary interviews with senior executives from leading companies in the relevant field. Our secondary data sourcing methodology includes extensive online and offline research and discussions with knowledgeable industry professionals and analysts.

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Tennessee disenfranchised 21% of its black citizens

LeolaScott 1200x852 - Tennessee disenfranchised 21% of its black citizens

Leola Scott at her home in Dyersburg, Tennessee: Ariel Cobbert for ProPublica

By Bianca Fortis –

Leola Scott recently decided to become a more active citizen. The 55-year-old Dyersburg, Tennessee resident was pushed into action after her son was stabbed to death and no one was charged.

In August, Scott attempted to register to vote. It was then that she learned that she was not allowed to vote because she had been convicted of non-violent crimes almost 20 years ago.

One in five black Tennesseans are like Scott: barred from voting due to a prior felony conviction. Indeed, Tennessee appears to be starving a much higher proportion of its black residents — 21% — than any other state.

The figure comes from a new analysis by nonprofit advocacy group The Sentencing Project, which found that Mississippi ranks a distant second, just under 16% of its voting-eligible black population. Tennessee also has the highest rate of disenfranchisement among its Latino community – just over 8%.

While states across the country have moved to give those convicted of crimes a chance to vote again, Tennessee has gone the other way. Over the past two decades, the state has made it harder for residents to reclaim their right to vote. In particular, lawmakers added requirements that residents must first pay court costs and restitution and that they are current on child support.

Tennessee is now the only state in the country that requires those convicted of crimes to be current on child support payments before they can vote again.

The state makes available little data on who lost the right to vote and why. Residents who might qualify to vote again must first navigate a confusing and opaque bureaucracy.

Scott says she paid her legal fees years ago. But when she took a Restoration of Voting Rights form to the county clerk claiming she had paid, the clerk told her she still had an outstanding balance of $2,390.

“It was like the air had been pushed out of me,” she said. “I did everything I was supposed to. When I got in trouble, I owned it. I paid my debt to society. I was proud to pay it all.

Scott has no receipts to verify her payments because she made them so long ago, she said. And there’s no way for her to fight off what she believes to be a clerical error.

She is now a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by the Tennessee NAACP challenging the state’s voting rights restoration process. In court documents, the state has denied claims that the restoration process is inaccessible.

Overall, according to The Sentencing Project, about 470,000 Tennessee residents are barred from voting. About 80% have already served their sentence but are disenfranchised because they have a permanent disabling conviction – such as murder or rape – or because they owe court costs or child support or have lost in the system trying to get their vote back.

Over the past two years, about 2,000 Tennesseans have successfully appealed to have their right to vote restored.

Persons convicted after 1981 must obtain a Certificate of Restoration of Voting Rights form signed by a probation or parole officer or other prison authority for each conviction. The form is then given to a court clerk who certifies that the person has no court costs. Then it is sent back to the local election commission, which then sends it to the state election commission for final approval. (The rules on restoring the vote have been revised several times, so older convictions are subject to different rules.)

Republican Cameron Sexton, speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives, said those convicted of crimes should have to pay court costs and child support before voting.

“If someone isn’t paying or is behind on their child support payments, that’s a problem,” he told ProPublica. “It’s a problem for this child, it’s a problem for this family, not having the things that they agreed to in court to help them with this child.”

Asked that Tennessee is the only state to require child support payments to be up to date before voting rights can be restored, Sexton said, “Maybe Tennessee is doing it right and the others don’t.”

A 2019 report from the Tennessee Advisory Committee to the US Civil Rights Commission found that repayment requirements have been particularly onerous for women, the poor, and communities of color. The report also notes that Tennessee has increasingly imposed court fees “as a way to fund the state’s courts and criminal justice system.”

Georgia previously demanded the payment of restitution and fines in order to restore the right to vote. But in 2020, the office of the Georgian secretary of state clarified that anyone who has served their sentence can vote, even if they owe court fees or other debts that were not incurred as part of their sentence. .

Disenfranchisement doesn’t just impact the lives of individual voters – it can also impact elections. This is especially true for multiracial communities in Tennessee, according to Sekou Franklin, professor of political science at Middle Tennessee State University. He pointed to county-level races that were decided by a few dozen votes.

“There are real lost votes that can shape elections,” Franklin said.

Black Tennesseans, even those who were not enslaved, were disenfranchised for centuries. In 1835, the new state constitution removed the franchise from free black men, who had been able to vote under the previous constitution. It also stipulated that anyone convicted of an “infamous” crime – a list that included theft, bigamy and horse theft – would lose their right to vote, often permanently.

The civil rights laws of the 1960s reopened voting for Tennesseans. But soon, lawmakers began adding provisions that disenfranchised those convicted of crimes. Lawmakers have updated the statute every few years, adding to the list of crimes that permanently bar someone from voting. The result is a convoluted list of eligibility criteria for reinstatement of suffrage that depends on what a person was convicted of and when the conviction occurred.

The reality of disenfranchisement in Tennessee recently drew national attention around the case of a Memphis woman, Pamela Moses. Three years ago, she got her probation officer’s approval to vote again. The next day, the Tennessee Department of Corrections claimed the officer had made a mistake. Prosecutors then accused Moïse of lying on an election document. She was found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison, but a judge later overturned the conviction.

Tennessee lawmakers from both parties tried, unsuccessfully, to make it easier for residents to get their vote back.

In 2019, two Republican lawmakers sponsored a bill that would have automatically restored people’s right to vote after their sentences. He was backed by a bipartisan coalition of civil rights advocates, including the libertarian group Americans for Prosperity and the Tennessee American Civil Liberties Union. But he never gained traction with lawmakers.

In 2021, two Democrats sponsored another bill that would have granted automatic restoration of the vote, but that bill also died. The sponsors said the Republican supermajority in the Tennessee Legislature simply didn’t want to take it on.

“We said we wanted to reform criminal justice, but all we’ve done is really nibble at the edges,” Sen. Brenda Gilmore told ProPublica, referring to a bill she co-sponsored. with a fellow Democrat.

Dawn Harrington, the founder of Free Hearts, an organization that supports formerly incarcerated women, also advocated for the 2021 bill.

During a 2008 trip to New York, Harrington carried a Tennessee-licensed firearm. Because New York does not recognize licenses from other states, she was convicted of a charge of possession of firearms.

After serving a one-year sentence at Rikers Island, she returned to Tennessee and set out to have her rights restored. Tennessee requires the incarceration agency to sign the rights restoration form, but Harrington struggled to find someone in New York willing to sign it. After nine years, his rights were finally restored in 2020.

“I don’t know if you know the show ‘The Wiz’, but I literally slowed down on the road,” Harrington said of his voting rights restored. “I Danced. I was so happy I cried. I felt all the emotions. You never know how much something means to you until it’s taken away from you.

Originally published by ProPublica. Republished here with permission under a Creative Commons license.


If you support truth in reporting without a paywall and fearless writing without contextual ads or sponsored content, consider making a contribution today with GoFundMe or Patreon or PayPal.

Britons turn to credit cards and loans to cover basic needs as cost of living crisis rages | UK cost of living crisis


A growing number of households will likely turn to credit cards and loans “to bridge the gap between income and spending” as winter sets in and energy bills rise, warned a major charity.

The increase in mortgage and rent payments, as well as the increase in the cost of food and energy billscould also force households that have never been in debt to borrow to make ends meet.

“It is important to be aware that the use of credit especially to cover essential expenses carries risks, especially for someone with less financial resilience who may find that the only option available to them is a high-cost credit,” said Sue Anderson, spokeswoman for debt charity StepChange.

The Bank of England rising interest rates from 0.75% to 3% on Thursday – the biggest increase since 1989 – which means that thousands of households will see their mortgage payments increase. Banks and other lenders will likely take the opportunity to increase the cost of other loans and credit cards.

Jane Tully, director of external affairs and partnerships at the Money Advice Trust, agreed with Anderson.

“With the incomes of millions of people already unable to keep up with rising prices, more and more people are having to turn to credit to cover the essentials.”

One in five new StepChange clients who seek help now cite the cost of living as the main cause of their debt problems, the charity said.

It has overtaken unexpected loss of income due to poor health and layoff as the main factor for people seeking debt relief, as the rising cost of living means they struggle to make ends meet. ends.

The advisory body said so far it had not seen an increase in customer debt but said it was a risk as the cost of living crisis intensifies in the winter course.

Victor Trokoudes, managing director of savings app Plum, said: “Most households have yet to see the impact of rising interest rates on their mortgages as they remain locked in fixed rate agreements.

“As more and more households come to remortgage, it will add even more pressure on people’s budgets, which may cause desperate households to turn to additional unsecured borrowing. As demand for credit is expected to increase , it might be harder for many people to get approved for traditional products like loans and credit cards,” he said.

“Since the global financial crisis, banks have put in place strong affordability criteria,” said Peter Hewlett, head of fintech at PwC. “This means that those who historically relied on credit for emergencies may find it more difficult to get approved for a loan or a credit card.

“We expect using other payment options, such as ‘buy now, pay later’ or payments spread over months, to be more cumbersome for this reason as people try to set aside funds essentially.”

Motorway racer jailed after horrific crash


By Cam Lucadou Wells

A driver has been jailed after a two-car ‘drag race’ on the Monash Freeway ended in a ‘catastrophic’ crash.

Ahsannullah Rezaie, 22, of Narre Warren South, pleaded guilty in Victoria County Court to negligently causing serious injury to the other driver, dangerous driving and possession of cannabis.

Judge Michael O’Connell said the two drivers left in a convoy from a shisha lounge in Dandenong around 10.30pm on December 28.

Over an eight-kilometer stretch, the pair raced at high speeds and weaved their way through traffic on the freeway lanes heading into town.

A witness recalled his car shaking “violently” as the pair passed him on either side. “It was suicidal,” he told a committal hearing.

“Like accelerating through a group of cars at a speed that I’ve never seen anyone honk their horns before.”

Others have estimated speeds of up to 150 km/h, sometimes with one driver hot on the heels of the other.

It ended in a work zone with a reduced speed limit of 80 km/h, concrete barriers and no emergency lane.

The other driver, Sayed Reza Hashemi, lost control of his ute, crossed four lanes, crashed sideways into a concrete pillar at the Springvale Road overpass and overturned.

Police estimated that Hashemi’s ute began “lacing” at speeds between 110 km/h and 129 km/h.

Rezaie, who was driving in front, did not see the accident. He returned to the scene but did not identify himself to police.

During his subsequent arrest at his home, his Camry’s distinctive black decals were removed.

He denied any involvement in Mr Hashemi’s crash and told police it was ‘unfair’ that he was charged.

Judge O’Connell said that was not unfair at all. Those who run or do races had to understand that they would be held responsible for “catastrophic” results.

Rezaie’s conduct was a “substantial and operational” cause of Mr. Hashemi’s life-threatening injuries and a danger to the public.

Predictably, their “long and scary” journey ended in disaster, Judge O’Connell said.

Mr Hashemi was taken to Alfred Hospital in critical condition with significant head injuries. He underwent emergency brain surgery and was in a coma for two weeks.

His front passenger escaped with minor injuries.

Almost two years later, Mr Hashemi was unlikely to return to full functioning for “many months, if not years, if at all”, noted Judge O’Connell.

He suffers from memory loss, mood swings, exhaustion, and cannot work as a carpenter or laborer.

“My brain is not the same as before,” Mr Hashemi told the court.

Born in Afghanistan, Rezaie emigrated with his family to Australia in 2017. They have since lived in Dandenong, Hampton Park and Narre Warren South.

He had passed his VCE despite arriving with little English.

He recently started a paid job in a real estate, which helped considerably with his family’s mortgage. It was an achievement of which he was “justly proud”, Judge O’Connell said.

His genuine remorse, youth, and lack of mental illness, drug problems, or previous convictions were noted. His prospects for rehabilitation were “very good”.

Frequently, young offenders of good character were implicated in such offences, the judge said.

Rezaie faced deportation if imprisoned for 12 months or more.

He was jailed for six months, followed by a two-year community correction order.

He was banned from driving for two years.

Renewables trade at IEX down 11% in October, weighted average prices fall


The Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) traded 403 million units (MU) of renewable energy in October 2022, down 11% month-on-month (MoM) from the 454 MU traded on last month.

The exchange traded CU7,972 of energy during the month. Total trading volume in October was 13% lower on a year-over-year basis (YoY) due to last year’s high volume base and 2% lower on a monthly basis due to reduced trading from REC.

Improved domestic coal supply has eased supply-side constraints, leading to lower prices on IEX. The average clearing price in the daily market was ₹3.83 (~$0.046)/kWh in October, which was 32% lower on a monthly basis and 52% lower on a yearly basis.

The stock exchange suggests that a further price correction due to improved coal availability and reduced demand due to the onset of winter should provide an opportunity for cost optimization by distribution companies and open-access consumers, leading to increased volumes on the exchange. in the future.

According to electricity demand data published by the National Load Dispatch Center, power consumption at 115 BU in October 2022 increased by 1% on an annual basis, and on a monthly basis it decreased by 10%.

Green market: Day-ahead and Term-Ahead

The green market, comprising the green overnight market (GDAM) and the green futures market (GTAM), traded a volume of 403 MU during the month, an increase of 10% year-on-year.

The GDAM traded 293 MU with a weighted average price of ₹4.02 (~$0.048)/kWh. The weighted average price was ₹5.42 (~0.065USD)/kWh in the previous month. The market saw the participation of 721 market participants during the month, with the highest number of participants in a single day at 621 on October 9, 2022.

The GTAM traded a volume of CU110 during the month. The average monthly price for solar power was ₹3.77 (~$0.045)/kWh, compared to ₹5.05 (~$0.061)/kWh in the previous month, and for non-solar power it was ₹5.45 (~$0.065)/kWh.

Electricity market: daily, forward and real-time market

In October 2022, the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) traded CU4,325 of energy, growing 7% on a MoM basis. Market volume decreased by 34% on an annual basis due to high volume base last year. The market clearing price was ₹3.83 (~$0.046)/kWh.

The real-time electricity market reached a volume of CU2,265 during the month, registering a growth of 13% year-on-year with 630 participants. The highest daily volume of 124 MU was reached on October 6, 2022. According to IEX, the steady growth of the real-time electricity market indicates the growing dependence on distribution utilities and industries to achieve the balance between electricity demand and supply in real time. -time most efficiently.

The futures market comprising intra-day, contingent, daily and weekly contracts and long-term contracts traded at CU621 during the month, down 29% on a MoM basis. The segment grew by 176% on an annual basis.

Renewable Energy Certificates Market

October saw 358,000 CERs cleared, registering a 39% drop in MoM. The volume included 176,000 non-solar RECs with a clearing price of ₹1,000 (~$12.08)/REC. The increase in Solar REC inventory allowed the breakeven price to bottom at ₹1,000 (~$12.08)/REC with 182,000 Solar RECs traded. The next REC trading session is scheduled for November 30, 2022.

IEX recently reported an 8% year-on-year decline in after-tax profit from ₹774m (~$9.34m) to ₹712m (~$8.6m) in the second quarter of the 2022-23 financial year.

In June this year, IEX added new products to the existing longer contract portfolio, such as daily contracts up to 90 days, weekly contracts up to 12 weeks and monthly contracts up to three months. .

Bitcoin mining company Iris Energy may not repay its loans


Several unfortunate cases are cropping up in the bitcoin and crypto ecosystem. The main reason for these adverse events comes down to the current bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market. Regardless of the optimistic predictions of experts, investors are still skeptical about future investments.

Some crypto companies are looking for ways to support their staff and customers. Others are careful not to run out of funds before the end of 2022. An example of such companies is Bitcoin miner Iris Energy.

Iris Energy is a Bitcoin mining company based on its data center infrastructure. It aims to power operations by accessing underutilized or abundant renewable energy.

Its main goal is to support communities and the wider Bitcoin network and to decarbonize energy markets.

Iris Energy faces crisis due to crypto crash

Tuesday, Iris Energy revealed its dealings with NYDIG regarding the arrangement of funds. NYDIG is a bitcoin brokerage institution responsible for providing funds for ASICs – bitcoin mining machines.

The bitcoin mining company mentioned some issues with some of the mining vehicles. He said that some SPVs – Special Purpose Vehicles do not operate to cash standards. It is therefore quite difficult to deal with debts to your lender.

Iris said there remains an outstanding principal debt of $104 million to be paid on the three company-funded unresourced SPVs. In addition, destitute SPVs would have to pay interest of $7 million per month. This figure seems relatively high considering the $2 million in profits they make over the same period.

Additionally, SPV miners are to receive $65-70 million, which is well below the cost. The situation is not very favorable for the mining company BTC. Thus, he said that the second and third SVPs do not make the main payments scheduled for November 8. This decision could lead to a new crisis, but the company is ready to face it.

Iris Energy faces crisis due to crypto crash

Tuesday, Iris Energy revealed its dealings with NYDIG regarding the arrangement of funds. NYDIG is a BTC brokerage institution responsible for providing funds for ASICs – Bitcoin mining machines.

Bitcoin price is trading sideways l BTCUSDT on Tradingview.com

Mining company BTC mentioned some issues with some of the mining vehicles. He said that some SPVs – Special Purpose Vehicles do not operate to cash standards. It is therefore quite difficult to deal with debts to your lender.

Iris said there remains an outstanding principal debt of $104 million to be paid on the three company-funded unresourced SPVs. In addition, destitute SPVs would have to pay interest of $7 million per month. This figure seems relatively high considering the $2 million in profits they make over the same period.

Additionally, SPV miners are to receive $65-70 million, which is well below the cost. The situation is not very favorable for the mining company BTC. Thus, he said that the second and third SVPs do not make the main payments scheduled for November 8. This decision could lead to a new crisis, but the company is ready to face it.

Bitcoin mining company Iris Energy may not repay its loans

The company’s cumulative hashing power of 3.6 EH/s tends to disconnect. But that will only happen if the event boils down to default. This hash power is equal to the total hash rate of the BTC network, which is around 1.5%.

Meanwhile, Iris Energy isn’t the only crypto firm facing the challenge of paying its debts through bankruptcy. In October, Core Scientific shared a message indicating the possibility of a default due to its inability to honor certain debts.

According to the company, there were only about 24 BTC left in its reserve and $26 million in cash. The drop is significant considering that in June, she had up to 7,000 BTC in her possession.

featured Image from Pixabay, Charts by TradingView

Liquor delivery app launches in New Jersey, but only in parts of the state


New Jersey, would you like your alcohol delivered to your door in minutes?

A leading liquor delivery platform launched in 2014, which offers scheduled deliveries right to your doorstep, has announced the launch of its service in New Jersey.

The sauce The alcohol delivery app, which already exists in New York, is now available in more than 28 Jersey ZIP codes, including cities like Newark, Hoboken, Fairfield, Springfield, Westfield and Clark.

Jersey residents can browse Saucey’s website for a wide range of items from participating area liquor and convenience stores that can be delivered to their doorstep within a specified time frame.

Choose from a wide range of items like beer, wine, spirits and mixers. Snacks like cookies, candies, chips, ice cream, ice cream, cigarettes, vapes and other tobacco products are also available.

Map of Saucey New Jersey (Photo credit: Saucey)

Map of Saucey New Jersey (Photo credit: Saucey)

“We are excited to expand into New Jersey,” said Saucey vice president of operations Chris Shon.

There are no minimums on the app when ordering and your items can be delivered as soon as possible on demand, or you can schedule an order to be delivered up to seven days in advance.

Payments are made through the app or website at the time of ordering. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Gratuities can be added through the app or website after the order is complete.

New Jerseyans who want to try Saucey delivery can shop here.

Jen Ursillo is a reporter and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach her at [email protected]

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RANKED: Here are the 63 smartest dog breeds

Is the breed of your faithful pup on the list? Read on to see if you’ll be bragging to the neighbors about your dog’s intellectual prowess the next time you walk your fur baby. Don’t worry: Even if your dog’s breed isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean he’s not a good boy – some traits just can’t be measured.

New album is Tom Dyer’s love letter to Olympia’s hometown



The True Olympians are, from left, drummer Michael Stein, keyboardist Joe Cason, bassist Gene Tveden, vocalist Lisa Ceazan and singer-songwriter-guitarist Tom Dyer, the creator of “Olympia: A True Story.”

Courtesy picture

UPDATE and CORRECTION from previous version: Tom Dyer has COVID and the show has been postponed to December 9. Keyboardist Joe Cason and bassist Gene Tveden graduated from Olympia High School.

At the height of the pandemic, as fellow Olympians watched TV shows and baked sourdough bread, Tom Dyer was telling Olympia’s story.

The twist: He wasn’t writing a book but an album, a three-CD, 40-song collection called “Olympia: A True Story,” released in October on his own Green Monkey Records and recorded with his band, the True Olympians.

The songs on the album, all written by Dyer, cover a plethora of topics past and present, including Evergreen State College (“A Bucketful of Weird”), the punk scene, parades, significant historical events and well-known characters, Olympia oysters, beer and even mud.

“It’s Mud”, rock hard and full of fuzz, begins: “Everyone says it’s water/Flowin’ pure and sweet/A perpetual flood/Twice a day something else will happen/Tide pull back now/Oh, baby, it’s mud.

Bruce Bay.jpg
Bruce Dyer, brother of Tom Dyer, sits on the shores of Mud Bay, the ancestral home of the Dyers and the subject of several songs on the album. Tom Dyer Courtesy picture

“As a kid who spent a ton of time at my grandparents in Mud Bay, I know well the gooey brown mud that will suck the shoes off your feet,” Dyer wrote in the track’s liner notes.

Mud Bay also received a lot of positive attention on the album, including “Clammin'” which Dyer describes as a meditation. “It’s my Mud Bay love song,” he said.

And then there’s “Grandma Caught the Shark,” about the day in 1957 when Dyer’s grandparents, Freddie and Faith Kroll, caught a shark in the bay. Their act was the stuff of family legend and at least fleeting fame: the couple’s photo appeared on the front page of The Olympian.

“It was a slow news day,” Dyer said.

One of the album’s most personal songs, “Grandma Caught the Shark,” tells the story of the day in 1957 when the exploits of Dyer’s grandparents, Fred and Faith Kroll, brought them to the front page of The Olympian. Courtesy picture

Dyer had no intention of making this album his magnum opus. It turned out that way, mainly because of COVID-19.

“You can always write songs when you can’t do anything else,” he said. “If it hadn’t been for COVID, the album wouldn’t have been this big. The songs got a lot more obscure over time.

The local flavor of the album is not only due to its songs. It also includes jingles from local radio stations KAOS, KXXO and KGY, as well as two eight-minute tracks recorded in Dyer’s backyard – one of birds and the other of frogs and rain.

The rain also has its own song, natch. Example lyrics: “The gray is in our soul.”

All three discs come with an 80-page book with lyrics, background information, photos, and even source lists, including two articles by this writer.

This is far from the only link with The Olympian. “A Deadly Wind,” about the 1962 Columbus Day storm, is based on and named after the book by longtime journalist and columnist John Dodge. And “Let It Rain” reveals that Dyer returned the diary when it was released in the afternoon.

Then there’s Dyer’s band, True Olympians, who released their debut single, “Christmas in Olympia” in 2017.

The band – keyboardist Joe Cason, vocalist Lisa Ceazan, drummer Michael Stein and bassist Gene Tveden – all live in Olympia, and Cason and Tveden are also alumni of Dyer’s alma mater, Olympia High, at which he pays tribute with “I’m an Oly Bear. (Stein graduated from Capital High School.)

That’s not all: More than 100 Olympians are making appearances, including Dionyso’s Arrington, the Oly Mountain Boys, the Artesian Rumble Arkestra and more than 50 members of the 2021-22 Olympia High School Choir, who sang the word ” Olympia” on the recognition of the land that opens the album.

“There were 108 guest musicians,” Dyer said. “I was shocked when I counted them at the end. I had no idea there were so many.

Despite the title, “Olympia” includes songs about Lacey and Tumwater. But the first song Dyer wrote for the album, “Olympia My Home,” says it all.

“I went back to Olympia six years ago,” he said, “and I’m very grateful to be here. This album wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t. gave a purpose, an appreciation, which I don’t think I would have had if I had always lived here.Walking down State Street just past Central, the views are magnificent – the Capitol building and the Black Hills.

Release party for the record “Olympia: a true story”

  • What: Tom Dyer and the True Olympians are celebrating the release of their 40-song box set with a benefit concert for the Olympia Arts and Heritage Alliance.
  • When: Originally scheduled for November 4, the party has been postponed to Friday, December 9. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.
  • Where: Olympia Ballroom, 116 Legion Ave SE, Olympia
  • Tickets: $15 in advance at http://olytruestory.eventbrite.com, $20 at the door
  • More information: http://greenmonkeyrecords.com

Library conference and concert

  • What: Dyer and his team will talk about “Olympia: A True Story” and perform a few songs during this free program.
  • When: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 15
  • Where: Olympia Timberland Library, 313 Eighth Avenue SE, Olympia

This story was originally published November 3, 2022 5:00 a.m.

Support our police officers, our correctional officers


I’ve written about this before and I’ll say again that we need to support all law enforcement, not defund as whiny liberals want. Our local, county, state, and federal agents are being treated like crap! They are vilified by the press, the liberals, the families of the prisoners. Until one of them needs help, they complain that not enough is being done. You can’t fund them, cut staff, and expect good results no matter how hard they try.

Our corrections officers are handcuffed to their duties by politicians who really don’t understand the corrections system. These inmates are accused of murder, rape, pedophilia and more. They lost their rights to a good life when they were sentenced. They keep screwing up the prison and want respect from the system, but they don’t respect anything. They attack and maim our correctional officers with impunity. They know our fearless politicians will cry for them.

People also read…

Maybe our politicians should spend some quality time with them, starting with Dementia Joe, Nasty Nancy and Fat Chuckie. I’m sure they would love to have urine and feces thrown in their faces. They are very concerned about attacks on fellow politicians and their families, but not for correctional officers and their families. I agree that violence against our leaders is wrong, just as January 6 was wrong. Violence does not solve the problem. Supporting our agents in their daily tasks is the right way to go.

Inmates need certain rights, but not when it hurts our officers. The answer is simple, elect people who care about our guys, support them and punish the criminals. It’s a two-way street, respect begets respect. You may now understand why fewer men and women are entering correctional services. Less aid, more crime. I understood?

CFL returns star picks after earlier error


Content of the article

The CFL sent out a list of stars Wednesday morning.

Content of the article

Then they were forced to send out a completely different list on Wednesday afternoon.

In a mistake that is sure to live long in fan memory and make embarrassing headlines nationally – and perhaps even beyond our Canadian borders – the league miscalculated the vote for its division stars.

A total of 21 players were named to the West or East Division squads on Wednesday morning and their names were later withdrawn later in the day.

“Earlier today, the CFL issued a press release announcing this year’s East and West Division stars, which were chosen by coaches, media and fans,” the league said in a statement. “Further review revealed that an error had been made in the tabulation and weighting of votes, which resulted in errors in the release.

Content of the article

“The CFL sincerely apologizes to everyone involved, especially those players who were incorrectly announced as All-Stars or who were incorrectly excluded from the roster. We have also issued an apology to the CFL Players Association. Canadian Football League Responsibility for this error rests solely with the CFL, not those who voted or the CFLPA.

“We also want to apologize to our fans for this unacceptable mistake. A correct list will be released shortly.

The initial list of players who were named to all-star teams met with almost immediate backlash from fans, media and players. There were obvious omissions and the Toronto Argonauts had 16 players named to the team, which would be unusual even for a historically dominant group, which the Argos were not.

The corrected star list was much more aligned with ballots that many members of the media had personally released, with the Calgary Stampeders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats leading their divisions with 11 stars apiece.

[email protected]


$ DOGE must undergo a correction as trading volumes have fallen by 63% in the last five days



  • The price of the popular memecoin DOGE has risen more than 100% in the past week, thanks to the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk.
  • On-chain data assessment revealed that the current market is marked by buyer exhaustion.
  • Key indicators on the daily chart suggest a price reversal is imminent.

Courtesy of Elon Musk’s eventual acquisition of social media giant Twitter, the price of popular memecoin Dogecoin [DOGE] rose more than 100% in the past week, data from CoinMarketCap revealed.

With the last few days marked by a large accumulation of DOGE that prevents any further price growth.

Say your last goodbyes

While DOGE’s price has surged in recent days, its trading volume has steadily declined. According to data from on-chain analytics platform Saniment, DOGE’s trading volume at press time was $7 billion and had fallen 63% in the past five days. This divergence between the price of an asset and its trading volume usually indicates an exhaustion of buyers which is usually followed by a price reversal.

Source: Santiment

In addition to a price/volume divergence, an assessment of DOGE’s performance on the daily chart indicated an impending price reversal.

At press time, DOGE’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) was pegged at 79. This showed that the meme token was significantly overbought. DOGE’s Money Flow Index (MFI), which peaked at 76, is also indicative of this fact.

The positions occupied by these key indicators showed that a significant accumulation of DOGE has taken place over the past few weeks. This caused it to be overbought. With its RSI and MFI at such highs, a downward price correction ensues, as buyers generally cannot sustain the price of an asset at this level.

Additionally, the dynamic line (green) of DOGE’s Chaikin Money Flow was spotted in a downtrend at 0.02. This meant that the buying pressure had started to wane. If it fell below the middle line to show a negative value, it would mean that the sellers have taken control of the DOGE market.

$ DOGE must undergo a correction as trading volumes have fallen by 63% in the last five days 16
DOGE/USDT chart by trading view

The positive bias continues to follow the token even

Assessed on a 7-day moving average, DOGE’s MVRV was 16.37% at press time. This meant that if all DOGE holders sold their coins at its current price, they would generate double profit on their DOGE investments.

On top of that, investors retained their positive sentiment, with DOGE’s weighted sentiment showing a positive result of 7.117%.

$ DOGE must undergo a correction as trading volumes have fallen by 63% in the last five days 17
Source: Santiment

With key on-chain metrics and movement on the price charts hinting at an impending price reversal, caution is advised before DOGE trading positions are taken.

Paul Haggis says his letter of resignation from Scientology helped convince Leah Remini to leave the church


Paul Haggis and Leah Remini.Debra L Rothenberg/WireImage via Getty

  • Paul Haggis testified that his letter of resignation from Scientology helped Leah Remini leave the church.

  • Haggis is currently on trial in a civil suit over a rape allegation.

  • Representatives for Remini did not immediately return Insider’s request for comment.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis testified in a civil rape lawsuit on Wednesday that his letter of resignation from the Church of Scientology helped motivate fellow celebrity and member Leah Remini to leave the religion as well.

Haggis, the writer and director of ‘Crash,’ was a member of the church for more than three decades before leaving in 2009 due to his refusal to condemn a chapter’s statement of support for Proposition 8, a California ballot measure to de-legalize same-sex marriage. Two of Haggis’ four children are gay.

He said most former Scientologists leave the religion quietly, but because he was better known, he said he felt it was his duty to go public with his decision to cut ties with the church. . Haggis wrote a letter expressing his doubts about the church, which was later leaked to the press.

Haggis said he wrote the letter to let the world know he had left the religion and that others would not be recruited to join Scientology because of his involvement. He also said he hoped it would “open the eyes” of those still in the church and help them “come out.”

“It worked with Leah — Leah Remini, she was always there,” Haggis said.

Representatives for Remini did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on Wednesday.

Haggis took the stand Wednesday in New York Supreme Court, in a lawsuit brought by publicist Haleigh Breest, who alleges Haggis raped her at this apartment in January 2013. Breest’s lawsuit seeks damages – unspecified compensatory and punitive interest.

Four other women testified with similar allegations of sexual misconduct against Haggis during the trial.

Haggis says the meeting with Breest was consensual and his attorneys tried to pin the allegation on a Scientology plot to discredit him.

Correction: November 2, 2022 – A previous version of this story incorrectly referred to why Paul Haggis left the Church of Scientology. It was about the church’s refusal to denounce a chapter’s statement of support for Proposition 8. The church maintained that it took no position on the measure.

Read the original Insider article

November 2, 2022 trading post


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Advans Ghana Savings and Loans joins the Ghana Club 100


Left – Right: Francis Owiredu (DCEO), Barbara Odei (CSDO) and Jean-Brice Robert (CBDO)

Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Limited is honored to be ranked among the top performers in several sectors in Ghana.

As a multi-award winning company and one of the leading savings and loan companies in Ghana, Advans Ghana is delighted to have made the Ghana Club 100 list during its 19th edition which took place. held at Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel in Accra on October 14, 2022. .

Advans Ghana was ranked 85th in this year’s edition of the awards program, marking its first appearance in the annual event held to celebrate the hundred most outstanding companies in Ghana.

The companies were selected, after going through a rigorous screening exercise, and ranked based on their size, growth, profitability and social responsibility, as mentioned by Yoofi Grant.

Addressing the gathering at the event, the Managing Director of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Yofi Grant applauded the remarkable work of private companies in the country in the face of the prevailing global economic crisis.

On his part, Francis Owiredu, Deputy Managing Director (DCEO) of Advans Ghana who received the award on behalf of the company, said:

“We appreciate the recognition of our efforts over the past 14 years as we continue to drive the financial inclusion agenda and support the growth of MSMEs in Ghana.”

He added: “Advans is driven by innovation and places its customers at the center of its activities. For this reason, we have embarked on a digitization program with the aim of providing more efficient and effective delivery of our financial solutions, which should increase our customer satisfaction and expand our reach across Ghana.”

Since its inception in Ghana, Advans has further positioned itself as the preferred financial partner providing client-centric financial services to small businesses and underserved populations in a sustainable and responsible manner.

CEO Olivier Bailly-Béchet said “the hard work and dedication of our staff and the trust (or trust?) that our customers have had in us over the years have pushed us through this stage. We are indeed proud to be associated with this prestigious award”.

He further added “this award is dedicated to our customers, employees, shareholders and partners. Thank you for growing with us. Let’s continue to grow together.”

Advans Ghana Savings and Loans is a subsidiary of the Advans Group headquartered in Paris – France with a presence in 9 countries in Africa and Asia serving over 1.3 million clients. In Ghana, Advans serves over 114,000 clients.

Introduced in 1998 by the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC), the Ghana Club 100 offers an annual collation of 100 outstanding companies in the Ghanaian business landscape. With excellence as its hallmark, the Ghana 100 club aims to celebrate and recognize companies that are making remarkable progress in their various business sectors.

DISCLAIMER: The views, comments, opinions, contributions and statements made by readers and contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policies of Multimedia Group Limited.

In Xi’s China, even internal reports fall prey to censorship



BEIJING (AP) — When the coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan in late 2019, reporter Liao Jun of China’s state-run Xinhua news agency told conflicting stories to two very different audiences.

Liao’s dispatches assured readers that the disease was not spreading from person to person. But in a separate confidential report to senior officials, Liao took a different tone, alerting Beijing that a mysterious and dangerous disease had surfaced.

His reports to authorities were part of a powerful internal reporting system long used by the ruling Communist Party to learn about matters considered too sensitive for the public to know. Chinese journalists and researchers send secret bulletins to top officials, ensuring they get the information needed to govern, even when it is censored.

But that internal system is struggling to give candid assessments as Chinese leader Xi Jinping consolidates his power, making it risky for anyone to question the party line, even in confidential reports, a dozen officials said. Chinese scholars, businesspeople and state journalists in interviews with The Associated Press. .

It’s unclear what the impact was, given the covert nature of high-level Chinese politics. But the risk is ill-informed decision-making with less feedback from below, on everything from China’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to its approach to the coronavirus.

“Powerful leaders become hostages,” said Dali Yang, an expert on China politics at the University of Chicago. “They actually live in cocoons: protected, but also safe from the information they should be open to.”

The reports are classified as state secrets, giving them an air of mystery in China. They are called “neican”, which is pronounced “NAY-tsahn” and means “internal reference”.

They report on what would be considered the basis of journalism in many other countries: corruption, strikes, public criticism, accidents at work. In China, such issues may be too sensitive for public consumption, as they “could damage the Party’s reputation”, according to a 2020 Chinese academic paper.

Newspapers, think tanks and universities across China each have their own classified reporting channel, sending intelligence to local and provincial authorities. They monitor air pollution in the industrial province of Hebei and guide the disposal of spoiled pickles in Hunan, a region renowned for its cuisine.

But a few outlets, such as Xinhua and the state-controlled People’s Daily, provide information directly to Chinese leaders. Their confidential reports have overthrown officials, changed policy and launched government campaigns against poverty and waste.

The Communist Party calls internal reporting a secret weapon, acting as its “eyes and ears”, while propaganda acts as its “throat and tongue”.

Those who write internal reports are thoughtful, open-minded and often critical of the government, says Maria Repnikova, a China media scholar at Georgia State University.

They may be threatened or intimidated, even when supported by the state, with officials taking extreme measures to prevent bad news from reaching their superiors.

“They’re pretty careful about what’s going on in there, because they always have guards,” Repnikova said.

Xi knows intimately the power of this internal reporting system, said Alfred Wu, a former journalist who met Xi when he governed Fujian province. Xi has cultivated ties with Xinhua and People’s Daily reporters, outlets with direct and confidential lines of communication with Beijing — and thus, the power to influence his career.

“He was always mingling and socializing with reporters,” Wu said. “Xi’s street smarts helped him so much.”

After coming to power in 2012, Xi stifled dissent and launched an anti-corruption campaign that jailed his rivals. The crackdown has made journalists more cautious about what they write in internal memos.

Xi took control of Xinhua, which nominally reports to the No. 2 official, the prime minister. Under Xi, Xinhua at times began to ignore Premier Li Keqiang, whose frustrations boiled over in an internal meeting, Wu and a state media reporter with knowledge of the matter said, speaking on condition of anonymity. to discuss the sensitive subject.

A Xinhua journalist famous for his insider reporting that helped topple a senior public company executive is now unable to publish, according to a close aide, because the risks are too great.

“Before, he could make these disclosures because Xinhua had the power to protect him,” the associate said, declining to be named for fear of reprisals. “Now they say he can’t report these things anymore.”

The internal reporting system was also vulnerable to corruption. Officials and businessmen manipulated him to defend their interests. In one incident, officials in Shanxi province gave journalists cash and gold bars to cover up a mining accident that killed 38 people.

Xi’s crackdown has curbed corruption, but also sidelined many of Xi’s competitors and crippled low-level officials, who are reluctant to act without clear authorization from the top.

The government’s tightening grip on the internet under Xi also distorts internal reporting.

Decades ago, officials had little way of knowing what ordinary people were thinking, making reports a valuable channel of information. But the internet “gave everyone their own microphone,” wrote the People’s Daily, resulting in an explosion of information that internal reports struggled to parse.

The internet also posed a threat: critics bonded online, organizing to challenge the state.

Xi met both challenges. Under him, China has strengthened big data analysis to tap into the vast tide of information. Internal reports now increasingly cite the internet, with some bulletins largely made up of social media posts.

Xi also launched a campaign against “online rumours” and put millions of censors to work. One of the first to be arrested was an investigative journalist accusing a government official of corruption.

So while internal reporting now relies heavily on online information, the internet itself has become tightly censored, which can distort the message sent to the top.

Electronic surveillance has also become ubiquitous under Xi, making it more difficult to share sensitive information, a current and former state media reporter said, speaking on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized. to talk to the foreign media. Communications are heavily monitored, which keeps officials and experts, not just dissidents, under the scrutiny of the state.

As a result, people withhold critical information, sometimes with catastrophic consequences.

In the early days of the virus outbreak in Wuhan, Xinhua’s Liao reported the arrest of eight “rumourmakers” for spreading “false information”.

In fact, they were doctors warning each other about the emerging virus in online chats. Her story discouraged others from speaking out, leaving central management blind to the spread of the virus.

She also wrote an internal report alerting Beijing to advice from Wuhan health authorities leaked online. But instead of galvanizing faster action, his reports made officials believe the outbreak was under control, according to University of Chicago professor Yang.

“It’s a systemic problem,” Yang said. “They were operating in a system that stifled information channels for good decision-making.”

The State Council’s information department, China’s Cabinet, declined to comment. Xinhua did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the AP.

The story of the virus illustrates a paradox of internal reporting: the tighter the controls, the more valuable the reports become. But tighter controls also make it harder to find reliable information.

Interviews with Chinese scholars suggest that when it comes to decisions made by the summit, there is now little room for discussion or course correction.

Although China has not expressed direct support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Beijing’s position is clear: as part of Xi’s “no limits” partnership with Russia, officials are expressing their sympathy for Moscow’s grievances towards the West, portraying the United States as a hypocritical tyrant and NATO as the aggressor.

But in private conversations, many Chinese foreign policy experts express views that diverge from the party line. This diversity of opinion, however, is not being transmitted to Chinese leaders, some scholars fear.

“There’s a lot more diversity of opinion than you might think,” said one academic, declining to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

At the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a book published in Russia was not allowed to be translated into Chinese because it contained sections criticizing Putin, according to an academic familiar with Russian experts at the academy.

An expert has written an internal report suggesting the Chinese foreign minister call his Ukrainian counterpart, the academic said. When the call came about a week later, many academics praised the expert in a panel discussion.

Then one of the scholars said the expert should recommend Xi call Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. “If I do this, I will not be able to write another report,” the academic said in the expert’s writing, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Xi has not spoken with Zelenskyy since the start of the invasion.

Many experts fear that China has alienated Europe by favoring Russia. A landmark investment deal with the European Union seems almost dead, and Europe is increasingly aligning its China policy with the latter’s biggest rival, the United States.

A scholar took a calculated risk to make his point heard. Government adviser Hu Wei published an online essay in March criticizing the war and saying Beijing should side with Europe.

Hu wrote publicly because he feared his bosses would endorse an internal report, according to Zhao Tong, a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Even if the article were censored, he thought, it might attract the attention of high officials.

“The information bubble is very serious,” Zhao said. “I’m not sure even the authorities have any idea how popular a certain point of view is.”

More than 100,000 people viewed Hu’s essay online. Within hours, it was blocked.

Stocks fall amid trade disruption


All major indices in Bangladesh fell yesterday after a mistake that saw the withdrawal of the circuit breaker for all stocks on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) delay the start of the trading session.

The start of the trading session was delayed by an hour and a half as the exchange lifted the circuit breaker for all stocks instead of 70 companies which had reported earnings a day earlier, the exchange said in a press release. hurry.

For all the latest news, follow the Daily Star’s Google News channel.

Currently, companies listed on the country’s two stock exchanges are allowed to go up a maximum of 10% and down a maximum of 2% in a single day. But the day after a corporate disclosure, no price cap is applied.

The interruption prompted the DSE to extend the trading time by 15 minutes. Thus, the market closed at 2:30 p.m. yesterday, instead of the usual 2:15 p.m.

Still, the DSEX, the premier stock exchange’s benchmark, fell 43 points, or 0.68%, to close at 6,334.

The DS30, the blue chip index, fell 0.90% to 2,245 while the DSES, the Sharia-based index, fell 0.90% to 1,389.

Of the stocks, 44 advanced, 91 declined and 231 remained unchanged. Revenue plunged 24% to Tk 826 crore.

The three-day winning streak ended as cautious investors booked profits on quick-gain issues amid revised trading hours, brokerage International Leasing Securities Ltd said in its daily review of the market.

Among the sectors, general insurance increased by 1.8%, ceramics by 0.7% and information technology by 0.5%.

The services sector saw a correction of 2.7 percent, while the jute sector fell by 2.2 percent.

Navana Pharmaceuticals leads the list of winners, up 78%. Chartered Life Insurance, Eastern Cables, Hakkani Pulp and Bangladesh National Insurance jumped more than 8%.

The Agricultural Marketing Company (Pran) suffered the biggest drop, with a drop of 11%. BDCOM Online, Rangpur Foundry, Indo-Bangla Pharmaceuticals and JMI Hospital Requisite Manufacturing were also among the major losers.

Navana Pharmaceuticals was the most traded stock, with its shares worth Tk 65 crore traded. Beximco Ltd, Anwar Galvanizing, Orion Pharma and Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa also recorded strong sales.

The Caspi, the Chittagong Stock Exchange’s all-stock price index, fell 86 points, or 0.46%, to end at 18,692.

Of the issues traded on the port city’s stock exchange, only 46 advanced, 62 fell and 121 showed no price movement.

Getting ‘stuck’ with payday loans

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Courtesy of Indiana Capital Chronicle

Have you ever had your car or truck stuck in the mud; and the harder you try to get out, the deeper your tires sink? I have.

So, I know from experience: unless you have the luxury of waiting for things to dry, you’re going to need some help – a push or a pull – to get unstuck.

And you’re probably going to feel a little embarrassed. I mean, technically, even if you had no intention of getting stuck, no one else was driving. Either you didn’t see the danger in front of you, or you thought it wouldn’t be so bad to go through it.

Even if you didn’t have a good way around it, or if you calculated the risk and thought you could get away with it, the fact remains that it happened and you were “at fault”. Thinking back on it, you wish you had done something other than the fix you were looking for – the one that caused your “tires to sink deep in mud and mud” (for others little blue truck fans).

Now imagine that the vehicle you are thinking of represents your family’s financial health and the process of “no longer stuck” as a result of choosing the option to solve your short-term problem yourself – instead of asking for help. or not to think of you had other options – represents a payday loan. The “solution” then becomes a bigger problem to solve than the original problem.

That’s about where the analogy ends, since muddy patches don’t have business models designed to keep you stuck like payday lenders do. It’s by locking people in more that the profits are really made, where the interest rate eventually hits 391% in Indiana. And you really need to find a solution to your solution.

This is why I often refer to the payday loan industry as one of the most subsidized markets in existence – because government and non-profit resources are so often needed to lift people out of disasters caused by payday loans.

What if it didn’t have to be like this?

One way forward is policy change. Right now, the burden is largely on Congress, and your legislative outreach will help make the Fair Credit Act for Veterans and Consumers
– to cap all personal loans at 36% – a reality. You can also ask your state legislators to impose a 36% cap. But until and even after the legislation is passed, many Hoosiers will still need a more responsible way to borrow.

What if there was another route?

What if most of the 88% of Hoosier voters polled who said they would like to see Indiana have a 36% wage rate cap — who are able to provide another way — have paved the way for a solution alternative for their employees and co-workers?

The impact, to reinforce my analogy, would be shattering for Hoosier families who lack the resources to weather a financial shock.

A specific “bypass” – previously available in only 23 counties – recently became available statewide. If you’re a business owner, or an HR representative, or just someone who wants to talk to your boss about providing a financially viable option to those in your workplace, the solution I present to you is the Community Loan Center program.

It is a small, affordable, employer-focused loan program. So what’s the problem ?

Well, as difficult as it may seem, there really isn’t. For companies registered in the program, the CLC program is offered as a benefit at no cost to the employer. Employers literally only have to: 1) confirm employment when a loan is requested and 2) set up a payroll deduction in accordance with the employee’s repayment plan. By doing so, they instantly gain employees who are less stressed and more present for their work.

Made available through non-profit organisations, this affordable 12 month loan is designed to get people into or out of debt instead of trapping them. (CLC loans can be used to repay payday loans.) The reason is simple: nonprofit providers offering this program would rather focus their resources on improving a family’s economic trajectory than on bail out from the earthquake that stems from a payday loan.

Just consider how you could bring this alternative to your workplace
— and actually help solve a co-worker’s short-term financial problem in a way that makes it manageable and gets people out of trouble without getting stuck.

Jessica Love is Executive Director of Prosperity Indiana, a statewide membership organization for individuals and organizations that strengthen Hoosier communities.

The new no-exercise “skinny pill” melts away belly fat. Why Every Judge On Shark Tank Endorsed This Product!


(HEY, ) – It was the most-watched episode in Shark Tank history when sisters Anna and Samantha Martin won the Shark Tank panel.

NOTnever before had the jury unanimously decided to invest millions of dollars each in a potential company.

After buying a staggering 25% stake in the sisters’ company, the Shark Tank panel personally mentored the pair, helping them rebrand and repackage their miracle product.

Presenting their discovery as “the biggest step forward in the history of weight loss”, the judges were quick to offer their hard-earned cash to support the entrepreneurial couple.

“We were shocked. All we were hoping for was advice…we weren’t even sure we’d be successful in attracting investors,” Samantha explained.

After outstanding offers from each panel member, the sisters burst into tears.

“It didn’t seem real. The fact that all of these successful, business-minded people wanted to be a part of what we were doing and were willing to invest their own money was very moving! » Anna explained.

The couple are the first contestants in the show’s long run to receive a standing ovation and investment offers from everyone on the panel. The sisters said they celebrated the success with champagne and cake at the end of the episode.

The sisters were the first candidates in Shark Tank history to receive investment offers from all five panel members.

Since filming the jaw-dropping episode, the sisters have worked hard to put their mentors’ advice into practice.

“We completely rebranded our company and offered new packaging,” Anne said.

The pair recently unveiled the product which has earned them millions of dollars in investments.

“The product we presented at the show was renamed to . This is the original formula, we only changed the name and the packaging. Samantha explained.

The sisters launched the product for sale on their company’s website and say it sold out within 5 minutes.

“We even made sure we had more product than we thought we could sell, but it all sold out in five minutes!” Samantha exclaimed.

As Shark Tank investors toast to their smart business move, women flock online to buy and say the results were life changing.

Clinical trials have shown that women who use were able to significantly reduce fat and, with continued use, prevented weight gain from recurring.

is revolutionizing weight loss medicine,” explained Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank.

How it works?

Ketosis is a natural process the body initiates to help us survive when food intake is low. During this state, your body actually burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. Ketosis is usually extremely difficult to achieve on your own and takes weeks to accomplish.

BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) is the first substrate that triggers the metabolic state of ketosis. If you take it, BHB is able to start processing in your body, which generates energy and significantly speeds up weight loss by putting your body into ketosis.

contains BHB, which forces the body into a constant state of ketosis, helping you burn fat for energy instead of carbs.

also contains agents that help regulate cholesterol levels, a common problem in overweight people.

How to lose weight fast with ?

1. Appetite Control

When trying to lose weight, controlling your eating habits is an important angle to the effectiveness of your diet.

Emotional eaters face a torrid fate trying to curb their eating habits. It’s here that It helps control your eating habits by stimulating the production of enzymes that suppress cravings for specific types of food. The chemical serotonin also helps correct emotional imbalances that cause you to consume food due to heightened emotional situations.

2. Prevention of fat formation

Finding a way to control your body’s conversion of energy into fat is key to controlling a booming waistline. suppresses the liver’s ability to convert energy into fat and diverts calories needed for efforts to build a lean body with healthy muscles.

3. Well-being

Many people will use food to try to escape feelings of stress and depression. BHB extract contains compounds that elevate your mood and improve your overall well-being, reducing the likelihood that you will fall into stress and tend to overeat.

The BHB contained in has been under study for over a decade now. It provides an effective natural remedy for the problem of weight loss and comes at an affordable price. However, certain categories of individuals could experience potential negative effects, for example pregnant women. Check with your doctor for a green light before deciding to use the product. To lose weight fast with you must use it at the correct intervals and in the correct amounts.


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“YES!! Finally, I found a weight loss product that works. At 48, this is the first time I’ve had products that work for me.”

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Letter to the editor: Outgoing South Portland councilor endorses West


We are at a critical moment when it comes to climate, economy and social justice. We need a deep will to accurately identify issues, consider all of our options, and work together while respecting differences. If we simplify or blame others, we will fail to accurately identify problems and solutions.

It is difficult to commit to a decision and, at the same time, to know that the course might need correction; we must be both courageous and humble. This requires trust and belief in a common good. This is what I believe is required of all of us.

It was an honor and a privilege to serve for six years on the South Portland City Council. When I chose not to run, I wanted someone I respect to be elected in my place. I believe Natalie West would make an excellent board member because of her integrity, knowledge, skill and compassion.

Susan Henderson
South Portland

Use the form below to reset your password. After you submit your account email, we’ll send you an email with a reset code.

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Today’s guide to day trading: 6 stocks to buy or sell today — October 28


Daily trading guide for today: After a day of declines, the Indian stock market rebounded on Thursday and closed in positive territory. The Nifty 50 index gained 80 points and closed at 17,736 while BSE Sensex jumped 212 points and closed at 59,756 levels. Bank Nifty finished 176 points higher at 41,299 points. Among the sectors, real estate. the oil and gas, metals and electricity indexes rose the most while the computer index fell the most. The Advanced Decline Ratio ended positive at 1.23:1.

According to stock market experts, Nifty may now attempt to test recent highs of 17,812-17,919 levels. Once these levels are cleared, the Nifty looks set to advance towards the previous intermediate highs of 18,096. The index could experience a slight correction in the very near term. It is important for the Nifty to hold above the immediate supports of 17,607-17,505 for the uptrend to continue.

Day Trading Strategies for the Stock Market Today

Speaking on the technical outlook for the Nifty 50 Index, Subash Gangadharan, Principal Technical and Derivative Analyst at HDFC Securities, said: “While the Nifty remains in a short-term uptrend and looks poised to move higher previous intermediates of 18,096 levels. But, it is important that in case of slight corrections, the index holds above the immediate supports of 17,607-17,505 for the uptrend to continue.”

Regarding the intraday trading tips you need to know, Ruchit Jain, Lead Research at 5paisa.com, said: “Over the past three trading sessions, the Nifty has been trading in the range of 17600 to 17800, but the crucial support is intact with the market span positive The dollar index has also corrected over the past couple of sessions and is back below the 110 level which is positive for equity markets The RSI oscillator on the daily and hourly chart indicates positive momentum.

Revealing the day trading strategy, Ruchit Jain of 5paisa.com said: “Until the Nifty 50 index keeps the support intact, or until there is a change in the data, traders should continue to trade with a positive bias and look for stock-specific buying opportunities.

Nifty call put option data

On the Nifty call put option ratio, Shilpa Rout, chief derivatives analyst at Prabhudas Lilladher, said: “The shrewd weekly expiry options channel sees PE writers actively adding their positions during from various strikes over 55,000 contracts, but the highest new exposure seen at 17,700 strikes – over 40,000 contracts CE writers are standing at levels of 18,400 CE – over 80,000 contracts, with high additions of over 70,000 contracts as well PCR_OI at 17,700 being just below 1, it is important to watch the direction ahead.

Bank Nifty Call Put Options Data

“Bank Nifty options chain on a weekly basis, reflects on PE writers building positions at 40,000 strikes – total over 40,000 contracts, CE writers adding exposure at 41,500 strikes, followed by 43,000 strikes – new additions of over 20,000 contracts each, which reflects the immediate range between 40,000 and 41,500 areas for the index, with stretch targets of 43,000,” said Prabhudas Lilladher’s Shilpa Rout.

Day trading stocks to buy today

On today’s intraday stocks, equity market experts – Sumeet Bagadia, Executive Director of Choice Broking, Anuj Gupta, VP – Research at IIFL Securities, Ravi Singhal, CEO of GCL Securities and Manoj Dalmia, Founder and director of Proficient Equities – recommended 6 stocks to buy or sell today.

Sumeet Bagadia Intraday Stocks for Today

1]Sun Pharma: Buy from CMP, objective 1030 and 1050, stop loss 990

2]Tata Steel: Buy from CMP, objective 108-110, stop-loss 100

Anuj Gupta shares to buy today

3]Coal India: Buy from CMP, objective 265, stop loss 225

4]BEL: Buy from CMP, objective 115, stop loss 102

Ravi Singhal’s stock of the day

5]DLF: Buy at 382 target 394 and 400, stop loss 377

Manoj Dalmia shares to buy today

6]Adani Ports: Buy on 832 target 837, stop loss 828.50.

Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms, and not of Mint.

Catch all the trade news, market news, breaking news and latest updates on Live Mint. Download the Mint News app to get daily market updates.

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Payday Loans Market Share Estimated to reach USD 42.6 Billion by 2028 | Beneficial market research


Vantage Market Research analyzes that the payday loan market which was worth USD 33.5 billion in 2021, would reach USD 42.6 billion by 2028 growing at a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period 2022 to 2028.

A qualitative research study is accompanied by more than 115 market data tables, pie charts, graphs and figures spread over several pages and in-depth information that is easy to understand. This market research report categorizes the market by companies, geographical regions, types, components, applications, and end-use industries. In the competition analysis section, the major key players existing in the market are mentioned with various details such as company profiles, their market share analysis and various strategies to thrive in the market. In addition, the market value, market segments, growth rate, market players, market situation, geographical coverage and market report prepared by the Vantage team includes in-depth analysis by experts, a pipeline analysis, price analysis and regulatory framework.

Access the detailed free sample report @ https://www.vantagemarketresearch.com/payday-loans-market-1512/request-sample

List of major market players:

The existence of several significant competitors in the industry, the competitive landscape of this payday loans market is somewhat fragmented. The payday loan industry is distinguished by the presence of a few well-established companies as well as several small and medium-sized players. Mergers, acquisitions and consolidations have taken place between winners around the world.

Cashfloat, CashNetUSA, Creditstar, Loan Stream, Myjar, Silver Cloud Financial, Inc., THL Direct, Titlemax, TMG Loan Processing

Key questions answered by this report:

• What is your estimate of the potential for expansion of the payday loan market?
• Which regional market could be the pioneer of the projected years?
• Which application segments will experience strong growth in the future?
• What growth opportunities can payday loan trading have in the near future?
• What key challenges will the payday loan industry face in the future?
• Who are the major companies in the payday loan market?
• What are the major trends affecting expansion?
• What growth methods will players use to stay in the “Payday Loans” market?

Download the full report (PDF of more than 100 pages with information, graphs, tables, figures) on@ https://www.vantagemarketresearch.com/industry-report/payday-loans-market-1512

Regional outlook:

A recent research report published by Vantage Market Research titled “Payday Loan Market” (covering US, China, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, etc. ) analyzes risks, exploits opportunities and assists in strategic and tactical decision-making. The global payday loan market is dominated by the North American region, with the United States accounting for the largest share. Along with this, Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing segment due to population growth, rapid urbanization and consumer convenience.

Region covered:

  • North America (USA, Canada)
  • Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, rest of LATAM)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, South Korea, India, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • Europe (UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), NORDIC (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland), Russia, Poland, Rest of Europe)
  • Middle East and Africa (Israel, GCC (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman), South Africa, North Africa, Rest of Middle East and Africa)

Limited Time Offer | Buy this Premium Research Report with exclusive discount and immediate delivery@ https://www.vantagemarketresearch.com/buy-now/payday-loans-market-1512/0

Insights provides in this report:

  • The report provides a seven-year forecast value assessed based on the current market performance of the Payday Loans industry.
  • It gives a forecast analysis of the factors driving or restraining the development of the Payday Loans market.
  • It helps in understanding the major product segments and their future scope.
  • The report defines the Payday Loans industry and analyzes market influencing factors such as opportunities, drivers, and restraints.
  • The report gives an in-depth analysis of the changing competition in the Payday Loans market, which helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Browse more related reports from the Vantage Library:

About Vantage Market Research:

At Vantage Market Research, we provide high-quality, quantified B2B research on over 20,000 emerging markets, helping our clients map a constellation of opportunities for their businesses. As a market research and competitive intelligence consulting firm, we provide end-to-end solutions to our corporate clients to achieve their critical business objectives. Our customer base spans 70% of Global Fortune 500 companies. The company provides high quality data and market research reports. The company serves various businesses and customers in a wide variety of industries. The company offers in-depth reports across multiple industries, including Chemical Materials & Energy, Food & Beverage, Health Tech, and more. The company’s experienced team of analysts, researchers and consultants use proprietary data sources and numerous statistical tools and techniques to collect and analyze information.

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contact us

Eric Kunz

6218 Georgia Avenue NW Ste 1 – 564

Washington D.C. 20011-5125

United States Tel. : +1 202 380 9727

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: https://www.vantagemarketresearch.com/

Latest Vantage Market Research Press Releases

Latest Vantage Market Research Blog


This press release has been prepared with the aim of providing accurate market information that will enable our readers to make informed strategic investment decisions. If you notice any problem with this content, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Gambling App Store ads appear next to addiction recovery apps


App store

AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site.

There are more announcements in the App storeincluding gaming apps next to kids apps – and even worse, next to gaming addiction recovery ones.

Developer Marco Arment shared a screenshot of the advertising controls for product pages in the App Store. The tool shows that advertisers can choose to show their ads in all app categories, similar app categories, and other categories.

Apple also provides a demographic filter allowing app advertisers to choose a country, gender or age range for their ads. Ads aren’t necessarily aimed at kids, but they may appear connected to kids’ apps, at least on accounts not bound by age restrictions or parental controls.

Of course, the demographic filter doesn’t do much if the ad buyer doesn’t bother with specific data, either on purpose or accidentally.

Although not intended for gambling, the ads appear on the product pages of children's apps such as Roblox, Minecraft, and YouTube Kids.

Although not intended for gambling, the ads appear on the product pages of children’s apps such as Roblox, Minecraft, and YouTube Kids.

Worse still, some gambling apps are attached to gambling addiction app lists. AppleInsider saw several.

Apple has started testing new App Store ad placements in July. It extends ad slots to the App Store’s Today page, the “You Might Also Like” section in an app’s product page, and the Search tab.

On Tuesday, other developers reported gambling ads appearing on their app pages. For example, Simon Stovring reported that he found gambling ads appearing on his app pages 30% of the time.

Apple’s expanded ad placements in the App Store went into effect on October 25. The advertisements will appear in the respective regional App Stores in all countries where it operates, except for China.

House Liberals mess with Ukraine letter



For the second time in a week, members of Congress have signaled a potential shift in US policy on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

First, it was House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) who said a GOP-controlled Congress next year could withhold funding for Ukraine. Then on Monday, 30 Liberal Democrats in the House called on President Biden to engage in direct diplomacy with Russia.

One of these approaches has resulted in significant pushback within the party, pushbacks by signatories and now, ultimately, retraction. But it’s not the most radical.

Representative for Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) announced Tuesday that she had retracted the letter she led, just 24 hours after it came out. She said the letter was written “several months ago” and was not checked before it was published on Monday.

The move comes after several signatories strayed from the thrust of Monday’s letter and Jayapal herself sought to clarify it.

Rep. Mark Takano (D-California) said in a statement that “only the Ukrainians have the right to determine the conditions under which this war ends”.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) said the letter was not intended to criticize Biden’s approach and defended him in a series of tweets. But he also hinted that it was mishandled. “First of all, this was written in July and I have no idea why it came out now. Bad timing,” he said. “Second, he was trying to achieve a ceasefire. fire and diplomacy as others banged war drums, without criticizing Biden.”

Rep. Sara Jacobs (D-California) echoed Pocan, saying she actually signed the letter in late June. But unlike Pocan, she offered perhaps the biggest break from her content, saying that “Many things have changed since then. I wouldn’t sign it today.

A spokesperson for Jayapal initially declined to comment on Tuesday on claims that the letter was months old. But Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), the Progressive Caucus whip, appeared to confirm that was the case and the signatories were not told he would be out Monday.

(The letter, for what it’s worth, cites Russia’s attempt to annex Ukrainian territory “last month,” which didn’t happen in June or July.)

But other than that, these members were just pushing for diplomacy – something that, under most circumstances, would seem like an admirable goal to avoid bloodshed. So why course correction?

The first thing to note is that, Jacobs aside, the signers were more committed to a tonal reverse than a full reversal. The members said they believed in the usefulness of diplomacy, but downplayed how much they actually insisted on it.

The biggest problem with the letter was that it was seen as a departure from Biden’s strategy of calling for diplomacy at a time when the administration argued that Russia had failed to take the necessary steps to engage.

The administration did not really hesitate to perspective of diplomacy, but he argued that it should not be so freely concluded – and that Russia should not be rewarded for its escalation.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Friday that the United States has “reaffirmed its commitment to meaningful diplomacy that can end the war, even as Moscow continues to demonstrate through its escalating actions that its claim to be open to diplomacy is as futile as it gets”. it’s been since President Putin launched his invasion in February.

State Department spokesman Ned Price added last week that Ukraine will lead such a process: “We have heard no reciprocal statements or abstentions from Moscow that they are willing to faith in engaging in this diplomacy and dialogue”.

The rhetoric of the letter was divisive, to say the least. The administration has stressed that before you get into diplomacy, you want to be sure the other side is serious about it and has shown good faith; otherwise your attempt to reach out is not only useless but risks showing your weakness or even playing into your opponent’s hands. Diplomacy is a laudable goal, but has its pitfalls. (Think: Donald Trump gives Kim Jong Un a historic photoshoot.)

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), who often finds himself in common cause with lawmakers like the signatories of the letter, replied, “There is moral and strategic peril in sitting down with Putin too soon. It risks legitimizing his crimes and handing over parts of Ukraine to Russia in a deal that Putin won’t even keep.

Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-Mass.) was more direct. “This letter is an olive branch to a war criminal who is losing his warhe said of Putin.

Jacobs added, of her reasons for no longer supporting the letter she signed, “Timing in diplomacy is everything.”

The same could be said of politics. Part of the reason for the pushback is that Democrats sought to highlight McCarthy’s comments as demonstrating insufficient GOP support for Ukraine. And it’s not just that Democrats see a potential electoral advantage in differentiating themselves from Republicans; it’s that they fear the letter will be seen as demonstrating a lack of bipartisan resolve.

Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.) said the letter “has led to confusion from growing Republican opposition to support for Ukraine, as evidenced by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s recent statements, with the opposing polar stance of dozens of Democrats like me…”

As noted above, the call for diplomacy isn’t quite on the same level as McCarthy suggesting the money may soon dry up. But in pushing for their preferred path, the signatories of the letter invoked their support to finance the war.

“We agree with the administration’s view that it is not for the United States to pressure the Ukrainian government regarding sovereign decisions,” the letter said. “But as lawmakers responsible for spending tens of billions of American taxpayer dollars on military assistance in the conflict, we believe that such involvement in this war also creates a responsibility for the United States to seriously explore all possible ways.”

Indeed, the letter sought to carefully strike a balance between pushing for diplomacy and appearing to break with Biden or suggesting the United States take any action that Ukraine does not approve of. But it went like a lead balloon with much of the party, and the fact that even the signatories felt the need to back down shows how this sensitive issue has not been handled tactfully enough.

What seems obvious is that there will be a meaningful account of how it happened. For now, however, the big takeaway is that one political party has successfully prevented one of its factions from straying too far from the party line.

So far, only one party has done so.

The school shooter had an AR-15 type weapon, 600 rounds



ST. LOUIS (AP) — The 19-year-old shooter who killed a teacher and a 15-year-old girl at a St. Louis high school was armed with an AR-15 type rifle and what appeared to be more than 600 rounds of ammunition, Police Commissioner Michael Sack said Tuesday.

Orlando Harris also left a handwritten note explaining Monday’s shooting at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School. Tenth grade student Alexandria Bell and 61-year-old physical education teacher Jean Kuczka died and seven students were injured.

Police killed Harris in an exchange of gunfire.

Sack read Harris’ note in which the young man lamented that he had no friends, no family, no girlfriend and a life of isolation. In the note, he called it “the perfect storm for a mass shooter.”

Sack said Harris had ammunition strapped to his chest, some in a bag, and other magazines were found dumped in the stairwells.

The attack forced students to barricade doors and huddle in the corners of the classroom, jump out of windows and run out of the building for safety. A terrified girl said she was nose to nose with the shooter before her gun apparently jammed and she was able to get away. Several people inside the school said they heard Harris warn, “You’re all going to die!”

Harris, 19, graduated from school last year. The FBI was assisting the police in the investigation. Sack, speaking at a press conference, urged people to come forward when someone who appears to be suffering from mental illness or distress starts “talking about buying guns or hurting other”.

Relatives of those killed mourned their losses.

“Alexandria was everything to me,” her father, Andre Bell, told KSDK-TV. “She was joyful, wonderful and just a great person.”

Alexandria, a 10th grader, was outgoing, loved to dance, and was on the school’s junior varsity dance team.

“She was the girl I loved seeing and hearing about. No matter how I felt, I could always talk to her and it was fine. She was my baby,” Andre Bell said.

Abby Kuczka said her mother was killed when the gunman burst into her classroom and she moved between him and her students.

“My mom loved kids,” Abbey Kuczka told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “She loved her students. I know her students looked at her like she was their mother.

The seven injured students are all 15 or 16 years old. All were listed in stable condition. Sack said four people were shot or scratched, two had bruises and one had a broken ankle – apparently from jumping from the three-story building.

The South St. Louis school was locked down, with seven security guards near each door, St. Louis Schools Superintendent Kelvin Adams said. A security guard was initially alarmed when he saw the shooter trying to enter through one of the doors. He was armed with a gun and “there was no mystery about what was going to happen. He took it out and came in aggressively and violently,” Sack said.

This guard alerted school officials and ensured that the police were contacted.

Harris still managed to get inside – Sack declined to say how, saying he didn’t want to “make it easy” for anyone wanting to break into a school.

Sack offered this timeline of events: A 911 call came in at 9:11 a.m. alerting police to an active shooter. Officers – some in full dress off duty – arrived at 9:15 a.m. Police located Harris at 9:23 a.m. and began shooting at him. Harris was shot at 9:25 a.m. He was secured by police at 9:32 a.m.

Harris was armed with nearly a dozen high-capacity 30-round magazines, Sack said.

“It could have been a lot worse,” Sack said.

Central Visual and Performing Arts shares a building with another magnet school, the Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience. Central has 383 students, Collegiate 336.

Monday’s school shooting was the 40th this year resulting in injury or death, according to an Education Week tally – the highest number in any year since it began tracking shootings in 2018. Deadly attacks include the Robb Elementary School killings in Uvalde, Texas in May when 19 children and two teachers died. Monday’s shooting in St. Louis came the same day a Michigan teenager pleaded guilty to terrorism and first-degree murder in a school shooting that killed four students in December 2021.

Taniya Gholston said she was saved when the shooter’s gun jammed as he walked into her classroom. “All I heard was two shots and he came in with a gun,” the 16-year-old told the Post-Dispatch. “I was trying to run and I couldn’t run. He and I made eye contact, but I walked away because his gun jammed.

The shooter pointed his gun at Raymond Parks, a dance teacher at the school, but did not shoot him, Parks said. The children in his class escaped outside, and Parks tried to stop traffic and have someone call the police. They came quickly.

“You couldn’t have asked for better,” Parks said of the police response.

Ashley Rench said she was teaching advanced algebra to second graders when she heard a loud bang. Then the school intercom announced, “Miles Davis is in the building.

“This is our code for intruders,” Rench said.

The shooter attempted to open the classroom door but did not force entry, she said. When the police started knocking, she wasn’t sure at first if it was really law enforcement until she could peek around and see officers.

“Let’s go! she says to the children.

Kuczka, the slain teacher, taught health at Central for 14 years and recently started coaching cross country at Collegiate, her daughter said. “She was really looking forward to retirement. She was close,” Abbey Kuczka said.

Kuczka’s biography on the school’s website stated that she was married, a mother of five, and a grandmother of seven. She was an avid cyclist and was on a 1979 national championship field hockey team at what is now Missouri State University.

“I can’t imagine myself in any career other than teaching,” Kuczka wrote on the website. “In high school, I gave swimming lessons at the YMCA. From that moment I knew I wanted to be a teacher.


AP reporter Margaret Stafford in Liberty, Missouri, contributed to this report. Salter reported from O’Fallon, Missouri.


This story has been corrected to show that Alexandria Bell was 15, not 16 as police previously claimed.

AAVE and Tezos XTZ arrive on the Robinhood commission-free trading platform

  • In the bear market where most cryptocurrencies outperformed Bitcoin, Robinhood announced the listing of AAVE and XTZ.
  • Robinhood users now have access to 19 digital assets that can be traded commission-free on the platform.
  • Both AAVE and XTZ prices have fallen nearly 75% over the past year, struggling to recover.

Bitcoin has been outperforming most altcoins in the current bear market. AAVE has generated gains of 11% for holders in the last thirty days and the peer-to-peer transaction token XTZ has begun its recovery. The commission-free trading platform Robinhood has listed these two cryptocurrencies on its exchange.

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Robinhood Lists AAVE and XTZ, Pushes Altcoin Adoption Higher

Robinhood, a commission-free stock trading and investment app, has listed two new cryptocurrencies AAVE and Tezos XTZ on its exchange. AAVE is a token for an open-source liquidity protocol and Tezos XTZ is a cryptocurrency used for peer-to-peer transactions. Both are now available to redeem against 15.9 million monthly active users on Robinhood.

The listing of the two new cryptocurrencies is a key step in increasing their adoption, as the commission-free exchange attracts a large audience of crypto traders. Robinhood has 22.8 million funded accounts, bringing AAVE and XTZ to a wider audience of traders.

Over the past thirty days, the price of Bitcoin has remained largely unchanged. At the same time, AAVE saw gains of 11% and the price of XTZ fell 8%. The peer-to-peer transaction token XTZ began its recovery on October 24.

Robinhood Markets, the commission-free exchange’s trading app now offers a total of nineteen cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, AAVE, and XTZ.

Both AAVE and XTZ prices are down 75% over the past year. Open source smart contract platform Tezos recently announced its partnership with Shopify. Robinhood’s new partnership and listing could fuel a recovery in the peer-to-peer transaction token XTZ.

Analysts predict a 10% decline in AAVE

Noobietrade, a pseudonymous crypto analyst, applied Elliott Wave Theory to the AAVE-USDT price chart and predicted that the fifth wave could send AAVE prices higher to $92.5. The ABC correction following the end of wave five, however, could lead to a price correction. The analyst says that after completing A, B and C, a 10% pullback from the current level of $83.24 to $74.1 is likely.

AAVE-USDT Price Chart

Millennials and Gen Z worry about missing bills and loan repayments as recession fears loom

Millennials and Gen Z worry about missing bills and loan repayments as recession fears loom


More than half of young Filipinos expect to miss bills and loans as all age groups cut non-essential spending, adding to worrying signs that an economic recession could be underway as consumers are struggling with rising costs, according to a survey.

The third-quarter Consumer Pulse Survey conducted by US credit reporting firm TransUnion also showed household savings rates were on the rise, with 76% of Filipinos believing the economy “is already in a recession or will enter one by the end of 2023”.

Personal debt was a big concern for 47% of Filipinos, but it was more pronounced for adults aged 41 and under, who represent the so-called millennial and Gen Z population.

“Genz Z (58%) and Millennials (55%) who said they expected to not be able to pay at least one of their current bills and loans in full also said their top choice of financing to pay them was to use their savings,” according to TransUnion.

The Philippine Statistics Authority said inflation hit a four-year high of 6.9% last September, after prices jumped 6.3% the previous month.

The latest inflation impression was driven by the faster rate of increases in food and non-alcoholic beverages; and housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels.

Many economists believe local inflation has yet to peak, which could prompt Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas to step up aggressive interest rate hikes that would raise borrowing costs for businesses and consumers.

The TransUnion survey showed that Filipinos were preparing for a recession by increasing their savings and reducing discretionary spending such as restaurants, travel and entertainment over the past three months.

“Filipinos said their biggest spending increases over the next three months are likely to be on bills and loans, medical care/services, retirement funds and investments,” TransUnion said.

“They said they were the least likely to spend more on major purchases like cars or appliances,” the company added.

Additionally, fewer Filipinos expect their income to increase over the next 12 months.

“Baby Boomers (72%) and Gen X (58%) have cut discretionary spending the most among age groups over the past three months, and Gen Z (69%) and Gen Y ( 62%) said they saved more in emergency funds in the past three months compared to other generations,” TransUnion said.

The survey was conducted from August 19 to September 1 and covered 1,013 Filipino adults.

It also showed emerging trends in how Filipinos access credit.

Most respondents believe access to credit and loan products is important to achieving their financial goals, and 56% said they plan to apply for new credit or refinance existing credit in the next year , according to TransUnion.

“More than half (54%) of Filipinos who said they plan to apply for new credit in the next year said they would apply for a new personal loan, while 41% said they would would request a new credit card,” the company said.

The majority, 80%, were afraid to share their personal information. This may be related to more consumers reporting being targeted by digital fraud in the past three months.

“As Filipinos’ financial literacy improves, TransUnion is optimistic that more people will have the knowledge and tools they need to make responsible financial decisions, especially at a time when economic indicators show a tense environment,” Pia Arellano, president and CEO of TransUnion Philippines, said in a statement.

“Filipinos are very adaptable, but it takes a community, including the corporate and banking sectors, to come together to achieve greater financial inclusion and economic recovery and growth,” she added. .

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NEMA receives 542 stranded Nigerians from UAE


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has received 542 stranded Nigerians from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Mr. Manzo Ezekiel, Head of Press Unit, NEMA, confirmed this in a statement on Sunday in Abuja. According to him, the returnees arrived at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja on the Max Air Charterd flight at 4:29 a.m. He added that the returnees included 79 men, 460 women and three infants. He added that the returnees were vetted by health officials, profiled by various relevant agencies and cleared by the Nigerian Immigration Service, before being issued a token to facilitate transport to their destination by NEMA. Earlier, Mr. Mustapha Ahmed, Director General of NEMA, who officially received the returnees on behalf of the Federal Government, urged them to learn from their experiences and be law-abiding citizens. Ahmed, who was represented by the agency’s director of finance and accounting, Mr. Sani Jiba, added that the federal government had approved the evacuation and the provision of the token to support their return to their various homes. The Consul General of Nigeria in Dubai, Amb. Atinuke Mohammed, who accompanied the returnees to the country, appreciated the federal government for the special intervention in the safe evacuation of the citizens. The returnees were received by officials from NEMA, airport officials, security agencies, National Commission for Refugees and Displaced Persons (NCFRMI), NAPTIP, NIDCOM, NDLEA, Nigerian Correctional Service, Nigerian Custom Service, NCDC, Port Health Services, among others.

Reject Proposition 130. It distorts the actual agenda (correction of previous letter)


The Arizona constitution requires voter approval to change personal property tax rates. This proposal removes your right to approve or reject changes to the amounts of property tax exemptions allowed in Arizona. The wording of the ballot is misleading: “…disabled veterans, widows and widowers”. Seems very nice, right? But look at page 73 of your publicity brochure on the general elections. Concurrent Senate Resolution 1011 (from which this proposal derives) states that the proposal ALSO applies to farm and business property tax exemptions.

This means lawmakers will be free to grant more generous exemptions to two of their favorite contributors, big business and agriculture, WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL.

Even Senator Martin Quezada, the Democratic candidate for Treasurer of Arizona, spoke out AGAINST this proposal in a recent Zoom meeting that presented arguments for and against each proposal.

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Let our elected officials know that you will not be “played”. Reject Proposition 130 to retain what little control we have left to limit tax breaks for the wealthy.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

Save 79% on iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription


iScanner app: a lifetime subscription lets you scan text and create shareable documents using your iOS devices. iScanner is a powerful tool for students, businesses and beyond. You can scan any type of document easily; just open your iPhone’s camera and capture the image of your paper, and your digital copy is ready!

Document scanner: Scan contracts, paper notes, faxes, books and other documents. Edit it, sign it online or add stamps. Store your scans as multi-page PDF or JPEG files and share them anywhere easily.

Various scanning modes:

  • Identity card and passport: Designed for fast and convenient scanning of ID documents
  • QR Code: Read any QR code with your device’s camera
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  • Area: Measure the length of an object and calculate the total area of ​​the room

PDF scanner:

Scan documents and photos in PDF, JPG or TXT format, you can easily scan multiple pages into a single document. Mark up major parts of any document or blur sensitive information and recognize text from any scannable object with OCR. Add your electronic signature or stamps to documents.

Handy document editor and file manager:

Edit scans with color correction and noise removal features. Use the file manager with folders, drag and drop and document editing functions. Protect your confidential scans by locking folders and files with a PIN code.

Easy document sharing:

Scan documents and share them in just a few clicks via email or messengers. Print contracts and invoices directly from the scanning app. Share and upload scanned documents to cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive.

iScanner App Specifications: Lifetime Subscription

  • For Apple iPhone users only
  • iOS 13.0 or later
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  • Duration of access: lifetime
  • Use-by date: Redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Access options: mobile
  • NOT available in Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Chile, Ecuador and Japan
  • Only available for new users
  • Version: 4.16
  • Updates Included

You can get the iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription for just $39.99 instead of $199.90 with a 79% discount. For more details, go to the store link.

HELOC loans may be the next threat to mortgage fraud


As Mortgage Fraud Declines in Q2 2022, Home Equity Lending Presents a Loophole for Exploitation

CoreLogic estimates that one in 131 mortgage applications had indications of fraud in the second quarter of 2022, and HELOC loans appear to be a growing concern.

Despite the obvious legal fact that fraud is wrong, a notable number of people in the United States participate in fraudulent schemes because fraud can seem like a victimless crime and is rarely punished. However, institutions that lend on false information risk higher levels of default, unsellable loans, or redemption risk during the life of the loan. While mortgage fraud is far from the levels it reached before the financial crisis 15 years ago, detecting its presence remains a major concern for lenders.

Not all diets are created equal

The term “mortgage fraud” is a broad umbrella, which CoreLogic categorizes into six subtypes to study fraud risk:

  • Income Fraud
  • Real estate fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Transaction Fraud
  • Occupation Fraud
  • Undisclosed real estate debt

Of those six categories, only one — undisclosed real estate debt — declined year-over-year according to Q2 2022 data from Corelogic. Other areas of fraud risk, including income fraud and property fraud risk, have increased dramatically, reversing the trend of previous years. This reversal is correlated with the reduction in refinancing requests and increased requests for purchase credit.

“The risk of income fraud remains a major concern for lenders, but there is a growing focus on property value risk as house prices slow growth and homes take longer to sell. sell,” said Bridget Berg, director of fraud solutions at CoreLogic. “Data from CoreLogic supports these concerns, as our most predictive metrics for revenue and property fraud have increased more than 20% over the past year.”

HELOC loans are at risk of fraud

When the Federal Reserve has started raising interest rates At the start of the year, the mortgage refinance activity that defined 2021 was down 69%. Simultaneously, overall lending volume has declined significantly in the 12 months ending June 2022.

This noticeable shift in loan processing volume has coincided with new buyers finding it more difficult to qualify for mortgages now that interest rates have risen rapidly. However, the strict regulations that banks typically apply to buyers looking to take out a traditional first mortgage don’t typically apply to those taking out home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), a type of second loan that allows homeowners to borrow against the value of their home. to access cash.

“Home equity loans don’t have the same solid process as traditional first mortgages,” Berg explained. “These loans do not require title insurance, have less arduous underwriting processes, and do not always require the applicant to be physically present at a closing table to access cash. The result is that those seeking to defraud banks can apply for multiple HELOC loans simultaneously while evading detection.

The result is a perfect storm that leaves some populations, such as older homeowners, vulnerable to scammers seeking to access money in homes that have seen a unprecedented increase in equity in recent years.

While seasoned professionals can spot many discrepancies in loan applications, add CoreLogic’s LoanSafe Solutions to brings additional information and information to help lenders and avoid the risk of closing a fraudulent loan. Proprietary insights drawn from a consortium of lenders and powered by CoreLogic data and analytics identify issues in lending transactions, including tenure, ownership or identity risks. Another consortium-based solution, the Multi-Closure Alert Programidentifies the risk of shotgunning, which is when a borrower takes out HELOCs simultaneously from different lenders.

Affordable targets are four times more susceptible to fraud

Properties come in many shapes and sizes, from single-family to multi-family. Just as homebuyers are looking for the perfect fit for their lifestyle, mortgage scammers find the perfect way to poke fun at lenders.

Last year, data from CoreLogic alerted lenders to an increased risk of fraud associated with two- and four-unit properties, as the White House announced efforts to expand funding for owner-occupied multi-family properties. This year, CoreLogic Data demonstrated that the risk associated with mortgages for these properties is four times higher than the risk associated with single-family homes.

“The most common fraud risk on two- to four-unit properties is misrepresentation of occupancy. Investors pretend to be owner-occupiers to get better financing, like bigger loans, lower interest and fees,” Berg said. “Less common, but much more costly, are ‘fraud for profit’ schemes where a property is purchased and returned to a straw buyer at an inflated price. Since multi-family homes are more expensive and rent can be used to help the straw buyer qualify, these are attractive targets for the program.

Play by the rules

As mortgage transactions continue to shift from refinances to purchase loans, the home loan market’s susceptibility to fraud will continue to be a concern.

Whereas “fraud for profit” is a business that involves professional homebuyers who steal money and equity by defrauding lenders and landlords, “housing fraud” is a scenario in which an individual falsifies an application to obtain a loan for a house that is out of budget. When borrowers deceive other parties on a mortgage application to influence an appraiser and manipulate a property’s value, they also affect the real estate market as a whole.

Mortgage fraud can also have secondary impacts such as reduced public school income, which depend on property taxes. A memorable example of the effects of fraud is the Great Recession housing crash of 2009 – a disaster that led to the creation of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force by President Obama.

Despite scrutiny of schemes such as straw buyers or housing fraud, cases of fraud continue to trouble lenders.

Rising real estate values ​​have been seen in the United States in recent years, with markets like Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Houston increasing by 27.1%, 22.1%, 12.9% and 16.4% respectively. Several of these metropolises, including Miami, Houston and Los Angeles, are also on the list of the top 15 CBSAs with the highest fraud risk, according to CoreLogic’s Mortgage Fraud Report.

Recently, there have been signs of a general slowdown in the housing market, house price growth slowed for fourth consecutive month in august. However, for houses whose price remains attractive, the market is always competitive.

For lenders and market security as a whole, understanding and identifying fraud is crucial. CoreLogic can help make this process more efficient by providing information on where to look, as well as connecting lenders together to help identify gaps even before dodgy loan applications make it to the closing table.

2022 CoreLogic, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

Grains Remain Hit in Trading Range Watching Harvest, Weather, News and Demand – Agweek


Editor’s Note: Catch Randy Martinson every Friday after markets close on the Agweek Market Wrap at agweek.com.

It seems that the grains are influenced by two different factors. The fundamentals are trying to give some direction to the market, but the market macros continue to get in the way.

Cereals did not close the second week of October as expected. The week started with wheat posting strong gains while corn and soybeans posted modest gains. But then grains spent the rest of the week under pressure, at least wheat and corn. By the end of the week, wheat was posting modest losses while corn and soybeans were posting modest gains.

Part of the week’s guidance focused on the USDA’s October agricultural production report, which did not turn out as trade expected. Once again, the trade was going in one direction, while the USDA report was going in the opposite direction. Ultimately, the ratio was negative for wheat and corn (due to a greater than expected reduction in demand) but favorable for soybeans (due to reduced yields).

Once the report was released and the trade had a chance to integrate the numbers into the market, the grains resumed trading the current news. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict continues to influence wheat and corn, while harvest pressure has slowed the recovery of corn as well as that of soybeans. But the balance tipped on the positive side for soybeans with strong export sales announcements at the end of the week. From Wednesday October 12 to Friday October 14, China and an unknown destination teamed up to purchase over 1.6 million metric tons of US soybeans.

On Thursday, October 13, a higher than expected consumer price index estimate put strong pressure on cereals. The CPI came in at 8.2% against expectations of 8.1%. The report sent the US Dollar sharply higher and the Dow Jones sharply lower, which in turn sent through to commodities. The higher inflation estimate combined with last week’s strong jobs report almost guarantees that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by 0.75% at its November meeting, and likely in December as well. .

But surprisingly, the Dow Jones was able to bounce off the support and push towards the positive side. The Dow’s 1500-point reversal was able to ripple through the US Dollar as it reversed from 1 cent higher to nearly 1 cent lower. Grains benefited from the rally in external markets and also staged a rally with wheat pushing to double digit gains while corn posted a strong finish. Soybeans were higher for most of the second half of the session, but shed their gains to end flat.

Grains did not rally solely because of the reversal performance of the Dow Jones or the US Dollar. Reports that Russia will not extend the maritime transport agreement with Ukraine added support. There is approximately one month left in the export corridor before the end of the program. And with reports of a slowdown in inspections and a huge backlog of ships waiting to be inspected, it’s likely that no more boats will have the capacity to load.

The Drought Monitor map, released every Thursday, continues to show increasing drought in the western states as well as the plains. The majority of the US winter wheat crop is in some stage of drought. At this point, it seems unlikely that all of the planned area of ​​winter wheat will be planted (due to no or low soil moisture). Dry conditions also play a role in the northern Plains, as fall tillage or fertilizer applications will be difficult. The report also showed that 82% of the continental United States is in a drought stage, the highest percentage since the Drought Monitor began in 2000. No relief is in sight for the United States until the latest October week.

The third week of October started with cereals rallying to hold decent gains due to the escalating war between Ukraine and Russia. But the escalating fighting failed to capture traders’ attention as the market shed Monday’s gains.

Selling pressure came from improved weather forecasts that call for drier weather for Brazil later in the week and rain for the southern plains of the United States at the weekend.

A negative crop progress report added to the sale. For the second week in a row, the progress report showed better than expected crop development stages for soybeans, but not as much for corn. As of October 16, the maize harvest was estimated to be 45% complete against 40% on average (1% below expectations). The corn crop condition rating dropped from 1% to 53% good/excellent (1% lower than expected). The only states showing declining conditions were North Dakota (-1%) and Ohio (-3%).

The soybean harvest was estimated at 63% complete against 52% on average (3% above expectations). The soybean crop condition rating remained unchanged at 57% good/excellent (as expected). The only states showing declining conditions were Indiana (-1%) and Ohio (-4%). Most states remained unchanged for the week.

Winter wheat planting progress exceeded its average pace last week with 69% of the crop now planted vs. 68% on average (1% above expectations). Emergence, however, continues to be slow due to dry conditions. By October 16, 38% of the winter wheat crop had emerged compared to an average of 44%.

The National Oilseed Processors Association’s crush estimate for September was disappointing, coming in at 158.11 million bushels against expectations of 161.63 million bushels. The drop in the crush estimate was slightly offset by the friendly stocks estimate which put bean oil stocks at 1.459 billion pounds against expectations of 1.511 billion pounds.

Harvest pressure and improved weather forecasts (rain in the United States, drought in Brazil) will put pressure on cereals in the short term. November options expire on Friday, October 21, which will add further volatility to the grain as traders search for the strike price of the option that has the most open interest.

Grains appear to be settled into the trading range and so far the news has not been enough to lift Grains out of this pattern. Stocks are tight, so traders are reluctant to break through the low end of the trading range to avoid unwanted demand. On the other hand, we still need demand to control inventory as traders also seem reluctant to break above the high end of the range as traders seem to be waiting for more confirmation on production.

Minneapolis December wheat trading range appears to be $9.30 to $10.15, Chicago December wheat $8.20 to $9.50, Kansas City December wheat $9.25 to $10.35, December corn $6.50 to $7.05 and November soybeans $13.50 to $14.50.

Separately, Russian officials met with the United Nations and Turkey on the renewal of the safe shipping corridor. At this point, Russia would accept an extension of the agreement, but it would require the acceptance of more concessions and the fulfillment of the concessions of the previous agreement before Russia would sign. Most of the new concessions are not known at this time, but one is to ease sanctions on Russia so it can freely sell and ship crude oil and fertilizers.

Argentinian officials lowered their estimate of wheat production from 500,000 metric tons to 16 million metric tons. To add to that, 50% of Argentina’s wheat acres are also in a drought stage.

Australia is experiencing heavy rains which are beginning to cause quality issues with its wheat crop. Wet conditions are also rampant in the south-central region of Brazil. Their wheat crop is also reportedly affected by heavy rains as well as delays in soybean plantings.

China also made the news this week. President Xi Jinping has asked all Chinese citizens to leave Ukraine immediately due to the possibility of nuclear fallout. Xi also made the comment at the opening of the CCP that China has gained full control of Hong Kong and Taiwan is next.

Livestock markets closed the second week of October mixed with live cattle posting gains in the first October contract due to strong spot trading, but with losses in the forward contracts. Feeder cattle suffered losses at all levels. USDA’s beef production estimate in October also limited gains due to a 130 million pound increase in beef production, bringing 2022 production to 28.136 billion pounds. The USDA also increased first-quarter 2023 production by 10 million pounds and second-quarter production by 70 million pounds, but total 2023 beef production saw only a 30 million-pound increase for reach 26.365 billion pounds. The USDA also reduced imports and increased exports.

Cattle were able to shake off the negative production estimate and stage a slight recovery to start the third week of October. Cattle are oversold and in need of a technical correction, but it appears traders are more focused on macro concerns. Especially with expectations of the Fed raising interest rates by 0.75% in early November and likely again in mid-December. But technical buying, squared position ahead of Friday’s Cattle on Feed report, and firm spot trade (as well as a lower grain market) all came together to help give cattle a boost.

“The risk of loss in trading futures and/or options is substantial and each investor and/or trader should consider whether it is a suitable investment. Past performance, whether actual or indicated by simulated historical testing of strategies, are not indicative of future results.

The myth of the nonviolent drug addict


After President Biden pardoned Americans convicted of federal possession of marijuana last week, reform supporters hailed his action as a ‘historic’ step away from mass incarceration, while critics slammed it. lamented as another blow to public safety. The truth is a little less important: Pardons only affect about 6,500 people, none of whom are currently in prison, and drug-related crimes make up only a small portion of America’s prison population.

The extreme reactions on both sides are consistent with the distorted public perceptions of the effects of the war on drugs on our criminal justice system, which activists and the media have propagated through books like Michelle Alexander’s. The new Jim Crow and documentaries like 13th. This component of the prison reform narrative is misleading and distracts from the more urgent work of finding solutions to violent crime.

Of the approximately 145,000 people in federal prisons and 1,040,000 people in state prisons, less than 3.5% are incarcerated for a drug possession conviction. Even when extending the scope beyond simple possession to all other types of drug offenses (many of which are associated with violent cartels and gangs), the proportion only increases 18%.

The hard truth for criminal justice reformers is that violent crime is far more prevalent among American prisoners. At the state level, where nine out of ten prisoners are incarcerated, nearly 60% of inmates have committed violent crimes. About 143,000 people are imprisoned for sexual assault convictions and 155,000 for homicide, compared to 146,000 for all drug-related crimes. The idea that “mass” incarceration in America is the result of drug crimes is absurd.

America’s incarceration “problem” is directly related to its violent crime problem. The country’s incarceration rate – about 639 per 100,000 people – is four to six times that of its high-income peers in Europe and Asia. Without context, this statistic is alarming, but when you consider that the homicide rate in the United States is 7.5 times that of those same peer countries, our incarceration rate seems more justified.

Even the claim that those imprisoned for “non-violent” crimes are distinct from the rest of the criminal population is suspect. A 2021 Bureau of Justice Statistics report found that those released from prison for drug-related crimes were actually more likely to be rearrested for a violent offense than those released for homicide or sexual assault.

My intention in presenting these sobering statistics is not to discourage reform. On the contrary, the dismal performance of our correctional facilities based on metrics such as prison return rates, post-release employment, and the health of prisoners and officers should all energize a commitment to reform. But conversations about how to change the criminal justice system must be grounded in reality.

As a starting point, reformers must stop deluding themselves and the public to believe that “mass decarceration” will be anything but a bloodbath. We should accept that prison is necessary for public safety and focus on transforming prisons into more effective institutions. Prisons should be centers of intervention and opportunity that equip inmates with the social and vocational skills needed to lead productive and peaceful lives upon their return to society. Prisons should develop rehabilitation programs that target the antisocial behaviors that drive violent crime and, above all, be held accountable for not achieving positive results. Prisons should be well staffed and correctional officers should be rewarded for making a difference in the lives of the people they work with. States across the country have achieved impressive results by funding probation and parole services based on positive outcomes; the same concept should apply to prisons.

In an era of rising violent crime and heightened attention to public safety, the reform movement will only survive if it recognizes that the reality of the criminal justice system is far more complex than the refrains of activists suggest. More importantly, reformers’ priorities must account for violent crime and create workable solutions to improve prisons, rather than continuing to indulge in the dangerous fantasy of abolition.

How do payday loans work in Oklahoma?


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Payday loans are a quick and easy way to get cash when you need it. But how do they work? In this article, we will see how payday loans in oklahoma work. We’ll also discuss fees, interest rates, and other important information you need to know before taking out a loan. If you’re considering a payday loan, read on to learn more about how they work and what you need to know before getting one.

How does a personal loan work in OK?

If you are considering a payday loan in OK, it is important to understand how they work before applying. Here’s a quick look at how a typical payday loan works in OK.

When you take out a payday loan, you’ll usually have to write a check for the full amount of the loan, plus fees and interest. The lender will then keep the check and cash it on your next payday when the loan matures. In some cases, you can authorize the lender to debit your bank account directly on your payday instead of providing a check.

The biggest disadvantage of taking out a payday loan in OK is that it often comes with very high interest rates. This means you could end up paying back a lot more than you originally borrowed. Payday loans are also usually due in full on your next payday, which can be difficult to manage if you’re already struggling to make ends meet.

Before taking out a payday loan, be sure to consider all of your other options and make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions involved.

Advantages and disadvantages of a payday loan in OK

Payday loans can be a quick and easy way to get the money you need when you need it. However, there are also potential downsides to taking out a payday loan. Here are some points to consider before taking out a personal loan in OK:


  • You can get the money you need quickly and easily
  • You may be able to get a lower interest rate than other types of loans
  • You can use the money for any purpose you need

The inconvenients:

  • You may have to pay high fees or interest rates
  • You may need to repay the loan very quickly, which could be difficult if you don’t have enough money each month.
  • If you don’t repay the loan, your credit score could be negatively affected

Alternatives to the personal loan in OK

If you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need money and cannot afford it, a payday loan may be an option. But before taking out a personal loan in OK, consider other options:

  • Borrow money from friends or family
  • Get a personal loan from a bank or credit union
  • Use a credit card
  • Get a cash advance from your employer
  • Take out a title loan

Each of these options has its own set of pros and cons, so be sure to weigh all of your options before deciding on a course of action and taking out an OK payday loan.

Good2Go Cloud Services Launches Set of Applications for Enfocus Switch Workflow Automation Platform


The app set connects the best of cloud-based and ground-based automation services for print production

Shickshinny, PA, USA—Today, Good2Go Software announces its suite of applications for the Enfocus Switch workflow automation platform. With this new offering, Enfocus Switch customers and integrators can connect their Enfocus Switch workflows to their cloud-based Good2Go account for a variety of automated services such as online verification or secure file delivery to customers. distant. Additionally, the App bundle can detect a file’s status as “Approved” for printing, download it, and present it to other Switch workflows for imposition or other production functions. .

The Good2Go app bundle will include four apps, each performing different tasks for uploading and downloading files, monitoring file status, as well as different Good2Go services such as online verification or forwarding work to a third party . Applications also support variables for a variety of settings so that a workflow can be partially or completely “turned off”. Good2Go apps will be sold as a paid package. Pricing to be announced at a later date.

“This is a game-changer for Switch customers and integrators,” said Michael Reiher, president and co-founder of Good2Go Software. less than 15 minutes, making it very easy for customers to use customizable and branded cloud services to easily collaborate with external customers.

Using Switch rules and event-based workflows, files can be routed to a specific Good2Go service with customer emails, personalized messages and deadlines for the given task. When a file is received, Good2Go will process the file according to the Switch flow instructions. Another Good2Go app reports all file events to Switch, such as customer approval, new file uploads, or even when files have been marked as needing fixing. If needed, a third Good2Go app can download files from the Good2Go environment as needed. This allows files to remain in the cloud until needed for final print production.

“We recently implemented Switch and Good2Go in our store, and we’ve been working hard on the process improvements that each program opens up,” said Don Schlaich, system administrator at Panther Graphics in Rochester, NY. “Each one has already saved us time and effort, and I can’t wait to see what we can manage after integration.”

The new combination of Good2Go Apps will also help Switch integrators who are looking for powerful services that allow them to customize the experience to meet their customers’ needs. With the new applications and Good2Go, they can develop intelligent flows that bring together the functions of a GIS with customer services and end production services to complete the production circle.

“I’ve had a look at the upcoming Good2Go apps for Enfocus Switch and they’re very exciting,” said Andrea Mahoney, President of Tribay Enterprises, Inc. Hands-Free Files continues Andrea.

Good2Go offers intuitive document management for print, with easy-to-use job integration tools. Tools include secure file submission portals, automated PDF preflighting, online verification with markup tools, correction management, and task assignment.

Customers wishing to learn more about the Good2Go Switch apps and register to test the beta version of the apps should visit www.Good2GoSoftware.com/automation and submit an application.

Price and availability
Good2Go is available today in North America, Australia and New Zealand and is licensed via monthly subscriptions, starting at just $50 (USD) per month. Good2Go offers a FREE 14-day trial and live setup and training directly from the Good2GoSoftware.com website.

Beta versions of Good2Go Switch apps are expected to be available for free to select Switch users and Enfocus integrators in November for a limited time. Pricing for the Good2Go Switch app bundle will be announced at a later date.
For more information about Good2Go, write [email protected] or visit www.Good2GoSoftware.com to learn more about Good2Go and sign up for a free trial.

Good2Go Software, LLC, founded in 2020, is a global provider of cloud-based workflow solutions for the graphic arts and printing industries. Our mission is to provide an open workflow environment accessible to businesses of all sizes. We will achieve this by taking a whole new approach to workflow solutions using the latest cloud technologies to integrate with a wide variety of graphic arts and non-graphic arts solutions. Good2Go customers will be able to select the best solutions to add to their Good2Go environment without any integration or additional IT service required. Therefore, we say: “Good2Go is a workflow without the work”.

Mid-season analysis: Buckeyes, Tide on paths to title game


The first half of the college football season has been defined by coaching changes, downtrodden programs that are successful, and several traditional powerhouses with high preseason expectations that have gone off the rails.

Scott Frost, Herm Edwards and Geoff Collins did not survive September with their jobs.

No. 14 Syracuse, No. 18 Illinois, No. 25 Tulane and Kansas are a combined 23-4.

Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Miami and Wisconsin, all ranked in the AP Top 25 presented by Regions Bank at the start of the season, are combined 12-13.

A college football season doesn’t seem to officially start these days until Alabama loses and Tennessee deals with it on the seventh weekend of the 14-week march to the playoff selection of college football on Sunday.

Over the next seven weeks, there will be more head coaches fired and at least a few hired. Expect more upsets that alter the season, and for the Heisman Trophy race to be decided on conference championship weekend, because that’s usually how it works these days.

It’s time to think about what could happen to us.


No. 3 Tennessee

The Orange, Illini, Green Wave and Jayhawks have all been pleasant surprises after losing seasons. Illinois, Kansas and Tulane all reached the Top 25 this season for the first time in more than a decade. No. 8 TCU and No. 9 UCLA went from unranked to top 10.

Tennessee, however, made the biggest and toughest leap, going from Top 25 margins to a legitimate national championship contender. We’ll see if Coach Josh Heupel’s volunteers can stay in that conversation in back-to-back games against No. 19 Kentucky and No. 1 Georgia in a few weeks.

“From the inside, looking to the future, we have a lot of things where we have the opportunity to improve a lot and the challenge for us is to become our best. We are in the early stages,” Heupel said. to reporters on Monday.

So far, no team has exceeded expectations.


our Lady

Plenty of strong candidates here as four preseason top-10 teams are already unseeded with three losses, but Marcus Freeman’s first season as Notre Dame coach was particularly bad.

Even admitting the Fighting Irish (3-3) were upgraded to No. 5 preseason with a new coach and starting quarterback, losses to Marshall and Stanford at home were among the most baffling of the season .

The Thundering Herd and Cardinal were both more than a two-touchdown underdog and neither beat another FBS team outside of the Fighting Irish.

“The minute you start pointing fingers at players, you will lose them. As soon as you start blaming the coaches, you lose them,” Freeman told reporters.

The only good news is that recruiting still seems to be going well for Freeman and Notre Dame.


Lance Leipold, Kansas

Coaching awards tend to go to the leading teams that exceed expectations, which often leaves those leading the excellent programs constantly unrecognized. It’s strange.

Cases can be made for Georgia’s Kirby Smart for having the defending national champions positioned to win another one and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney for course-correcting after a glitchy 2021 for the Tigers.

But in this case, the formula of exceeding expectations is worth honoring.

Leipold performed a minor miracle in his second season by making the Jayhawks (5-2) competitive and fun after 12 miserable seasons never better than 3-9.


Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee

As Johnny Manziel and Joe Burrow have shown, beating Alabama is a nice line to have on a Heisman resume.

Hooker, the transfer from Virginia Tech, has been excellent so far, with the second-best passer rating (187.7) in the nation with 18 touchdowns and just one interception.

A batch of quarterbacks have both the talent and the opportunity to pass Hooker, from Ohio State’s CJ Stroud to the Los Angeles duo of UCLA’s Dorian Thompson-Robinson and USC’s Caleb Williams. to defending Heisman winner Bryce Young of Alabama.

But Hooker was the star of the first half and also leads the AP All-America midseason team.


Middle Tennessee 45, Miami 31

The Sun Belt has had a few upsets this season, including Appalachia State’s win at Texas A&M, but no result has been more disconcerting than what the Blue Raiders did to the Hurricanes.

Middle Tennessee, currently 0-3 in Conference USA, cruised through Miami for touchdown passes for 69, 71 and 98 yards. The Blue Raiders averaged 8.3 yards per game against Miami and still average just 4.98 this season, second-to-last in C-USA.


Before the season, we predicted an Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Oregon playoff, with the Buckeyes winning it all and USC QB Caleb Williams taking the Heisman.

This is all still in play to varying degrees (sorry, Oregon), but with a few tweaks:


Stroud lights up the Big Ten while Hooker stumbles just enough in the Southeastern Conference stretch for the Buckeyes quarterback to take the bronze statue in December.


Rose Bowl – Michigan vs. Oregon.

Sugar Bowl – Tennessee vs. Texas.

Cotton Bowl – UCF vs. USC.

Orange Bowl – Wake Forest vs. Mississippi.

Fiesta Bowl (CFP Semifinal) – #1 Ohio State vs. #4 Georgia.

Peach Bowl (CFP Semifinal) – No. 2 Clemson vs. No. 3 Alabama.

Championship game – Ohio State vs. Alabama.


Follow Ralph D. Russo at https://twitter.com/ralphDrussoAP and listen at http://www.appodcasts.com


More AP college football: https://apnews.com/hub/college-football and https://twitter.com/AP_Top25. Sign up for the PA College Football Newsletter: https://bit.ly/3pqZVaF

Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker (5) walks off the field after his team defeated Alabama 52-49 in an NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022 in Knoxville, Tenn. (AP Photo/ Wade Payne)

Kansas head coach Lance Leipold before the start of an NCAA college football game against Oklahoma on Saturday October 15, 2022 in Norman, Okla. (AP Photo/Alonzo Adams)

Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman looks at the scoreboard during the first half of the team’s NCAA college football game against Stanford in South Bend, Ind., Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022. (AP Photo/Nam Y.Huh)

Vote Conservative to Restore Sanity


Each election is presented as “the most important election of our lives”. Most aren’t, maybe this one isn’t either, but it’s sure to be monumental.

One-party democratic control of the federal government and New York State proves disastrous. Spending and inflation are out of control. Democratic politicians have decimated our ability to be energy independent. Criminal coddling policies have released dangerous criminals onto our streets before they serve their sentences, violent crimes are marginalized based on the age of the criminal, our elected judges have no right to consider the danger that accused criminals present for the community and the cash deposit has been virtually eliminated. If, by some miracle, serious criminals return to court and are found guilty and sentenced to prison, Democrats have taken away the necessary and effective tools to keep our corrections officers and other inmates safe.

People also read…

When you read this it’s hard to believe it’s true, but it is.

These devastating and destructive policies make you, your family and your community less secure, less prosperous and less free.

The key to turning the tide is to end one-party rule and ensure that this election ends in divided party governance. With a divided government, when someone comes up with a crazy idea like “Let’s define the police”, there will be sane adults in power who can say “That’s stupid” and stop them.

If we want our country and our state to move in a better direction, we need to elect conservative Republicans to three critical positions.

First, we need to elect Lee Zeldin as governor. Despite the exceptional candidates we have endorsed and the gains we are likely to make, it is unlikely that the Senate or State Assembly will reverse control in this election alone. To put a stop to this woke madness, you need a Republican governor in 2023.

It is also essential that Claudia Tenney and Brandon Williams win their respective congressional races. Claudia Tenney is a proven conservative Republican leader and will be a major upgrade for Cayuga County. Brandon Williams is a former nuclear submarine strategic missile officer, has an MBA from Wharton Business School, is an entrepreneur and a true curator. Together, Tenney and Williams will be key voices to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

If you’ve had enough, and we know you’ve had enough, vote Conservative.

David Pappert is chairman of the Cayuga County Conservative Party.

Lake Country Manufacturing Announces World Premiere of Shine Score, a Mobile App for Automotive Service Professionals and Their Customers


Consumers, enthusiasts and trade professionals will rely on Shine Score to effectively measure the beauty of their most prized possessions.

Lake Country is launching a first-of-its-kind mobile app for measuring the surface gloss level of cars, RVs and boats. Using state-of-the-art technology, users can track and measure the results of finishing detailing, polishing, and paint correction on surfaces simply by taking a photo and allowing the app to rate their work.

The Shine Score is a patent-pending solution that can minimize light and distance variables to give you a reliable score of your car’s current shine. Consumers, enthusiasts and trade professionals will rely on Shine Score to effectively measure the beauty of their most prized possessions. With the current iOS launch, soon everyone with a cell phone will be able to grade, rate and track their results using this inventive and highly accurate shine meter.

Jay Schneider, President and CEO of Lake Country Manufacturing, explains, “We created Shine Score to help automotive retailers and customers speak the same language. A simple number can help clients understand the work that an excellent draftsman can apply to a car, boat or plane. »

Shine Score’s first global event will take place at the SEMA show in Las Vegas on Wednesday, November 2 at 9:30 a.m., booth 53229.

Lake Country Manufacturing is a privately owned manufacturer of industrial polishes and polishes; paint, body and equipment (PBE); retail and consumer markets. We strive to find cost-effective solutions for our global network of distribution partners by developing exclusive products and custom polishing systems. Innovation is a fundamental part of our business – we currently hold 69 US and international patents. Continuous reinvestment in our business through the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment, expansion into larger facilities and enhancements to our product lines contributes to our history of growth and success.

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Discord will launch in-app games and a new subscription tier


On Wednesday, the administration rolled out a new federal program to fund clean school buses in what could be an inflection point for their adoption. The first wave of grants, administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, will purchase about 2,500 buses nationwide. Successfully electrifying the country’s remaining half-million school buses will require carefully designed incentives that will nudge the industry until it can be self-sufficient.

The bipartisan Infrastructure Act last November created a $5 billion pot to help schools buy clean school buses over the next five years. The grants will cover the full cost of the new electric buses, which ranges between $300,000 and $400,000. (For comparison, a new diesel school bus costs about $200,000.) School districts can choose to buy electric buses from traditional manufacturers like Blue Bird or new electric-only companies like Lion Electric.

While the federal program and similar smaller-scale state programs are already accelerating demand, Duncan McIntyre, CEO of electric school bus fleet operator Highland Electric Fleets, said he hopes the incentives by buses would decrease over time. He said it would stretch the next $1 billion in subsidies and “force the industry to stand on its own.”

“Five years from now, our goal should be for the industry to reach a point where all new vehicles acquired will be electric without subsidies,” McIntyre added, referring to the Infrastructure Act timeline. “What we don’t want is a program where everyone gets used to free buses and after five years goes back to buying diesel.”

It’s a tricky dance, however, given how small the market is right now. According to a World Resources Institute analysis as of June, the United States has just 767 electric school buses delivered or in service, although that number was already expected to increase before the Infrastructure Act funds were disbursed. As of June, school districts had committed to a total of 12,720, or about 3% of the nation’s total fleet. A December 2021 deal between bus dealership Midwest Transit Equipment and electric vehicle trading company SEA Electric accounts for 10,000.

Greater demand is clearly there, however; the EPA initially offered $500 million in grants in May, but increased the amount to $965 million due to the overwhelming number of applications.

States are also increasingly funding the transition to clean school buses. Sue Gander, director of WRI’s Electric School Bus Initiative, said states have earmarked about $2 billion to help districts clean up their fleets. She said in the short term, the combined incentives should support the huge demand from school districts and encourage manufacturers to upgrade their supply chains and facilities to meet it.

In fact, she said there was room for other federal incentives, especially ones to reload infrastructure specifically for school bus fleets. It wouldn’t just keep the buses on the roads; this could help fortify the grid. A bill introduced last month by Senator Angus King would create a program to equip electric school buses with two-way vehicle-to-grid charging capabilities. This would allow the buses to serve as backup power for the grid, and potentially even offset their initial cost to school districts (assuming local utilities are ready, that is).

However, in the longer term, she echoed McIntyre’s concerns that the market must eventually move on its own.

“As the market matures, as we get closer to that total cost of ownership parity [with diesel buses], we will need fewer and fewer incentives,” Gander said. WRI analysis found that parity is expected towards the end of this decade, even without accounting for incentives, due to falling battery prices.

Beyond incentives, tighter regulation of diesel buses could further expand the adoption of electric school buses. The APE is weighing new exhaust emission standards for medium and heavy vehicles, which includes buses. California is also implementing a rule that would restrict the sale of diesel-powered buses and trucks, and other states are following suit. Gander said it was a “key example” of the role regulations can play in driving more widespread adoption of clean bus technologies. Getting it right could help reduce more than 5 million tons carbon pollution that school buses release into the atmosphere every year.

Another crucial element is structuring incentives so that buses go to the communities that need them most. The White House said school districts with low-income, rural or tribal students made up 99% of grant recipients in this latest round, though it’s unclear how future rounds of funding will be structured. At this point, the program meets the requirements of the administration Justice40 Initiative ensure that at least 40% of the benefits of federal climate, environment and energy investments flow to marginalized communities that have historically borne the brunt of pollution.

Removing diesel buses from circulation is key to reducing carbon emissions from transport. But going electric also means reduce air pollution which disproportionately impacts low-income communities and communities of color. Children from low-income communities tend to have higher than average asthma rates, and black and Hispanic children are at greater risk of developing it than white children, regardless of family income level. Exposure to diesel exhaust – for example via twice-daily school bus journeys – exacerbates asthma and other respiratory problems.

“We want to approach this transition fairly,” Gander said. “How are incentives prioritized for disadvantaged communities? They are the ones who have the hardest time trying to make the investments, and yet they are the ones whose children depend the most on buses and who are also exposed to the worst air quality and the worst climate impacts.

Agricultural banks begin providing agricultural loans for the Maha season


Agricultural banks begin providing agricultural loans for the Maha season

Monday, October 17, 2022, 11:29 a.m. SL time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

October 17, Colombo: Issuance of agricultural loans to farmers by agricultural banks for the next Maha season has started recently (14) at Netolpitiya agricultural service center.

Last Friday, the Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife and Conservation of Forest Resources, Mahinda Amaraweera symbolically granted crop loans for the 2022/23 Maha season to 11 beneficiaries.

Each farmer received a loan of Rs.50,000. These agricultural loans are granted within the framework of the agricultural bank pilot project.

During the Maha season, 100 percent of the paddy fields amounting to 814,678 hectares are expected to be cultivated.

During this year, farmers’ banks disbursed Rs 7,124 million to 207,103 farmers. As of August 2022, 154,641 farmers have repaid their agricultural loans, amounting to Rs 5,472 million, while 49,385 farmers have yet to take action to repay their loans of Rs 1,576 million.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has decided to cancel 688 million rupees of loans taken by farmers from state banks. Canceled farmer loans must be returned to the respective banks by the Treasury within two years.

The amount allocated by the government for the implementation of this proposal is 350 million rupees. Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera mentioned that the government has taken action to provide this relief to 28,259 farmers who have taken loans from state banks to grow paddy in fields of 02 hectares or less.

The minister also pointed out that the government’s decision to cancel agricultural loans will bring great relief to farmers even though the country is in economic crisis.

Sore Winner: A Second Letter (of Hate) to the State of Oklahoma


“I came here to chew gum and kick ass. And I’m out of gum.”

–“Rowdy” Roddy Piper


I write this as a necessary correction to my earlier “dear adversary” letter, not knowing any better, referring to our relationship as a “relatively friendly rivalry”. I even went so far as to suggest that we like you.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Consider me a bad judge of character.

As widely discussed on social media and experienced by quite a few members of the Horned Frog crowd, you had the temerity to engage in your stupid, onanistic chanting (look it up, Philistines!) During an injury timeout.


One of Frog’s online loyalists rightly called you “trash.” Another used a four-letter expletive (look at it!) I won’t record it here for fear it might give people like you encouragement.

The stupid have never been prone to irony.

The first time, I was inclined to forgiveness. It was entirely possible, I thought, you just weren’t aware a man was down and gave yourself up to the momentum and spirit of the game, even tactlessly. Understandable. Raw. But none of us are perfect.

Then you did it again.

Scroll to continue

So, on behalf of all of Frogdom, I’d like to say, unequivocally, unequivocally (look at it!): you suck. And you blow. You suck and blow at the same time; you should try your hand at the saxophone because you’ll have the circular breathing technique in no time. You would put Kenny G out of business. And probably find a way to play worse music.

The last ten minutes of this match must have been excruciating. I hope they were. You see, you read the words of a man who openly advocated direct targeting of opposing quarterbacks as a wise winning strategy – and suggested all the ways to avoid shooting them. But consider this: I’m a satirist, it’s my job once in a while to be funny, and on top of that, I call myself an idiot when it comes to all things sports. And in relation to that, being an idiot and a satirist, to the depths of my most sadistic inclinations, I would never have considered, or even dreamed of, indulging in a chant when a player from the other team was hurt.

So, I’m a clown, and in the service of jokes, I couldn’t conceive of one as mean as you showed yourselves.

I hope you will make a very calm and sad return to Oklahoma, where you belong. Unfortunately, judging by the orange shirts that populated the Joe Ts after the game, shame, soul-searching, soul-searching and basic decency seem as alien to your nature as magnanimity (look at it!) as you have not manifested by winning. Please allow me the joy of gloating once again that we kicked your ass.

I believe my exact words when the family sat down to dinner were, “As heinous as they are after a loss, can you imagine what they would have been like had they won?”

To which I received a silent nod from the father.

Think of this as a giant middle finger. And good luck with that stupid mascot that looks like a fingerpaint from America’s Most Wanted—Sex Offenders Edition.

Good riddance.

With contempt !

Tyler Mother-Lovin Brown

PS, I hope you lose against all the Big 12 teams; you’re only allowed to beat Baylor and UT, and frankly, even with them, it’s a draw. I’ll be waiting for that $10,000,000 you owe me.

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Ben Hodges: Putin’s generals no longer trust him


According to him, the problems of the Russian army are so deep and systemic that they cannot be corrected even after months of work.

The loss of trust between the Russian general staff and Russian President Vladimir Putin could cause an explosion.

lieutenant general Ben Hodgesthe former commander of the American army on the European continent, said it on the television channel Espresso.

According to him, Putin appointed a new commander because he is very loyal to him.

“Surovikin is the new commander of the Russian occupation forces and has a reputation for being brutal and corrupt. Or will anyone be surprised that the Kremlin chooses a corrupt criminal and murderer for the position of new commander? It was predictable. Especially since he is also very loyal, which is now the most important quality for an appointment, because Putin fears that his generals will not support him as they have supported him in the past”, Hodges explained.

According to the expert, it does not matter who will become the new commander of the Russian Federation. The problems of the Russian military are so deep and systemic that the new leader will not be able to fix them in a few weeks or a few months.

“Corruption, lack of coordination between the air force, land forces and navy, a faulty logistics system. All this is such horror that no matter who becomes the commander, he will not be able to overcome it. What is the difference of the new commander? I think he will continue one type or another of heavy-handed tactics and the sooner they are defeated the better,” summarizes Hodges.

Why are salaried people more likely to benefit from instant personal loans?


Usually loans are of two types secured and unsecured – the former being issued in exchange for borrower’s asset in the form of mortgages and the latter having no such requirements. A personal loan falls under the category of unsecured loans and anyone can apply for instant personal loans which can be helpful when planning a trip, during financial or medical emergencies or paying off unpaid debts. Although personal loans do not require the borrower to provide collateral to obtain them, they can be more difficult to obtain and cost more than secured loans.

While salaried and self-employed or unemployed can apply for instant personal loan, salaried application gets higher approval. Before issuing a loan without any collateral, any bank or non-bank financial company (NBFC) wants to make sure that the borrower is able to repay the loan, and with income stability, the salaried applicant has a better chance of qualify for an immediate loan. In this regard, without a stable or fixed income, the solvency of a self-employed or unemployed applicant to repay the loan decreases.

However, even for a salaried person, the approval of a personal loan application depends on some other factors.

Employer: When assessing an applicant’s eligibility before approving the loan, the reputation of the organization they are associated with also comes into consideration.

Unpaid debts: Unpaid debts define an individual’s financial obligations and if someone has large debts from previously contracted credit, the lending financial institution may be skeptical of timely repayments.

CIBIL score: Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) is a credit rating company with over 2400 members including financial institutions, NBFCs, banks and mortgage finance companies. It manages the credit history of over 550 million customers and organizations. Although CIBIL has no say in the approval of a loan or credit card by a financial institution, it plays a major role in building the primary and immediate impression of the borrower.

Annual revenue: An employee’s annual income also influences the bank’s or NBFC’s assessment process of repayment prospects. It can also determine the amount of the loan to be sanctioned.

Limitation of loan requests: Banks and other financial institutions always review an individual’s financial history before approving a loan application; thus, if too many loans have been requested in a short period of time, it creates a negative impression on the lender that the current financial health of the borrowers is not good.

Other eligibility criteria for getting a personal loan include being an Indian citizen, having a minimum age of 21 years and a maximum of 60 years, being employed for one year, having no events of default, having a rating of credit over 750, etc.



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.


Terra Luna Classic price prediction with $400 million trading volume


Terra Luna Classic is bracing for a bullish breakout that could send LUNC’s price up 26%. The rest of the Terra Fallen Network (LUNA) stands at $0.0002927 during Friday’s US session. Its support at $0.0002594 is crucial for a bullish outcome, bearing in mind the overhead pressure around $0.0002927.

Terra Luna Classic Volume Hits $400 Million Thanks to Binance Token Burn’s Piggy Backing

Terra Luna Classic has become one of the most traded crypto assets in the market over the past three weeks, with trading volume reaching $400 million. Behind LUNC’s peak volume is the Binance exchange.

The CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), announced a Terra Luna Classic token burning business on September 26. CZ indicated that trading fees (both spot and forward) will be sent to an unrecoverable wallet address – where they will be removed from the token’s circulating reserve.

As reported on Thursday, token burning, which was scheduled to begin every Tuesday, dumped 5.5 billion LUNC tokens in the week ending October 3. An additional 2.9 billion LUNC tokens were burned in the week that started on October 4 and ended on October 10. .

Investors continued to flock to the Binance exchange in droves, hoping to see the price of Terra Luna Classic rise from the abyss. LUNC price more than doubled in value during the first week of the high-profile token burning processes. From the support at $0.00018, LUNC climbed higher, marking $0.00037 on the upside.

The price has since fallen slightly. The generally bearish crypto market could have contributed to LUNC’s correction.

Recall that the consumer price index (CPI) in the United States exceeded the September forecast at 8.2%. This index implies that consumers will continue to bear the brunt of inflation – which has an indirect impact on investment decisions, especially for risky asset classes like crypto.

Classic Terra Luna Price Prints Key Bullish Pattern

A double bottom pattern formed on the LUNC/USD 8-hour chart followed by confirmation of support at $0.0002594. This bullish pattern often marks the beginning of a trend reversal after an extended downtrend – characterized by two price valleys (bottoms).

Investors looking for long positions while trading the price of Terra Luna Classic are recommended to wait for the token to break above the pattern’s neckline resistance. It is from this breakout that a 26% upside move to $0.00037 is announced.

Eight-hour LUNC/USD chart

Investors should not trade disregarding the current bear market trend. Trade retracements are likely to be frequent, hence the need to take profits whenever possible. If the LUNC price does not break above $0.00030, declines to the 200-day SMA, purple, could occur. Other downside targets lie at $0.00022 and $0.00018 respectively.

Alternative to the classic green Terra Luna token – IMPT

As investors increase their involvement in burning LUNC tokens on Binance, they may consider diversifying their portfolios with a green and sustainable alternative. A promising new coin in this arena is the Impact Project (IMPT), a decentralized carbon credits market that began presale just over a week ago. it has already raised over $4 million at a price of $0.018 per IMPT.

This price should increase as soon as the first stage of the sale closes.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, IMPT offers users the ability to trade NFT-based carbon offsets while allowing consumers to shop online from retailers that support green initiatives. At a time when ESG investing is gaining momentum, it has the fundamentals to perform well.

Visit IMPT now

Sam Mitchell breaks silence on trading period in letter to members and more


Sam Mitchell wrote to Hawthorn members after the membership swap period, urging them to consider this list administration technique.

Questions have been raised over the Hawks’ plans in recent days after buying and selling Jaeger O’Meara, Tom Mitchell and Jack Gunston.

It follows the retirements of Ben McEvoy and Liam Shiels, leaving Luke Breust as the only entrant on the roster of members over 30.

Surprisingly, James Worpel – who spent part of 2022 in the VFL – is the only remaining member of Hawthorn’s six-man management group in 2021.

Mitchell says the Hawks “have to stick to our plan” and added, “there is absolutely no cap on what this group can accomplish or a speed limit on how quickly it can be done. ”

It comes after Port Adelaide Hall of Famer Kane Cornes said on Wednesday that Hawthorn is not giving himself “no chance” in 2023.

But Mitchell is resolute in the path of membership.

“Last year you saw the early stages of that. The emergence of (Jai) Newcombe, (Mitch) Lewis, (Ned) Reeves and (Dylan) Moore were the first visible signs from outside the direction in which we are heading,” Mitchell said in the letter.

“That year we fielded more players aged 23 and under on average per sport than any other member of the AFL. What we’re seeing is a group of players going through our program together and looking to make our next premiership team.

“This year’s free agency and trade period was the next step in a longer plan to grow our roster and return to premiership contention.”

The Hawks final received a premiership in 2015 and haven’t tasted September action since 2018. Given that, Mitchell – who took over from Alastair Clarkson at the end of the 2021 season – hopes that the club’s younger core can build lasting success.

“To be honest, we won’t make it (prime minister conflict) if we follow the path of least resistance,” he said.

“It’s about building our next section of expertise. I have no desire (and I know the players feel the same way) to just sneak into the final. Internally, we are working on developing premiership requirements because only then will we become a premiership workforce.

“Premiership groups aren’t usually built in a single day, we’d like to be in a place where we compete to win it all when the time comes – whenever that might be.

“Bringing in Karl Amon, Lloyd Meek and Cooper Stephens is an essential part of this process.

“The same goes for strengthening our selections for the next draft.”

The former Hawthorn star also said the club’s management is not expected to last, highlighting the names of James Sicily, Dylan Moore, Blake Hardwick, Jarman Impey and Mitch Lewis.

Hawthorn finished thirteenth in 2022 and takes 4 top-50 picks in the November national draft.

Sam Mitchell breaks silence on trading period in letter to members

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Sam Mitchell breaks silence on trading period in letter to members

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Children caught up in protests in Iran face ‘psychological centres’


The death of 16-year-old Nika Shakarami has caused an outpouring of grief in Iran and around the world – Copyright AFP/File –

David Vujanovic

Dozens of Iranian children have been killed and hundreds detained after being caught up in protests over Mahsa Amini’s death, with some even ending up in “psychological centres”, it has been reported.

Iran has been rocked by nearly a month of protests fueled by public outrage over Amini’s death after vice police arrested her for allegedly violating the Islamic republic’s strict dress code for the women.

Fed up with the lack of change, the country’s Gen Z teenagers – those born before 2010 – have come of age and been recognized for their bravery in the face of security forces.

“Iranian Zoomers are frustrated/angry with the status quo and not afraid to say it online and get out of the red lines” of the Islamic Republic, tweeted Holly Dagres, Iran specialist at the think tank AtlanticCouncil.

Night after night, young women and schoolgirls appeared in the streets, their hair uncovered and their fists raised, chanting “Woman, life, freedom” and “Death to the dictator”.

However, young people involved in the protest have paid with their lives, with US-based rights group HRANA identifying at least 18 minors dead – the youngest being just 12.

But the total number of children killed is widely believed to be much higher.

Iran’s Child Rights Protection Society said this week that at least 28 people had lost their lives, many of them in the impoverished province of Sistan-Balochistan.

The Tehran-based group said families were “kept in the dark” about the whereabouts of their children and that their affairs continued without proper legal representation.

Human rights lawyer Hassan Raisi said some of the arrested children were being held in detention centers for adult drug addicts.

“It’s very concerning,” he told the London-based Iran Wire news site on Wednesday.

Anyone “under the age of 18 should never be detained with a criminal over the age of 18… This is a legal requirement, not a recommendation”.

“About 300 people aged 12-13 to 18-19 are in custody,” he said, without further details.

Among those killed in the protests are Nika Shakarami and Sarina Esmailzadeh – two 16-year-old girls whose deaths have sparked an outpouring of grief in Iran and around the world.

– ‘Antisocial characters’ –

Protesting children have also been arrested in the streets and inside classrooms, Iranian Education Minister Yousef Nouri told the reformist newspaper Shargh in remarks published on Wednesday.

“There aren’t that many,” he said in response to a question about the number of schoolchildren arrested. “I can’t give an exact figure.”

Nouri said those detained were held in “psychological centers”.

The goal, he said, was “correction and rehabilitation” to prevent them from becoming “antisocial characters”.

UNICEF, the UN children’s agency, said it was “extremely concerned” by reports of “children and adolescents being killed, injured and detained” in Iran.

Despite the bloody crackdown and blockages of popular smartphone apps among Iranian teenagers, such as Instagram and TikTok, young internet enthusiasts have still managed to release videos of their protests.

They also adopted new tactics for the streets.

Those who go to protests wear masks and hats, leave phones behind to avoid being tracked, and take extra clothes to change into if they are marked by paintballs that security forces deploy for them. identify later.

Revolutionary Guards Deputy Commander Ali Fadavi told Iranian media on October 5 that “the average age of detainees at many recent protests was 15.”

“Some of the arrested teenagers and young adults used similar key phrases in their confessions, like comparing street riots to video games,” the Mehr news agency quoted Fadavi as saying.

The concern over video games has also been echoed by other officials.

Cleric Aboulfazl Ahmadi, head of a provincial organization linked to the morality police, said this month that Iran’s enemies “have bet on” the country’s teenagers and that “some video games have been designed to bring young people to the streets at times like these”.

Daily Trading Guide for Today: 6 Stocks to Buy or Sell Today – October 14


Daily trading guide for today: Due to weak global signals, Dalal Street ended lower on Thursday. The Nifty 50 index finished 109 points lower but finished above 17,000 levels. BSE Sensex lost 390 points and closed at 57,235 while the Nifty Bank index lost 494 points and ended at 38,624 levels. The small cap index outperformed key indices even as the expected decline ratio fell to 0.51:1.

According to stock market experts, the Indian stock market is repeatedly testing the 200-day EMA support around 16,900 levels and has not shown any sustainable bullish movement near the support. At the lower levels, 16,800 acts as strong support, coinciding with the value zone and also support for the ascending middle trendline. Therefore, any downward correction could be a buying opportunity on a dip.

Intraday Trading Strategies for the Stock Market Today

Speaking on the technical outlook for NSE Nifty, Nagaraj Shetti, Technical Research Analyst at HDFC Securities, said, “Nifty’s underlying trend remains choppy and the market shows no strength to sustain the highs. 16,800-16,750 levels over the next few sessions before showing a significant bounce higher from the lows. Immediate resistance for NSE Nifty is placed at 17,150 levels.

“The 17000-16900 range followed by the 16750 swing low will be seen as crucial support for Nifty in the near term. pullback, 17260 followed by 17425 will be the initial levels to expect,” said Ruchit Jain, Head of Research at 5paisa.com.

Nifty call put option data

“A nifty weekly expiry options chain sees PE writers actively adding their positions to 17,000PE – in total almost 90,000 contracts and new additions of over 60,000 contracts. One thousand contracts each. The PCR_OI at 17,000 being well above 1, is still a very positive sign for BULLs, which if held will reverse the trend for higher targets,” said Shilpa Rout, Chief Derivatives Analyst at Prabhudas Lilladher.

Bank Nifty Call Put Options Data

“Options Chain Nifty Bank on a weekly basis reflects on PE Writer positions at 37,500 strikes – in total over 40,000 contracts and new additions of 30,000 contracts. CE Writers totaling exposures of over 50,000 contracts in various strikes from 39,000 to 42,000 zones, thus hinting at a very wide range for the index,” added Shilpa Rout.

Day trading stocks to buy today

On intraday trading tips, share from market experts – Sumeet Bagadia, Executive Director at Choice Broking; Anuj Gupta, Vice President – Research at IIFL Securities and Ravi Singh, Vice President and Head of Research at Share India – recommended 6 stocks to buy today.

Sumeet Bagadia shares to buy today

1]Grasim Industries: Buy from CMP, objective 1710 to 1720, stop loss 1650

2]Tata Motors: Buy from CMP, objective 410 to 415, stop loss 390

Anuj Gupta Intraday Stocks for Today

3]Coal India Ltd: Buy from CMP, objective 250, stop loss 224

4]Vedanta: Buy from CMP, target 304, stop loss 284

Ravi Singh shares to buy today

5]Eicher Motors: Buy on 3470 target 3550, stop loss 3455

6]Adani Enterprises: Buy on 3225 target 3300, stop loss 3200.

Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms, and not of Mint.

Catch all the trade news, market news, breaking news and latest updates on Live Mint. Download the Mint News app to get daily market updates.

More less

Get the App Store’s Best Scanner App at 80% Off


iScanner is on sale for a limited time during Deal Days. Get a lifetime subscription to this remote desktop in one app for just $40 today.

Image: aggreativelab/Adobe Stock

Remote work has many advantages. But in addition to all the benefits, it’s not all sun and daisies. When it comes time to do real work, you may miss out on office resources like the scanner.

Whether you run your own business from home or need a more convenient way to organize and manage work documents, iScanner is a digital office on your phone. During our Promo days promotionyou can get a lifetime subscription for one of the lowest prices ever.

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This digital tool helps you solve all the day-to-day business issues you encounter when working remotely. Mainly a scan tool, it helps you scan contracts, paper notes, books and other documents. You can store your scans as multi-page PDF or JPEG files and easily share them through a streamlined interface. All scans are assisted by iScanner’s AI to ensure high quality resolution.

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg, though. iScanner offers a variety of scanning modes, allowing you to easily scan ID documents and QR codes, count objects through your camera, perform math problems with your camera, and even calculate the area of ​​an area. ‘a play.

The PDF scanner also gives you the tools to mark up, annotate, and edit scans. You can electronically sign documents, use color correction, remove noise and protect confidential scans with a PIN. Best of all, it’s fully optimized for easy sharing and uploading of scans to cloud services like Dropbox Evernote and Google Drive.

Get a digital office right on your phone. During Deal Days, you can get a iScanner lifetime subscription for 79% off $199 at just $39.99. This offer ends October 13, 2022.

Pricing and availability are subject to change.

New IMF facility ready to start lending to vulnerable countries


The International Monetary Fund for Resilience and Sustainability – the lender’s first facility to provide affordable, long-term financing to help countries deal with structural challenges such as climate change and pandemics – is now operational, said its general manager Kristalina Georgieva.

The RST, which has so far received pledges of $37 billion from 13 countries, is now ready to begin lending to low-income and most middle-income countries, she said. said Wednesday.

She expressed her “tremendous gratitude” to Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Japan and Spain, which provided the first round of resource contributions amounting to $20 billion. dollars.

There is “no pause button on the climate crisis”, as the world faces other crises, Ms Georgieva said.

The RST will help countries “maintain long-term economic and financial stability, while catalyzing other public and private financing”, she said.

The IMF’s Executive Board approved the creation of the RST in April to complement the fund’s other lending platforms: the General Resources Account (GRA) and the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust (PRGT).

The trust offers financing with a 20-year maturity and a 10.5-year grace period. It will support eligible low- and middle-income countries, which represent about three-quarters of IMF membership.

It allows economically stronger IMF members to channel their special drawing rights, or emergency reserves, to help vulnerable countries.

“New contributions are expected to come into effect in early 2023 once countries have completed their national procedures, ensuring that the RST is in a strong position to meet RSF demand. [resilience and sustainability facility] arrangements in the years to come,” Ms. Georgieva said.

“Additional countries are expected to commit over time, and we will continue our fundraising efforts to broaden the pool of contributors and ensure the RST has sufficient resources.”

On the demand side, the confidence has already generated “strong interest” from countries.

“We are already in advanced discussions with a diverse group of countries in their climate policy actions. The IMF is gaining experience with this new instrument throughout this initial phase, and the lessons learned from these cases will benefit the IMF. future to the wider group of eligible countries,” Ms Georgieva said.

“We are also preparing the ground for RST loans to support pandemic preparedness policies, thanks to good cooperation with other international institutions.”

Updated: October 13, 2022, 06:46

NJ GOP Congressional Candidate Corps ‘ineligible’ | Letter


Many Republicans such as former Governor Christie Whitman have endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for president in 2020.

Endorsements like his came because Whitman thought his party needed something new.

As a conservative-leaning voter, I am unhappy with inflation, the border crisis, and our $31 trillion national debt.

Republican leaders used to tailor their candidates to the political atmosphere of their respective states, including former Governor Chris Christie and then-Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, who tried to succeed Christie in as governor. I supported them both.

But this year, I believe the majority of Republican candidates for Congress in New Jersey are so ineligible that I couldn’t vote for them even if I wanted to.

Incumbent U.S. Representative Jeff Van Drew, R-2nd Dist, voted against certification of the 2020 election results. Tom Kean Jr., the GOP 7th Dist. candidate, speaks out of both sides of his mouth on issues like abortion and his support for former President Donald Trump. Frank Pallotta, 5th Dist. Republicans. candidate (against incumbent Democrat Josh Gottheimer for the second time), did not condemn the Guardians of the Oath when asked to do so.

After Trump’s re-election loss, the GOP could have made some course corrections to regain the trust of moderate voters. Instead, they doubled down on the madness that rightfully caused their loss in 2020.

An airplane cannot fly safely if the right wing is broken. Republicans refuse to fix their party so I refuse to vote Republican in 2022.

Evan F. Grollman, Camden

Editor’s note: This summer, Whitman was among other moderate Republicans, Democrats and independents who announced they were forming a third party called “The Party Forward.”

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Fitness tech start-up Insane AI introduces AI-powered workout app


News update

  • ByStartup Story | October 12, 2022

An artificial intelligence (AI)-driven health workout software has been launched by a fitness tech startup mad ai. According to a launch, the Bengaluru-based company has created a mobile app that turns the phone’s front camera into a smart exercise companion. The app’s AI-powered workout tracking technology enables precise movement monitoring with any smartphone, allowing it to assess the quality of the user’s exercise and provide posture and form correction in real time.

Two classmates from IIT Bombay founded 2021 startup Insane AI, which received $900,000 in seed funding from pi Ventures, Anupam Mittal, Sameer Pitalwalla and other angel investors in tech, sports and science. health. It’s built on proven behavior training research and pays users to keep using real-world products.

Customers of IOS and Android devices will likely be able to purchase the mobile version from the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. The software has been in development and testing for several years and was designed through the combined efforts of certified health trainers, AI engineers and gamification experts. Professionals and athletes use it for their training and physical conditioning. It has been tested on over 100,000 registered users in India and Europe.

Fitness tech start-up Insane AI introduces AI-powered workout app

Many guided fitness workouts, including HIIT, cardio, strength training, yoga, balance exercises, and recognizable agility drills, are available on the app. The interactive fitness display keeps users engaged with visual cues and real-time recommendations. Customers can access information about their past performance and activity history using the app.

According to Anurag Mundhada, co-founder of Insane AI, “Many people today are scared off by the demands of getting fit. Finding the perfect gym, finding the time to train, the high cost of training or even finding the right trainer are all hurdles.Starting your fitness journey is easy and enjoyable with the Insane app.

“Over the next 2-3 years, we intend to convert Insane into a one-of-a-kind fitness metaverse focused on stories, content, and storylines,” said Jayesh Hannurkar, Co-Founder of Insane. AI and product manager.

Track Boot History

Vulnerability management: context from code to cloud


Almost all modern cloud native applications are developed using open source components. And yet, security isn’t always the top priority for open source developers. While many vulnerabilities can be accidental (eg, a coding error) and have minimal impact, some of the most significant breaches to date rely on the exploitation of known vulnerabilities from open source components. Additionally, there is also no standardization for open source security integrity. This makes vulnerability management more critical than ever.

Current vulnerability management is flawed

Security vulnerabilities are flaws in software or code that cause problems developers did not anticipate, such as allowing an attacker to be exposed to sensitive data, elevate privileges, or even execute remote code on a machine. To identify and distinguish them, security teams use the Common vulnerabilities and exposures identifier (CVE ID) – this is essentially an always-updated repository of publicly disclosed computer security vulnerabilities to which a CVE has been assigned, which includes a description of the vulnerabilities as well as an identification number.

The problem with CVE ID is that it is just a description. What it lacks is the metadata needed to understand which software components have been impacted and which version needs to be patched, not to mention the severity of the flaw. Most of the time, there is no information about the prerequisites needed for the vulnerability to be exploited. In other words, the CVE doesn’t have the necessary context to know what to do about it.

As we mentioned earlier, open source code is so widely used that it has become an integral part of application development. The fact that open source code is both convenient and ubiquitous makes it easy to lose sight of the fact that it’s still code and developers are still human. In other words, both are defective.

Identify the three types of hidden vulnerabilities

Many maintainers of open source projects are aware of the security risks and seek to secure their code. However, this is not the standard behavior for all projects. Maintainers may not have the ability or interest to patch known vulnerabilities, let alone newly discovered vulnerabilities. When discovering a new vulnerability in their code, many project managers don’t want to go through the CVE filing process or don’t know how to go through the reporting process. This failure results in countless vulnerabilities that are known and do not get a CVE ID. We call these hidden vulnerabilities.

Hidden vulnerabilities represent weaknesses in software design or code that can be maliciously exploited. They are public but have no documentation, so scanners will not detect them. This makes them excellent leads for malicious actors when looking for widely used packages to target in supply chain attacks.

Based on our research, we were able to categorize them into three main types:

The security flaw is clearly described in the GitHub commit/issue. For example, a get involved in the OctoPrint project describes a XSS vulnerability and even lists the CVSS vector string.

  • A Disguised Vulnerability

The security flaw is described as a bug, so we don’t always have a clear indication of the security impact. For example, a get involved in the Envoy project describes a bug fix but actually fixed a denial of service vulnerability.

These vulnerabilities look like an enhancement or feature, but are actually security issues. Without deep technical knowledge and expertise, the average user will have a hard time noticing certain security vulnerabilities here. For example, a validate in the Listmonk project describes an improvement that effectively prevented a stored XSS vulnerability.

The increasing complexity and expanding attack surfaces of cloud computing and cloud-native application development is fueling organizations’ need to gain visibility and mitigate vulnerabilities in the cloud.


Using open source has many advantages. It allows easier and faster development of new technologies while using fewer resources. But without proper maintenance, open source is a liability.

3 takeaways for managing open source vulnerabilities

Shift-left Security (aka Developer-Friendly Security)

Security must be developer-friendly to be successful. After all, it is much faster to fix a bug found in code than in production. With modern cloud development and deployment models, vulnerabilities must be detected and patched when building and deploying software.

Analysis of software composition

To continuously identify vulnerabilities in registries and at runtime, effective software composition analysis (SCA) solutions must leverage the same flow of intelligence used to identify vulnerabilities in repositories. Organizations should strive to use a scanner with an intelligence feed enriched with data from researchers, which will help detect hidden vulnerabilities. SCA can also help prioritize remediation risks.

Continuous scanning

Effective security must meet developers where they are (and where application code is written) and resolve security issues down to the runtime environment. Vulnerabilities should be detected early to avoid costly post-event analysis and remediation. Gartner recommends a consolidated platform-centric approach from development to operations.

Contextual security from code to cloud

The best vulnerability management solutions provide context-specific vulnerability information tailored to your environment and not just generic risks. Only by augmenting identified vulnerabilities with knowledge of attack vectors, network exposure, host configuration, and other details unique to each customer’s environment can security teams security can focus their resources on fixing the most impactful issues, from the code repository to production.

To learn more about cloud-native topics, join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the cloud-native community at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon North America 2022 – October 24-28, 2022

Daily Trading Guide for Today: 4 Stocks to Buy or Sell Today – October 12


Daily trading guide for today: Due to weakness in global indices, the Indian stock market ended in negative territory for the third consecutive session on Tuesday. NSE Nifty fell over 250 points and closed below the psychological 17,000 mark. BSE Sensex added 843 points and closed at 57,147 while the Nifty Bank index finished 380 points lower at 38,712 levels. Broad equity indices fell further, where Nifty Mid-cap 100 and Small-cap 100 fell 1.7% each. Declining shares outnumbered advancing shares, where the advance decline rate was 0.46 on BSE.

According to market experts, the positive sentiment created by Monday’s rally to the upside was undone on Tuesday and this market action is now rolling out the negative streak as lower highs and lower lows on the daily chart. After forming a high below 17,428 on October 6, the Nifty is likely to slide to recent lows over the next few sessions.

Day Trading Strategies for the Stock Market Today

Speaking on Wednesday’s guide to day trading, Nagaraj Shetti, technical research analyst at HDFC Securities, said: “Nifty’s short-term trend remains weak and downward momentum has started to pick up at Nifty can be expected to slide down the important support zone around 16,800 to 16,700 levels over the next few sessions, before showing another round of bounces on the upside from the lows Immediate resistance at Nifty is placed between 17,130 and 17,150 levels.

On the technical outlook for Nifty, Ruchit Jain, Lead Research at 5paisa.com, said: “Technically it would be crucial to see how far this correction goes as if Nifty breaks the recent low of 16,750 going forward, so it will be seen as an impulsive five-wave decline from the recent high of 18,100, which would signify a downtrend that would have another large correction with in between pullbacks reassessing the markets as this could then lead to a short cover .” The Eliot Wave expert added that until there is a change in the data, it is better to stay with the trend.

On the Bank Nifty Index, Ruchit Jain of 5paisa.com said that the immediate support for the index is placed at 38,465 while the major support for the Bank Index is at 38,270 levels. He said the Nifty Bank Index faces an immediate hurdle at 39,020 while the major hurdle for the index is placed at 39,370 levels.

Nifty call put option data

“A shrewd weekly expiry options chain sees PE writers actively adding their positions to 17,000/16,000 strikes – overall nearly a lakh of contracts each, with many other strikes also adding near The unwinding of PE OI was also seen in many immediate strikes, with CE writers standing tall at 17200CE – over 90,000 contracts were added PCR_OI at 17000 being just above 1, which if it holds and rises we can expect a rebound otherwise 16700 zones will be visible,” said Shilpa Rout, chief derivatives analyst at Prabhudas Lilladher.

Bank Nifty Call Put Options Data

“Bank Nifty options chain on a weekly basis reflects on PE writers building aggressive positions at 37,000/38,000 strikes – overall over 80,000 and 70,000 contracts respectively. CE writers add exposures to 39,000 /40,000/41,000 strikes – over a lakh of contracts each, suggesting the INDEX indecision pattern and a wide trading range between 37,000 and 41,000 zones,” Shilpa Rout said.

Day trading stocks to buy today

Speaking on intraday trading advice, stock market experts – Sumeet Bagadia, Executive Director of Choice Broking and Ravi Singh, VP and Head of Research at Share India – recommended 4 stocks to buy today.

Buy or Sell Sumeet Bagadia Shares for Today

1]IndusInd Bank: Sell to CMP, target 1120, stop loss 1200

2]Bata: Buy from CMP, target 1860 and 1875, stop-loss 1770

Ravi Singh shares to buy today

3]Asian paintings: buy on 3290 target 3370 stop loss 3265

4]Axis Bank: Buy on 782 target 795, stop loss 775.

Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms, and not of Mint.

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Installing a suppressor bracket | An official journal of the NRA


Choosing between a flash hider and a muzzle brake for your quick-detach muffler mount depends on many factors.

Some of the most interesting topics I wrestle with come to me in the form of excellent questions from fellow riflemen and women. When one of these questions comes up repeatedly, I know it’s time to give it more than passing attention. So it is with a new twist on the muzzle brake versus flash hider debate. Specifically, which is better to use on a rifle that will be suppressed most of the time or all of the time? The “best” part of this question can be broken down further into which device is more durable and which offers better sound and flash performance in conjunction with a sound suppressor.

Whenever this question has been asked, I have done my best to base the answers on my own experience as a shooter and weapons developer/tester in the military. My quick answer is that a muzzle brake will generally be stronger, based purely on the theory that more metal is better. Performance wise, I never noticed any flash differences between the two types of muzzle devices when a suppressor was fitted. Since much of my hearing was taken over by a series of rapid explosions 20 years ago, I can’t answer the sound suppression part of the question. Because my explanations were limited to the non-technical realm of “Grunt-speak”, I contacted SureFire’s Suppressor Division for any clarifications and course corrections they might apply to my boilerplate answers.

According to SureFire, when a suppressor is fitted most or all the time, muzzle brakes tend to be more durable than flash hiders due to their thicker structures. The company explained that baffled muzzle brake designs, such as its own SOCOM series brakes, also provide a sacrificial deflector that gases, heat and particles hit before entering the muzzle suppressor and encountering the blast deflector. However, SureFire points out that the blast baffles on its suppressors are very thick and made of Inconel, while the muzzle brakes are usually stainless steel. Therefore, the blast deflector should be much stronger than the brake (or flash hider) and almost impossible to wear out during normal use.

When it comes to flash suppressors, SureFire’s Suppressor division points out that the thickness of its open-tooth flash suppressors makes them very durable when subjected to the heat, pressure and erosion that comes with firing with a mounted suppressor. While brakes tend to be stronger than flash hiders, SureFire points out that the heavy use required to cause the flash hider to fail will also wear down the barrel and other critical components in the process. Closed-tooth flash hiders are less durable than open-tooth models because the front part (connecting the streamers) is quite thin compared to the thicker teeth of an open-tooth flash hider. The closed end catches more blast erosion, while an open-tooth design allows blast and erosion to pass through and into the sound suppressor. SureFire adds that some military customers use extremely durable QD muzzle devices made of Inconel, but since they cost four to five times more than stainless steel, these brakes and flash hiders are impractical for the commercial market.

Does a muzzle brake or flash hider work as a suppressor mount?

When considering how muzzle brakes compare to flash hiders in terms of suppressed performance, the script backfires slightly. SureFire reps tell me that muzzle brakes tend to direct more blast to the rear of the suppressor causing carbon to build up on the mounting surface of the device faster than when a flash hider is used. I can certainly attest that this additional buildup is noticeable and requires more frequent cleaning of the brake mounting surfaces to ensure proper suppressor attachment. Sonically, SureFire states that it is essentially a mix between the two muzzle devices when a suppressor is fitted. Likewise, the flash visible outside the suppressor is not significantly different from device to device.

Anyone who has tried both an oversized suppressor and a bore-specific design on the same gun, such as the .22 and .30 caliber centerfire suppressors on a 5.56mm rifle, has probably noticed that the smaller suppressor bore provides better sound and flash. reduction. SureFire verifies that this observation is not imaginary. However, the company adds that a larger suppressor bore size outperforms a tighter size in the accuracy department, especially on large caliber rifles. Another helpful nugget passed down from SureFire is that overbored suppressors stay cooler, which reduces wear, compared to tighter bore sizes. This can be useful when planning shorter barrels or high volume shots.

Eighteen years ago, as I transitioned from someone who used sniper and close quarters rifles to a tester and developer of new weapon systems, QD muzzle suppression device failures were something with which we lived. Under heavy use, the fine teeth of these earlier flash hiders could melt and/or weld inside their suppressors in one heavy shooting session. Both items would be ruined in the process. Long before such damage occurs, a failing suppressor mount will pull a suppressor out of proper bore alignment, risking knocking baffles and end caps along with other nasty results. Today’s QD muzzle devices, internal suppressor designs and materials are far superior to what was considered standard fare just a few years ago, making mounting surface failures much less common.

Since I rely primarily on input from SureFire’s Suppressor division, the caveat “actual results may vary” applies here. Although some manufacturers’ internal test results may differ from SureFire’s, I feel comfortable applying the basic principles of flash hider and muzzle brake performance suppression to similar designs of other companies. There are also additional considerations. For example, reducing or eliminating back pressure is a key element in the design of new suppressors. Also, there is evidence that muzzle brake and flash hider designs affect rifle operating pressures differently when removed. Unfortunately, I’ve harassed my friends in the suppressor industry enough for now, so this discussion will have to wait for another time.

The ugly truth doesn’t turn facts into fiction


A recent letter to the editor stated that I had been unfair to my opponent in the race for the 111th district seat at Kansas House. The letter sought to show how my opponent is actually a big supporter of K-12 education and Fort Hays State University.

I thought that instead of writing a letter to set the record straight and ask friends to sign, I would just put my name on it.

In reality, my opponent’s letter was more of a ballgame than it continues to play with education funding in general and Fort Hays State in particular.

My opponent, or her supporters, can claim all they want that she voted for “full constitutional funding” for K-12 education, but the fact is she gave with one hand and taken from the other.

She supported the legislative game that funded the operational side of K-12 education, but then cut special education. They knew — or should have known — that federal and state mandates for special education funding meant school districts would be forced to make up the shortfall by taking money from the operational side.

And let’s be clear what the operational side is – it’s everything from electricity to teacher salaries. The shortfall in the two districts is equivalent to 22.5 teaching positions.

Statewide, the funding bill my opponent voted for was $155 million less than would have effectively satisfied the Supreme Court’s Montoy term. She even voted against — twice — a compromise amendment that would have closed $68 million of the special education deficit.

This letter also goes in the wrong direction on state funding for Fort Hays. Fort Hays State “has received funding for everything it has requested,” the letter says, citing $500,000 for a cybersecurity program and $1.5 million – from Covid funds – for air conditioning. of the Gross Memorial Coliseum.

These budget allocations are presented as proof that she “constantly and vigorously defended the interests of Fort Hays”. But fair and equitable funding is really determined by the size of the institutional block grant.

I think being a consistent and vigorous advocate would involve fighting for fair and equitable funding in the university’s annual block grant – the bulk of its state funding.

The funding problem began when the legislature decoupled enrollment from block grant allocation for Regents institutions.

The problem has worsened as college enrollment has increased throughout nearly two decades of record growth. This enrollment growth was never taken into account in the block grant formula.

A fair and equitable block grant would be an additional $20-30 million each year. A fair and equitable block grant would recognize the tremendous success in growing the university from 6,000 students to nearly 16,000 in about a dozen years.

A consistent and vigorous defender would not accuse the university of cannibalizing Kansas students. A consistent and vigorous advocate would recognize the value of FHSU to the state and its citizens by investing in FHSU’s growth record.

At the end of this year’s legislative session, the state had $2 billion in reserves and $960 million in the rainy day fund. His letter rightly called education “one of the cornerstones of our great state.”

We had the money to fully fund education. Yet my opponent refused even to try to advocate a fix in the block grant process.

I don’t think it’s unfair to point that out. I just think we in the 111th district should have our own attorney, and that’s why I’m running to replace her.

Ed Hammond, D-Hays, candidate for 111th Kansas House

Types of personal loans for various needs


holiday loan

A vacation loan is also called a travel loan. So whether you’re an avid traveler or getting ready to leave for your honeymoon, travel loans are the way to go. It pays for all your travel-related expenses including purchase of air tickets, local transportation, accommodation, travel insurance, outdoor activities, visa fees, tour guides, meals And much more. You can avail of this instant personal loan without touching your monthly budget or depleting your savings. While credit cards can also do the work for you, a vacation loan provides quick access to cash at a low interest rate.

Wedding loan

In India, weddings are considered incredibly important events. Naturally, they come with a massive list of expenses. It is here that availing a personal loan for weddings can help families deal with the enormous strain of wedding finances. All costs related to your wedding are covered by this loan, including food, venue reservations, photography, makeup, hiring event planners, finding the perfect jewelry and wedding dress , etc. The best part of this loan is that it can be customized according to the borrower’s individual needs.

Education loan

Worried about paying your child’s tuition or sending them to college? A student loan is the one you should opt for without any worries. This type of personal loan has been around for decades and allows you to meet all academic expenses without a second thought. A student loan can be obtained by a borrower to cover higher education costs for himself or his family members.

Home improvement loan

Home loans are very common and are usually used when buying real estate or renovating houses. A home improvement loan can help you repair and renovate, as well as cover the cost of maintaining your home without depleting your savings. It covers all expenses, including buying new furniture, painting, renovating the kitchen or bathroom, buying new appliances, etc.

Medical loan

What do you do when there’s a medical emergency at home or you don’t have enough funds to pay your medical bills? Enter a medical emergency loan that provides instant approval and help in medical emergencies. They are also useful when your insurance limit is insufficient to cover your expenses.

retirement loan

Looking to apply for a personal loan for pensions? Pension loans are generally used by retired employees. There is no eligibility criteria to take out this loan. For this type of personal loan, some banks provide several times the pension that retirees would have received in the month preceding the filing of the loan application.

Sustainable Consumer Loan

As inflation soars, the prices of goods also rise. With a durable consumer loan, you can easily purchase any durable consumer good such as a refrigerator, television, telephone, washing machine, microwave, etc. The purchase price is divided into EMIs, which can be redeemed over a chosen period. While others may not, however, some products may require a down payment while others may not. Be aware that banks also offer free EMIs on consumer durable loans.

Now that you know the different types of personal loans, make sure you use them accordingly without eating into your personal savings.

LASIK eye surgery at Bajaj eye care center is gaining popularity


“Lasik Surgery – Get rid of the hassle of glasses”

LASIK eye surgery has gained immense popularity in India. Millions of people want to undergo this affordable surgery, but they don’t know where they can get the best treatment.

Bajaj Eye Care Center has been offering Lasik eye surgery in Delhi and other cities in India for a few years. They provide LASIK eye surgery in Delhi which is affordable for most people. People who approach Bajaj eye care center for LASIK surgery in Delhi are treated with utmost care and professionalism by their skilled surgeons. Their team includes highly trained professionals who have performed thousands of LASIK surgeries over their careers.

“If you suffer from refractive errors like myopia (myopia), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism, then get treated at Bajaj Eye Care Center to fulfill your dream of seeing life clearly without wearing glasses or contact lenses. LASIK eye surgery in Delhi is a highly advanced procedure that gives you a permanent solution for lifelong vision correction without causing any damage to your eyes,” said Dr. Rajiv Bajaj.

LASIK Eye Surgeon In Delhi has won many accolades for his work and is highly regarded by the medical community for his skills and expertise. Bajaj Eye Care Centre’s professional surgeons, Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, perform less invasive procedures and advise patients on how to take care of their eyes after surgery.

“Our clinic is located in Pitampura to serve people from all over India. Bajaj Eye Care Center aims to provide top quality services at low cost that everyone can easily afford. Our experienced Lasik eye surgeon Dr. Rajiv Bajaj performs less invasive LASIK surgery for your convenience and comfort. said a staff member at the Bajaj eye care center.

The medical staff at Bajaj Eye Care Center are experienced in caring for people suffering from different eye problems like eye infections, dry eyes or any other condition. Patients traveling from outside Pitampura for lasik surgery are provided with comprehensive information on eye care and transportation to and from the airport.

About Bajaj Eye Care Center

Bajaj Eye Care Center is a world-class eye center with state-of-the-art facilities, offering the latest technology in Lasik eye surgery. Here people will find the best LASIK eye surgeon in Delhi with high patient satisfaction rate. They do not compromise on the quality of care they provide to their patients. Bajaj Eye Care Center is one of the best LASIK eye surgeons in Delhi with affordable LASIK cost in Delhi. For more information visit http://www.lasikdelhi.com/.

Media Contact
Company Name: Bajaj Eye Care Center
Contact person: Dr Rajiv Bajaj
E-mail: Send an email
Call: +01147024919
Address:101, Vikas Surya Plaza, Plot No. 7, DDA Community Center Road No. 44, Pitampura
Town: New Delhi
State: delhi
Country: India
Website: http://www.lasikdelhi.com/

Daily Trading Guide for Today: 5 Stocks to Buy or Sell Today – October 7


Daily trading guide for today: Following strong global sentiments, the Indian stock market closed in positive territory for the second straight session on Thursday. NSE Nifty added 57 points and closed at 17,331 while BSE Sensex jumped 156 points and closed at 58,222 levels. The Nifty Bank Index rose 172 points and ended at 39,282 points. Small and mid cap indices outperformed Nifty after posting gains of 1.13% and 1.30%. The advanced decline ratio ended in the positive zone at 2.43:1.

According to stock market experts, a small negative candle has formed on the daily chart with an upper shadow. Technically, this pattern indicates a breather type formation after a strong rally higher from the lower supports of 16,800 levels recently. The market is currently facing resistance around 17,450-17,500 levels according to the polarity shift concept.

Day Trading Strategies for the Stock Market Today

Unveiling the day trading strategy for Nifty today, Nagaraj Shetti, Technical Research Analyst at HDFC Securities, said: “Nifty’s short-term uptrend remains intact and there is a possibility of minor consolidation over the 1 to Next 2 sessions around the 17,400-17,500 level hurdle before showing a decisive upside break of said resistance Immediate support for NSE Nifty is placed at 17,220 levels.

“Over the past four trading sessions, Nifty has recouped half of recent losses and retraced the corrective move from 18100 to 16750 by 50%. factors where bond yields and the dollar index have cooled from their highs, which is positive for stocks. However, indices are now trading around crucial resistances as Nifty and Bank Nifty are at the 50% retracement of the previous correction,” said Ruchit Jain, Head of Research at 5paisa. com.

Ruchit Jain from 5paisa.com went on to add that the momentum readings which were in the oversold zone for the past week have cooled down and have in fact now reached the overbought zone on the hourly chart. Therefore, traders should look to ease some buying around the current level and will look for more confirmation where markets are holding or not holding above these retracement resistances. Until there is a resumption of a ‘Higher Top Higher Bottom’ pattern, this bullish movement should simply be read as a pullback movement and, therefore, caution should be exercised.

Nifty call put option data

On the Nifty call options ratio, Shilpa Rout, Principal Derivatives Analyst at Prabhudas Lilladher, said, “The shrewd weekly expiration option chain reflects PE writers aggressively adding positions equal in various strikes up to 15,000 strikes – in total over 30,000 contracts each, with CE writers standing high at 17400/17500 areas – over 60,000 contracts each PCR_OI at 17300 is just above 1, which needs to be on the radar now for a decisive move now.

Bank Nifty call put data

“Bank Nifty’s Weekly Expiry Options Channel reflects the fact that PE Writers are active at 38,500 strikes – a total of 45,000 contracts, followed by 30,000 contracts on many more strikes on a session related to the beach probably,” Shilpa Rout said.

Day trading actions for today

Share Intraday Stocks for Today, Stock Market Experts – Sumeet Bagadia, Executive Director at Choice Broking; Anuj Gupta, Vice President – Research at IIFL Securities and Manoj Dalmia, Founder and Director, Proficient Equities – recommended 5 stocks to buy or sell today.

Sumeet Bagadia’s stock of the day

1]Indian Hotels Company: buy from CMP, objective 380, stop loss 303

Anuj Gupta shares to buy today

2]Tata Steel: Buy from CMP, objective 112, stop loss 97

3]Vedanta: Buy from CMP, target 320, stop loss 278

Manoj Dalmia buys or sells shares for today

4]Reliance Industries: sell to 2409 target 2399 stop loss 2419

5]Ports of Adani: sell to 819 target 812, stop loss 823.

Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms, and not of Mint.

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Is the TouchRetouch app worth the money?


Viral TikToker Megan Kelly (@the.lightseeker) has made a career out of expertly editing wedding and engagement photos, erasing surprise guests, and even changing scenery to suit a couple’s specific vision. TouchRetouch allows users to do the same thing, but on a smaller scale. According ADVA Soft app description, it provides “object sensitive retouching”, blemish correction, line removal and mesh editing for fences and netting. As explained by MacStories, deleting objects is made possible with a brush or lasso tool, intuitive for even the most inexperienced editors. Eager to erase the painted lines on the football field or the hanging telephone wires? TouchRetouch is designed specifically with this in mind.

Compared with other editing software like FaceTune, TouchRetouch has fewer body editing features. Although it has a “quick fix” tool for blemishes, it only works on a certain scale, according to MacStories. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a virtual facelift or digital makeup, this might not be the platform for you. However, some of TouchRetouch’s features are unmatched. Users can easily change the size of the Brush tool, perform unlimited undo and redo, and even “clone the stamp”, a feature that allows editors to easily reproduce parts of their photographs (via fstoppers).

Throwback to October 5


100 years ago: 1922

One of the largest poultry exhibits at the New Gloucester Fair is FE Field of Auburn. This young boy has no less than 46 birds in his coops and these include twelve different varieties. At home, on Gamage Avenue, he has some 200 birds and intends to continue to increase the number. They are the kind of citizens to build a vibrant and thriving community.

50 years ago: 1972

The Lewiston-Auburn Newcomers Club will hear four speakers at its next meeting. to be held at 8 p.m. on Monday evening, October 9 at the Holiday Inn.

Addressing the club will be Ms. Roberta Austin, Executive Director of the Lewiston-Auburn Young Women’s Association; Mrs. Barbara’ Trafton, swimming and leisure director of the association; and Andrew White and Mrs. Renee Laine, members of the Community Little Theater Association. Ms. Laine will demonstrate stage make-up.

25 years ago: 1997

More than 500 students, staff, parent volunteers and friends from Cascade Brook School in Farmington braved uncertain weather on an October day this week to challenge the Weld Mountains.

A mix of fourth, fifth and sixth graders, with three or more adults in each group, were assigned to summit Tumbledown, Mount Blue, Blueberry or Bald Mountain.

The hike is part of a school-wide project attempted at the beginning of each year. The reasons behind the strenuous day of activities are many, teachers say. Most talk about teamwork, having to cooperate with each other to get to the top of the mountain. Or they talk about how to learn what it’s like to climb a mountain: the student sets a goal (the summit) and works hard to reach that goal, while making new friends. And in the process, they create a community of caring students who ensure a successful school year.

The material used in Looking Back is produced exactly as it originally appeared, although spelling mistakes and errors may be corrected.

The material used in Looking Back is produced exactly as it originally appeared, although spelling mistakes and errors may be corrected.

Use the form below to reset your password. After you submit your account email, we’ll send you an email with a reset code.

” Previous

Showbiz Shares Rise on First Day of Fourth Quarter Trading – Deadline


Battered media stocks and major indexes rebounded on Monday, reversing course after opening in the red on the first trading day of the fourth quarter.

A correction, however brief, was in order. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 lost significant ground in the first three quarters of 2022 – their first losing streak since the 2008 financial crisis. The Dow hasn’t done so badly in this period since 2015. September was particularly brutal, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and technology-heavy Nasdaq falling 8%, 9.3% and 10% respectively. Tech stocks took quite a beating.

All three gained strongly today as the Dow closed up 765 points with advances across the board.

Dish is up 7% and Disney 3%. The two have just resolved a transportation dispute.

Lionsgate gained 4%. The company is working on a split operation by splitting the studio, selling shares to one or more minority investors. That deal hasn’t helped Lionsgate’s stocks lately — but neither has it helped much in media shares, which have been split between big and little names. Netflix has been an exception lately, posting recent gains — from a low point earlier this year — as investors seem optimistic about the next level ad-supported. The stock gained 1.5% today.

Paramount Global is 3% higher. Warner Bros. Discovery, in the spotlight as it moves forward as a merged company, gained 4%. Streaming strategy and costs, cord-cutting and consumer wallets are top of mind ahead of earnings that are expected to start later this month amid recession fears.

Twitter was one of the stocks that resisted today’s rise, down 3%. The company had rallied on Friday on speculation that it could settle its lawsuit with Elon Musk before the case goes to trial in a few weeks. And Musk’s Tesla shares fell 9% today on weaker-than-expected quarterly sales.

High and rising interest rates and record inflation fueled in part by the ongoing war in Europe flattened equities and also did not support bonds – investments that would normally move in opposition. Meanwhile, a strong dollar crushes other currencies (making American goods more expensive overseas). Revenue earned overseas by the United States will take a hit when converted to dollars in the next batch of quarterly corporate earnings.

Today’s rise could be partly due to British Prime Minister Liz Truss backtracking on a sweeping tax cut for the wealthy. Tax cuts, seen as undermining efforts by central banks globally to fight inflation, have sent markets tumbling in recent days, and many market analysts doubt the pain is over.

In the United States, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates almost every month to dampen consumer demand. The Fed’s delicate dance is to do so without tipping the country into recession, although comments from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell recently indicated that he would continue to raise rates regardless until that inflation goes down.

What are payday loans? | Pulses Nigeria


So what are the main features that define a payday loan? Why might someone want to apply for it? In this article, we’ll cover all of that and more, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know about payday loans.

How do payday loans work?

Today, payday loans are offered by individual brokers and sometimes by banks or larger financial institutions. The bank or broker earns money on the loan through interest, which must be repaid as soon as possible to avoid paying too much extra interest.

Payday loans have been heavily influenced by everything that led to their creation and institution at the state and federal levels. Payday loans have become so widespread that several federally chartered banks and other major financial institutions have also begun offering them. It is no longer limited to small payday loan vendors, as more and more large banks are offering them as well.

Besides this area of ​​advancement, a number of lenders offer online payday loans. This makes them more accessible than ever, which has led more and more consumers to take out personal loans in recent years. Payday loans are designed to help cover expenses over short periods of time, intended to be paid off relatively quickly. This way, not too much interest is paid to the borrower.

The biggest benefits of payday loans

Below we have compiled a list of the main benefits you can expect from taking out a payday loan.

  • Easy to qualify for: The application and approval process for payday loans is normally very quick and easy. It’s not hard to get approved for a payday loan, and many payday lenders won’t even check your credit.
  • Speed: Payday loans are fast. Typically, you can expect funds to clear within the first 24 hours of approval, if not sooner.
  • Flexibility: Because payday loans are short-term, it’s relatively simple and easy to pay them back when you get your next paycheck.
  • Information Security: With any payday loan you take out, your personal and banking information will be protected and secure.
  • Policies and Legislation: In many states, several policies have been put in place to help protect borrowers from abuse by payday lenders.
  • Perfect for emergencies: In an emergency, payday loans are a great solution. If unexpected expenses arise and you find yourself without money to pay them at that time, a payday loan can help you cover the expenses until you are paid next.

You can use your payday loan for anything, from buying a gasoline scooter or even buy the moped insurance for that. Considering all these advantages, a payday loan could be the ideal solution to your financial problems!

#FeaturedPost #FeatureByPayday

Review: Taurus G3X Hybrid | An official journal of the NRA


There is a centuries-old tradition among gunsmiths to mix and match existing components within their product lines to create new designs. This includes stretching and cutting slide lengths for semi-automatic pistols. Long slides increase barrel length and sight radius while shorter barrels can make carrying guns easier. Usually the grip frame will lengthen or shrink with the slide, but not always.

This year, Taurus USA released a 9mm G3 series “hybrid” pistol called the G3X. It mixes the more compact slide assembly of the G3c subcompact with the increased ammo capacity and grip length of the G3. This review takes a closer look at the first version, which has an all-black finish and single slider, is not optical-ready, and carries a suggested retail price of $342.98.

The G3X combines the shorter slide of the G3c model with the compact handle of the G3 model.

Like the other models in the G3 line, the G3X is a polymer-framed, percussion, semi-automatic pistol made in Brazil. The G3 models use a short recoil, locked breech action with some features and cosmetics taken from its predecessor, the G2. However, the G3 incorporates some notable changes in its design.

The square subcompact slide gives this pistol an overall length of 6.30″. It is constructed from carbon steel and treated with a durable Tenifer finish that provides resistance to wear and corrosion. The nose of the slide is beveled for ease of potting, while the back of the slide, just below the rear sight, is rounded to match the shape of the grip frame.Slanted cocking serrations are cut into the slide at the front and rear.The inside edges of the ejection port are beveled for improved reliability.

The G3X (left) compared to the G3c (right).

It is not uncommon for concealed carry practitioners to choose to swap out factory-installed sight assemblies for fiber optic or night sights. To facilitate this modification, the G3X features a front sight port and a rear sight dovetail sized to be compatible with aftermarket Glock-type sight systems. However, Taurus installs an all-steel sighting system consisting of a white dot sight on the front and a windage-adjustable square notch sight on the rear.

The 3.2″ barrel is stainless steel with traditional groove and ground rifling and a witness hole in the top of the chamber that serves as a loaded chamber indicator. Some budget guns come with somewhat rough barrels on the edges, but Taurus ensures that the G3 series feed ramps are properly polished. The barrel is supported by a two-piece double-spring recoil assembly made of steel components.

The metal sight system is compatible with most aftermarket Glock sight options.

The framework is mainly borrowed from the G3. This gives the pistol a height of 5.20″ and a double stack magazine capacity of 15 rounds. The grip is both longer and wider, front to back, than the G3c. Although it still fits small hands, this grip is more likely to be better suited to medium and large hands compared to the G3c A notable change to the frame is the abbreviated dust cover sized to accommodate the G3c style slide assembly .Shorter dust cover is molded into one Picatinny-slot accessory rail has been reduced from 2″ to 1.25″ Frame specs otherwise remain the same.

The dust cover features the frame’s serial number plate. Between the dust cover and the takedown lever are left and right side frame dimples (aka Memory Pads) intended to act as contact points for the trigger finger. The slide rides on four short rails incorporated into the front and rear steel support blocks which are held in place by roll pins. The metal slide catch and manual safety lever, as well as the grooved polymer magazine release button, are located on the left side of the frame. The front of the trigger guard is slightly curved to serve as a finger rest.

This version of the G3 accepts 15 round magazines.

At the top of the grip, on both sides, are thumb indentations that make the magazine release more accessible. The grip has a total of six aggressively textured panels to provide a high degree of purchase. Similar in texture to skateboard tape, these roughened panels prevent the grip from becoming slippery in wet, cold or sweaty conditions. They are also very effective when wearing gloves. The trade-off is that the grips can start to feel abrasive with bare hands during extended practice at the beach. A simple solution is to wear shooting gloves for longer shooting sessions.

A few simple steps are required to disassemble the gun for cleaning, much like other impact guns.

A short extension at the base of the rear grip strap prevents pinched fingers when slamming magazines home during quick reloads. The magazine well is dimpled on each side so that, if the magazine needs to be removed during the course of correcting a malfunction, it is easier to grasp the magazine base plate. This pistol comes with two blued steel magazines with bright yellow polymer followers and numbered ports along the back to keep track of the number of rounds remaining. This model does not have a magazine safety, which means the pistol can fire with the magazine removed.

The G3 series was launched with a new trigger system, which eliminates the relatively heavy and soft support of typical percussion pistols. The trigger face is grooved and flattened with a wide safety lever. This ignition system incorporates a second strike capability, which means the trigger can be pulled more than once in the event of a hard priming. The trigger of the gun tested had a slight pressure of 2 pounds. taken with firm resistance before breaking cleanly with 5 lbs., 9 ozs. of relaxation. The trigger reset is short and distinctive, contributing to faster shots when needed.

The G3X performed perfectly with all ammunition tested.

So far I have had positive range testing experiences with the G3 series pistols, and the G3X did not disappoint. The trigger was better than the price implied and the gun controls worked properly. The weapon suffered no malfunctions during informal or formal bench testing.

Examination of the range results shows that the relatively short 3.2″ barrel generated subsonic bullet velocities with all standard 9mm pressure Luger loads used for formal testing. The Hornady load is already reduced to subsonic levels, while Fiocchi USA loads can travel faster from longer barrels. This drop in velocity has its benefits. The gun’s ratio is less concussive, and the lower velocities help reduce the levels of felt recoil This, in conjunction with the full-size grip, made the G3X quite comfortable to work in. Compared to some compact models, it felt more like a .380 ACP than a 9mm.

The shorter barrel and fuller grip contribute to easier shooting sessions.

But if you prefer to improve the performance of the pistol, look for ammunition specially designed for short-barreled pistols. Due to the popularity of compact and subcompact carrier weapons, most ammunition manufacturers offer at least a few loads designed for them. When it comes to accuracy, this particular gun had a preference for bullet weights above 115 grains. The heaviest bullets shaved about an inch from the size of the groups at 7 yards.

With so many shooting products sized to fit into small, medium or large categories, it’s good to see that Taurus is ready to develop a defensive pistol that falls somewhere in between. I tested the G3 and G3c before working with the G3X and found reasons to like them both. I was a bit surprised to discover how much I liked the G3x. Its combination of features provides a different shooting experience than the models it is based on. The no-compromise full-size handle fills by hand and is secure. The compact slide gives the gun a light and quick handling that balances well with the shape of the grip. And the 15+1 ammo capacity is definitely a plus. For more information, visit taurususa.com.


Manufacturer : Taurus USA

Model: G3x (1-G3XSR9031)

Action: short recoil, semi-automatic bolt locked, striker fired

Caliber: 9mm

Slider: carbon steel with matte black Tenifer treatment

Arming clamps: front and rear

Handlebar: Metallic White Dot

Rear sight: metal serrated square notch, adjustable rear windage

Barrel: 3.2 inch stainless steel, polished feed ramp

Frame: Matte black polymer

Controls: metal with black teflon finish

Accessory Rail: MIL-STD-1913 to 1.25 inch slot

Grip: aggressive enveloping texture

Trigger: single action with reset capability

Release: 5 lbs., 9 oz. (As tested)

Safeties: firing pin block, trigger safety, loaded chamber indicator

Magazine Version: Reversible

Total Length: 6.30″

Height: 5.20″

Slide Width: 1.05″

Handle width: 1.15″

Weight: 22.5 ounces. With empty magazine of 15 rounds

Capacity: 15 + 1 rounds

Twist: 1:10″ RH

Rifle Grooves: 6

Accessories: two magazines, lock, user manual

Suggested retail price: $342.98

Letter: Fixed virtual fencing story


We wanted to thank you for the recent post about our extensive virtual fencing pilot project being conducted throughout Eagle County.

We also want to correct a small but important factual issue:

We are the Eagle County Conservation District, not the Eagle County Soil Conservation Department. This name has not been used for a number of years and reflects a much smaller scope of work than what the Conservation District currently conducts.

The District of Conservation’s mission is: “To preserve and restore natural resources by collaborating, educating and cooperating for conservation”.

This includes conservation efforts towards our local soils, water, air, plants and animals. ECCD works on water conservation efforts through landscape conversion for property owners, special districts, municipalities and more; financial assistance to improve ditch infrastructure; daily watering index and provision of drought-tolerant grass seeds; Soil health projects, education and more.

Again, thank you for the article and we look forward to working with you to learn more about the Eagle County Conservation District. For more information visit: EagleCountyCD.com

Laura Bohannan
District Manager, Eagle County Conservation District

SOURCE CORRECTION: Steppe Gold Announces Gold Prepayment Facility


This document corrects and replaces in its entirety the previous version which was published by Steppe Gold Limited earlier today, where it should have read, “Triple Flag Gold Prepayment Facility will be repaid over 6 months from December 23, 2022 by six monthly deliveries of 500 ounces of gold for a total of 3,000 ounces. instead of “December 23, 2023”. The corrected version can be found below and all other content of this version is unchanged:

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia– (Newsfile Corp. – September 29, 2022) – Steppe Gold Limited (TSX: STGO) (OTCQX: STPGF) (FSE: 2J9) (“Steppe Gold” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Triple Flag International Ltd (“Triple Flag”) for a short-term gold prepayment facility (the “Triple Flag Gold Prepayment Facility”).

One of the consequences of the zero covid policy in China and the border closures between China and Mongolia has been a shortage of US dollars available from banks in Mongolia. Revenue from sales of Steppe Gold is received in Mongolian tugrik. Although most of its running costs are also paid in local currency, we require US dollars to acquire reagents and finance deliveries to Triple Flag. The Triple Flag Gold Prepayment Facility allows Steppe Gold to continue to meet all of its obligations during this temporary market disruption.

Prepayment represents an elegant financing solution for a short-term currency issuance. The company is operating as planned with gold pours every two weeks and progress on Phase 2 expansion efforts continues.

Under the terms of the agreement, Triple Flag advanced net funds of US$4.6 million to Steppe Gold after fees and legal expenses. The Triple Flag Gold prepayment facility will be repaid over 6 months from December 23, 2022 by six monthly deliveries of 500 ounces of gold for a total of 3,000 ounces.

Steppe Gold Limited
Steppe Gold is Mongolia’s premier precious metals company.

For more information, please contact:
Bataa Tumur-Ochir, CEO and President

Shangri-La Office, Suite 1201, Olympic Street 19A, Sukhbaatar District 1, Ulaanbaatar 14241, Mongolia Tel. : +976 7732 1914

Caution Regarding Forward-Looking Statements:

The foregoing contains forward-looking statements that are subject to a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated in our forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause such differences include: changes in global commodity markets, stock markets, costs and supply of materials relevant to the mining industry, changes in government and changes in regulations affecting the mining industry. Forward-looking statements in this release include, among other things, statements regarding trading in the common stock and business, economic and political conditions in Mongolia. Although we believe that the expectations reflected in our forward-looking statements are reasonable, actual results may vary and we cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements. We disclaim any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable law.

The Toronto Stock Exchange has not reviewed and accepts no responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of the contents of this press release.

To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/138884



TorontoTiidal Gaming Group Corp. (CSE: TIDL) (OTCQB: TIIDF) (‘Tiidal Game‘ or the ‘Company’), a leading esports and gaming platform company, is pleased to provide the following letter to shareholders of Tiidal game CEO Tom Hearn.

Dear Tiidal shareholders

As we leave the summer and our 3rd quarter, I wanted to give you an update on the progress we have made over the year and the incredible potential we have for the future.

As you all know, the last 12 to 18 months have been challenging in the macroeconomic environment, with global economic uncertainty remaining a key issue. We saw a correction in the technology sector and a lack of funding activity in the North American public markets.

Despite these turbulent times, Tiidal Gaming Group insiders, (collectively holding more than 50% of the company’s share capital), have continued to invest in the company by participating in the current $0.10 unit financing and active purchase of shares on the open market. I invested about $200,000 since joining the company earlier this year.

We are fortunate to have a core group that strongly believes in what we do and in the substantial opportunity this market offers over the next few years. Skill-based betting, in-play betting and esports generally represent a blue sky opportunity and their digital nature makes them a truly unique market. We are still on the ground floor of what is an amazing company with our cutting edge technology.

I joined Sportsflare (our soon to be renamed company) because of their amazing team. The founders have a strong passion for betting and technology, combined with expertise in sports betting and interactive entertainment that is second to none. The longer I have worked with them, the more impressed I have been with their work and the products we deliver.

Based on a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and esports, they were able to create cutting-edge technology capable of in-game predictions, providing a unique offering that competitors are unable to offer. . The result is ‘Flash Markets’, a betting product that is the first of its kind for esports.

Flash Markets allow a player/bettor to watch a live League of Legends or Dota 2 card (and soon a CS:GO or Fifa match board), see player positions and have the ability to make a selection of bets on which player or team will get the next kill or which tower will fall next. This product is currently in the test cycle with four major esports brands, and we are receiving positive feedback. This innovative product will revolutionize sports betting and create a whole new addressable market segment that remains untapped.

Last week at the SBC Summit Barcelona event, we had the chance to showcase this product to the best direct-to-consumer betting sites in the world as well as the best business-to-business providers in the industry. Everyone was excited to get a direct preview of the product and wanted to know when and how to get access to it. Our goal, from this show, is to distribute the product through these two channels, allowing us to highlight our product to the best and leading sports betting sites in the world. Our goal will be to foster relationships with the prospects we have met and turn them into customers in the near future.

You can expect more Flash Markets product announcements in the fall of 2022.

It’s what we’ve been waiting for – the opportunity to grow the business after making sure we have the product set we need to be successful and complementing it with high level professional risk and trading, which was sorely lacking in the esports industry. Part of that was accessing live data. On July 22, 2022we signed an agreement with Bayes Esports and had access to live data for Riot and ESL League Games. This is the only way to successfully develop a robust live betting product. Our competitors harvest data from other websites in an attempt to achieve this, which we believe will not lead to any success as it is an inferior method.

Our deal with Bayes was twofold. Not only did we get access to the best data available, but we also got a new client. At SBC, Bayes announced that it is launching Bodex, the esports betting platform that will be the new esports home base for Betradar customers. We are part of Bodex’s pre-match and live odds offering. This is the beginning of growing our revenue base and demonstrating the capabilities of our products at the highest level.

Stay tuned for future updates. We look forward to sharing more exciting news over the fall. As always, I’m available to answer your questions and share our story.

Best regards

Tom Hearn

Sportsflare CEO

In addition, the Company granted certain Sportsflare employees and a director options to acquire a combined total of 1.6 million common shares at an exercise price of CA$0.10 per share. The options vest over a period of 24 months.

About Tiidal game

Tiidal game is a leading media and technology platform enabling next-generation engagement in esports and gaming. We are positioned at the intersection of gaming, media and betting and enable our partners to create positive, engaging and immersive experiences for fans and consumers through our cutting-edge multimedia and technology offerings. With deep roots and expertise in the industry, Tiidal is focused on the next generation of fans and consumers and building the future of game-based entertainment.


Tom Hearn

Tel: 416-560-0528

Email: [email protected]

Forward-looking information

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements that reflect the Company’s management’s current beliefs and/or expectations regarding future performance, business and events. Forward-looking statements are based on then-current expectations, beliefs, assumptions, estimates and forecasts about the business, industry and markets in which the Company operates. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements and information, which are qualified in their entirety by this cautionary statement. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly release revisions to update voluntary forward-looking statements, except as required by applicable securities law.

This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any of the securities of United States. The Securities have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “WE Securities Act’) or any state securities law and may not be offered or sold in United States or for WE Persons, unless registered under the WE Securities Act and applicable state securities laws or an exemption from such registration is available. Do not distribute to WE news wire services or for distribution in United States. Failure to comply with this restriction may constitute a violation of WE securities laws.

Lupine Receives USFDA Warning Letter for Tarapur API Plant

Pharmaceutical company Lupine said on Thursday it had received a warning letter from the US health regulator for its Tarapur-based manufacturing plant in Maharashtra. The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) inspected the site from March 22, 2022 through April 4, 2022.

The company manufactures both fermentation-based and synthetic APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) in the plant.

“The company does not believe that the warning letter will have any impact on the disruption of supplies or existing revenue from the operation of this facility,” the Mumbai-based company said in a regulatory filing.

The pharmaceutical company is committed to addressing the concerns raised by the USFDA and will work with the agency to resolve the issues as soon as possible, he added.

Lupine did not share details of the issues reported by the US health regulator.

A warning letter is issued when the US health regulator finds that a manufacturer has significantly violated its regulations.

The letter identifies the violation, such as poor manufacturing practices, issues with claims about what a product can do, or incorrect user instructions.

The letter also clearly states that the company needs to correct the problem and provides instructions and a timeline for its remediation plans.

The FDA then verifies that the company’s corrections are adequate.

On Thursday, shares of Lupine ended down 2.46% at Rs 654 each on BSE.

Within sells AR Wonderscope reading app to Amira Learning


Mixed reality company Within announced on Thursday that it has sold wonderscopeher augmented reality reading app for Apple devices, to Amira Learning.

Wonderscope and Amira Learning technologies listen to students read aloud. With Wonderscope, reading aloud unlocks the stages of an immersive augmented reality story. With Amira, it’s a way for her technology to assess and help with reading fluency.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

One of Wonderscope’s stories, Clio’s Cosmic Quest, follows an animated space particle to its nebula.


Wonderscope was one of the first companies to tackle augmented reality storytelling, which superimposes digital images on top of the real world around you. Its parent company, Within, is the mixed reality company that agreed to sell its VR fitness app, Supernatural, to owner of Facebook Meta earlier this year, only to have the Federal Trade Commission sues to block deal. The FTC claimed the acquisition was an anti-competitive measure in Meta’s plan for a “virtual reality empire”, which Meta says is not credible.

Amira Learning’s artificial intelligence makes it possible to assess students’ reading skills, personalize tutoring and screen for the risk of dyslexia. Its software is used by nearly one million students in more than 5,000 schools, the company said.

Inside co-founder and CEO Chris Milk called Wonderscope one of the company’s “proudest achievements”.

“We are thrilled that Amira Learning is harnessing the potential of Wonderscope by integrating it into its own mission to facilitate learning in children through innovative technology,” he said in a statement.

Amira Learning CEO Mark Angel said Wonderscope’s AR stories would “fit seamlessly into Amira Learning’s cutting-edge AI tutoring,” which already includes a stable of interactive reading apps. The Wonderscope app and the six stories are currently available for free on devices running iOS 11 or newer: iPhone 6S or newer, iPad 2017 or newer, and iPad Pro.

Previously, Wonderscope was a free app with a mix of free and paid AR stories; his six stories are available for free now.

Fix at 7:32 a.m. PT: The spelling of Amira Learning has been corrected.

Tata Steel shares trade below Rs 100 level for fourth session, more downside likely?


Shares of Tata Steel were trading below Rs 100 for the fourth consecutive session today. The steel stock has been correcting recently amid continued volatility as fears of a recession have rocked the domestic market for the past six sessions. Tata Steel shares, which closed at Rs 104.25 on September 23, fell to Rs 95.25 on September 28, losing 8.6% over the period. Tata Group stock dropped from the Rs 100 level, closing at Rs 99.85 in the very next session. The steel leader has been facing headwinds for a long time.

The recent correction due to the weakness of the global indices stimulated the sale of the title. An economic downturn for the global economy recovering from the coronavirus blues will cause construction and related activities to plummet, hitting demand for inputs such as steel, among other components.

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Metals stocks such as Tata Steel have long been under pressure as the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war and uncertain demand outlook from China undermined investor sentiment. The steel sector in China is facing challenges related to weaker than expected demand from the real estate sector. Restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic also continue to disrupt construction activities.

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On September 22, the board of directors of Tata Steel authorized the merger of its seven subsidiaries with itself. Tata Steel Long Products, Tata Metaliks, The Tinplate Company of India, TRF, Indian Steel & Wire Products, Tata Steel Mining and S&T Mining are the companies that will be merged with the parent company. The development, however, positive failed to enthuse the stock.

The stock rose 1.73% today to Rs 96.90 as the domestic market rallied after six sessions in line with positive global signals. Tata Steel’s share price rose after falling for three consecutive sessions. Tata Steel shares are trading below the 5-day, 20-day, 50-day, 100-day and 200-day moving averages.

Large-cap stocks are down 25% in one year and down 13% in 2022. Tata Steel shares are down 33.28% from their 52-week high of 142.62 rupees reached on October 19, 2021 .

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The Tata Group company announced a 21% drop in its consolidated net profit in the first quarter of the current financial year. The large steel company recorded a consolidated net profit of Rs 7,714 crore for the quarter ended June 30, 2022 compared to Rs 9,768 crore in the corresponding quarter of FY22.

Here’s a look at what market experts have been saying about the current weakness and how to approach the Tata Group stock.

Punish Patni, Equity research analyst Swastika Investmart said: “Tata Steel stock is under pressure due to cooling steel prices, subdued global demand due to rate hike regime by global central banks and export duties imposed by the Indian government, which will create a supply glut in domestic markets. because of optimistic long-term demand outlook, competitive advantages of Indian steelmakers like low labor and iron ore cost and reduction of steel production by China.Additionally, the energy crisis in Europe may prove to be a boon for Indian steelmakers provided the government removes export duties.

Abhijet of Tips2trade said: “A global collapse, particularly in the US and Europe, has triggered panic selling in global indices, with metal stocks including Tata Steel bearing the brunt. Rs 94 will be support immediately with very strong support at Rs 90.5. Until Tata Steel does not close above Rs 101 on the daily charts, investors should avoid buying.”

Tirthankar DasTechnical and Derivatives Analyst, Retail, Ashika Stock Broking said: “The volume trend has shown an accumulation at Tata Steel over the past few months, indicating heightened enthusiasm to push prices higher as the latter lacks participation in volume. Tata Steel can be expected to see a strong upside move towards Rs 140-Rs 150 from a medium to long-term perspective (gauging the involvement of the downsloping bullish channel).”

Ravi SinghVice President and Head of Research at Share India, said, “Weak international prices and weak demand have pushed down domestic steel prices. Tata Steel is in expansion mode and requires significant capital. The cost of financing can also be negatively affected. by rising interest rates. The current volatility of the rupee also works against the dependence on imports and the company’s offshore business. However, Tata Steel’s strong cash flow, thanks to strong operating performance, suggests its future prospects. The stock may witness lower buy levels for the short-term Rs 100 target and Rs 107 long-term target.

Lupine receives USFDA warning letter for Tarapur API plant in Maharashtra


Pharmaceutical company Lupine said on Thursday it had received a warning letter from the US health regulator for its Tarapur-based manufacturing plant in Maharashtra.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) inspected the site from March 22, 2022 through April 4, 2022.

The company manufactures both fermentation-based and synthetic APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) in the plant.

“The company does not believe that the warning letter will have any impact on the disruption of supplies or existing revenue from the operation of this facility,” the Mumbai-based company said in a regulatory filing.

The pharmaceutical company is committed to addressing the concerns raised by the USFDA and will work with the agency to resolve the issues as soon as possible, he added.

Lupine did not share details about the issues reported by the US health regulator.

A warning letter is issued when the US health regulator finds that a manufacturer has significantly violated its regulations.

The letter identifies the violation, such as poor manufacturing practices, issues with claims about what a product can do, or incorrect user instructions.

The letter also clearly states that the company needs to correct the problem and provides instructions and a timeline for its remediation plans.

The FDA then verifies that the company’s corrections are adequate.

On Thursday, shares of Lupine ended down 2.46% at Rs 654 each on BSE.

(Only the title and image of this report may have been edited by Business Standard staff; the rest of the content is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Strange bedfellows call on CFPB to enact broader participation rule for personal loans | Ballard Spahr LLP


The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) and the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) have filed a joint petition with the CFPB that urges the Bureau to engage in developing rules to define the biggest players in the personal loan market. In February 2022, the CFPB implemented a new procedure for members of the public to submit petitions for rulemaking (including changes to or repeals of existing rules). The petition has been registered by the CFPB. Under the new CFPB procedure, registered requests will receive a final response from the CFPB. (ABC already sent a letter in October 2021 to incoming Director Chopra in which he urged the CFPB to adopt a broader participation rule for fintech consumer lenders.)

In their petition, CRL and CBA describe the consumer credit market as consisting of five segments: mortgages (including home equity loans and HELOCs), credit cards, auto loans, students and “other personal loans”. They describe the category of “other personal loans” as encompassing three types of loans which may be secured (other than by real estate interest) or unsecured: short-term installment loans (generally lasting from three months to year), longer-term loans and revolving lines of credit. Secured loans in this category include loans intended to finance the purchase of durable goods (such as a household appliance or mobile home) and loans backed by security over an existing asset of the borrower (such as a vehicle).

CRL and CBA note that in 2015, the Bureau announced in its regulatory agenda that it planned to develop a proposed rule to define large non-bank participants in the personal loan market, including installment loans. consumer and vehicle title loans, and reported in its Spring 2017 Regulatory Agenda report that it was working on such a rule. However, as they also note, the Bureau under former acting director Mulvaney reclassified rulemaking as inactive in its spring 2018 regulatory agenda and has not spoken on the matter since.

Reasons set out in the petition why the Bureau should resume rulemaking for larger participants include:

  • A rapidly growing personal installment loan market, particularly as a result of changes in state law that effectively ban payday loans;
  • A significant portion of consumers who use other personal loans, particularly consumers who obtain such loans from non-bank institutions, tend to be economically vulnerable consumers who cannot obtain credit through credit cards or HELOCs. , have exhausted their available credit or have incurred such debt that they need to refinance a credit card or HELOC;
  • Substantial growth in fintech targeting the subprime market and offering loans that consumers are struggling to repay;
  • The current regulatory regime creates an uneven playing field with CFPB-supervised banks and a significant risk that consumer protection issues affecting vulnerable consumers will go undetected; and
  • Risk-based supervision, because of the need for firm-specific findings, is not an adequate substitute for a higher participation rule in a market with a substantial number of significant participants.

In their petition, CRL and CBA recommend that the personal loan market be defined as follows:

Creation or management of closed or open lines of credit payable in installments and provided to consumers for personal, family, or household purposes other than loans secured by real estate, loans for post-secondary education as defined in 12 CFR 1090.106 (a), or automobile purchase or refinance loans as defined in 12 CFR 1090.108(a).

Regarding their recommendation that the Bureau cover both closed installment loans and open lines of credit, CRL and CBA state that “there is an ongoing debate as to whether [buy-now-pay-later (BNPL)] the loans are fixed principal loans or variable principal lines of credit” and state that “[g]Consolidating closed and open loans in the definition of a single market for personal loans will avoid potential inconsistencies with regard to the supervision of the Office and avoid potential uncertainties with regard to the coverage of BNPL loans.

Regarding their recommendation that the market be defined to cover both the origination and servicing of personal loans, CRL and CBA point to bank/fintech partnerships. Calling “questionable” the assertion that the bank in such partnerships is the true lender, they argue that it is clear that the non-bank partner is a covered person providing a consumer financial product or service in its role as loan manager. According to CRL and CBA, market definition to cover services and origination “will ensure that these non-custodial fintechs, if large enough to meet the higher participation threshold, are subject to Bureau oversight at least with respect to its service activities, including its billing activities, collection and provision of data to consumer reporting agencies. »

In August 2022, eight national professional groups filed a request with the CFPB which urged the Bureau to engage in developing rules to define the largest participants in the data aggregation services market.

[View source.]

Columbiana Port Authority to Honor Workers with Free Lunch Business Journal Daily


LISBON, Ohio — In recognition of October being Manufacturing Month, the Port Authority of Columbiana County will host the first of what is expected to be an annual manufacturing workforce appreciation day.

The event will take place Oct. 21 in partnership with the Salem Sustainable Opportunity Development (SOD) Center, said Port Authority deputy executive director Brittany Smith. It will take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Sandy Lake in the Salem Industrial Park.

Workers across Columbiana County will be treated to lunch. About 1,000 workers are expected, she said.

“We hope to make this an annual event, but focus on a different part of the county each year,” Smith said.

Sponsors are sought at three levels of participation. Event and sponsorship information is available by contacting the CCAC at [email protected] or by calling 330 424 1800 before October 7.

Also at Monday’s meeting, the board acted on several resolutions, including those involving leases for four businesses using Port Authority space.

Lease renewals have been approved for:

  • Humtown Pattern Co. for 72,077 square feet in the Leetonia Industrial Building for 12 months at a cost of $24,479.50 per month, a monthly increase of $182.50 from the previous lease.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America for 11,820 square feet in the Leetonia Industrial Building for 12 months for $3,990 per month, an increase of $36.50 per month.
  • The Ex One Company for 1,780 square feet in the Leetonia Industrial Building for six months for $1,188.55 per month, an increase of $241.50 per month.
  • Paragon Integrated Services Group LLC, for 45,000 square feet at the Wellsville intermodal facility for 12 months at $1,500, an increase of $250 per month.

Smith said the increases were the result of rising utility costs. In the case of The Ex One Co., the company requested the reduction to a six-month lease.

Finally, the board approved a resolution to amend the Employee Policy Manual with several minor language changes and corrections, also adding a glossary.

The council will then meet in regular session at 5 p.m. on November 28 at the Port Authority office.

Copyright 2022 The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.

TMS Ep268: Rupee record plunge, diesel cars, markets, algo-trading


The Indian Rupee continued to depreciate hitting an all-time low of 81.63 against the US Dollar on Monday. And this despite the efforts of the central bank, which has spent nearly 100 billion dollars to stem the fall, the relaxation of commodity prices and the return of foreign capital. Experts believe that the fall in the rupee is in line with the massive fall in global currencies against the US dollar. Even if the fall of the rupee is not synonymous with bad news for all sectors, what will be the implications?

Rupee depreciation may also dampen the benefits that India may have gained from the recent correction in commodity prices. It is therefore unlikely that price relief for gasoline and diesel is imminent. Later, the price gap between gasoline and diesel narrowed. The price advantage enjoyed by diesel fueled the rise of diesel vehicles in the country. But this advantage is fading. And BSVI emission standards have dealt another blow to diesel vehicle sales. So what is the way forward for diesel cars in India?

Subsequently, market sentiment turned negative after the US Federal Reserve made a third major rate hike last week, with more than half of Nifty500 shares slipping below their major moving averages. So, will this decline continue or are recent sales an overreaction?

SEBI recently released guidelines for stockbrokers who provide algorithmic trading services. And its chairman Madhabi Puri Buch said last week that the regulator was neither for nor against algo trading as long as there is “transparency and disclosure”. But what is algo trading? Listen to this episode of the podcast to learn more.

Biden’s next debt crisis after student loans could be medical bills

  • America’s medical debt problem has parallels to the student debt crisis, experts told Insider.
  • Both are financially debilitating, putting people at risk of not being able to afford rent and food.
  • The Biden administration is already taking steps to address this, but the challenge of helping more low-income borrowers remains.

The Biden administration is finally delivering long-promised relief to more than 40 million Americans with federal student loans, half of which will see their debt completely wiped out. But medical debt experts say student loans are just one part of the household debt crisis that is crippling millions of Americans.

In late August, President Joe Biden announced up to $20,000 in student debt for federal borrowers earning less than $125,000 a year, which should completely eliminate the balance for 20 million borrowers. It takes away some of what is often a prohibitive burden for many Americans, with interest snowballing into an ever-growing collection of bills that become impossible to pay.

For some, medical debt can be just as prohibitive. Medical debt in the United States currently stands at around $195 billion, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, and 23 million Americans have medical bills of at least $250. Three million people have unpaid medical bills totaling more than $10,000. Like student loan borrowers, those with medical debt aren’t immune to unfair practices — the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau previously found that inaccurate medical billing cost Americans $88 billion a year last.

When medical and student debt snowballs, they become vectors of potentially devastating financial consequences, leading people to lose their homes and face lawsuits, for example. Medical debt experts only see a parallel between the two crises. On the other hand, a major difference is that medical debt is usually an unavoidable life or death situation, whereas student loans are often a choice.

“You literally had no choice because this was an emergency situation,” Berneta Haynes, an attorney at the National Consumer Law Center, told Insider. “The difference is that medical debt can happen to anyone, and it can’t be planned.”

Medical debt creates ‘a racial wealth gap and a racial health gap’ in addition to burdening young and old

Black college graduates are more likely be in debt than their white peers, the data shows, and that’s because they have less wealth than their white counterparts historically. It’s a wealth gap that also translates into medical debt, Haynes said; one in three black adults have overdue medical bills, compared to less than one in four white adults, she found in a study she published This year. She added that black households are disparately impacted by aggressive medical debt collection practices, such as civil lawsuits and arrests for unpaid medical bills.

“There’s a racial wealth gap and a racial health gap,” she explained. “Black people have less wealth, black families are less able to meet those bills when they come in.”

Haynes also noted that young adults are more likely to have student debt, medical debt, or both. Nearly half of medical debt is owed by young heads of households – those under the age of 44 – the US Census Bureau found Last year. Similarly, more millennials, of which the oldest are 41, according to the Pew Research Center, have student debt than any other generation.

This does not mean that the elderly are not affected. As Insider previously reported, student borrowers over 50 continue to carry decades-long debt, forcing them to postpone retirement, and older Americans who are not yet eligible for Medicare may experience similar issues with medical debt.

Unpaid medical bills have significant financial consequences

Experts also said the financial consequences of defaulting on medical debt, such as student loans, can be devastating. Haynes cited liens on a person’s home — a legal claim on property that can be used as collateral to pay off a debt — as one way medical debt can become parasitic. If you fail to meet your student or medical debts, lenders can also take a portion of your salary directly, if possible. 25% of this one.

“People are less likely to get a loan, and there are aggressive collection practices like lawsuits,” Ruth Lande, vice president of hospital relations at RIP Medical Debt, a health-focused charity, told Insider. elimination of personal medical debt.

Lawsuits for medical debt are more frequent than those for student debt, but both sweat. And although medical debt is the most common commercial line of collections in the United States, this also occurs for student loans. And collection agencies often employ forceful tactics for both. According to the National Consumer Law Center, collectors often misrepresent the rights of borrowers, and government oversight of collection agencies is generally weak.

“There are a lot of things we don’t see because of the opacity of the medical industry”

Recent legislation aimed at tackling student debt is a helpful first step, but only scratches the surface of debt.

The law without surprise entered into force this year, which aims to limit surprise billings under certain conditions, was one of the measures taken by the federal government. Senator Bill Cassidy called it “an important step in our efforts to reduce health care costs.” Additionally, three major credit bureaus have chosen to remove 70% of medical debt from credit reports, after working with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

In April, the White House also unveiled ways to help Americans with medical debt, including increasing oversight of inaccurate medical bills and equipping consumers with educational tools to help them manage confusing billing practices.

They ease the burdens that many Americans face, but have blind spots, advocates said.

Haynes pointed out that a lot of medical debt is paid by credit card, meaning it’s not recorded as medical debt — it’s anonymized as credit card debt. This means that medical debt paid with credit cards will still show up on credit reports in the future.

Lindsey Muniak, medical debt program manager at Debt Collective, a debtors syndicate and nonprofit organization, told Insider that while nonprofit hospitals receive billions of dollars in tax breaks for providing ‘charity care’ to low-income patients hospitals often skimp on, The Wall Street Journal reported This year. A majority of American hospitals are not-for-profit. She wants the IRS to set clearer guidelines for vetting hospitals, she said.

“There are a lot of things that we don’t see because of the opacity of the medical industry,” Muniak said.

Letter: Carson does not work for Davis


by Scott Stewart

I hope the voters of District 1 agree that Dan Carson did not deserve a second term on city council.

If you were for a Davis Innovation and Sustainability Center (Measure H), then you should know that Dan Carson’s lawsuit, against other Davis residents opposed to Measure H, (a lawsuit that Carson technically lost), was a So obvious an attack on Davis’ civic engagement that the lawsuit alone sank Measure H.

If you were for Davis’ energy independence, know that Dan Carson led the behind-closed-doors effort to allow BrightNight to control Davis’ land rights for $50,000 a year, while the value of electricity at life of the solar project for the site was estimated at be $120 million. No one, including Dan Carson, Brett Lee, or any city employee reviewing a deal, had experience in commercial solar development.

The Davis Utility Commission voted (5 to 2) for the city to withdraw from the BrightNight deal. Davis solar and energy experts condemned the decision. Public calls for cancellation were ignored and publicly reprimanded by Dan Carson. (Davis Enterprise April 21, 2020)

The BrightNight solar fiasco and the Measure H lawsuit have generated a lot of ink, paid attorneys’ fees and lost opportunities. Dan Carson’s actions have invoked the unprecedented condemnation of seven former mayors: Krovoza, Davis, Corbett, Greenwald, Wagstaff, Evans and Kopper. (Davis Enterprise April 27, 2020 and May 18, 2022)

Carson continues to insist that his experience as a former California state budget analyst should pave the way for acceptance of his good judgment. Except as the record shows, Dan Carson lacks good judgment and disrespects shared decision making.

It’s time for District 1 to have a different representative. Candidates Kelsey Fortune and Bapu Vaitla are excellent candidates. Please don’t vote for Carson.

Wolfpack crosses ahead of Huskies – The North State Journal

North Carolina State’s Devin Carter (88) stiff-arms Connecticut’s Chris Shearin (10) following a reception in the first half of an NCAA college football game in Raleigh , North Carolina, Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022. (Karl B DeBlaker/AP Photo)

RALEIGH — On a day when every other FBS team in North Carolina was beaten, NC State took care of its business by manhandling UConn in a 41-10 win at Carter-Finley Stadium.

With Tobacco Road undefeated UNC, Duke and Wake Forest all suffering losses, and App State, ECU and Charlotte suffering losses, the 12th-ranked Wolfpack proved too much for the outclassed Huskies.

“I think we’re hitting a lot of cylinders that we wanted to,” coach Dave Doeren said. “I think we are well placed. There are always things that can be better, but the things I was disappointed about a week ago have been fixed in this game.

The Wolfpack immediately set the tone for the entire evening, scoring on the opener of the game when junior quarterback Devin Leary connected with graduate receiver Thayer Thomas for a 75-yard touchdown.

Leary had a solid performance, throwing for 320 yards and four touchdowns. The junior quarterback threw for more yards (149) and touchdowns (1) in the first quarter than he did in all of last week’s win over Texas Tech (121 and 0).

Leary also did a good job spreading the ball by connecting 10 different receivers. Four of them had touchdown receptions, including junior Keyon Lesane and second Porter Rooks, both of whom had their first career scores.

“I think this is the perfect time,” junior redshirt receiver Devin Carter said of the receivers starting to click with Leary. “We worked very hard in training, so every time you train on something game-related, it clicks. It just happens. I think it does honor to our practice.

Leary was not without fault, however, as he ended the first half by throwing an interception directly to a UConn defender in the middle with less than a minute to go, allowing the Huskies to kick in a goal on the field for a 31-3 Wolfpack. lead at halftime.

The interception marked the end of five straight drives for NC State and was one of two scoreless drives while Leary was in the game.

The only other drive the Wolfpack didn’t score on was a false field goal run attempt – while leading 31-3 in the third quarter – by kicker Christopher Dunn that failed and ended with Dunn in the injury tent. Dunn did not return to the game, but Doeren was unconcerned.

“He’s good,” Doeren said of Dunn’s status. “I don’t think he’s been tackled for a long time. It was good to have Collin Smith there and give him an opportunity, but Chris will be fine.

Wolfpack’s second-year running back, Demie Sumo-Karngbaye, was also poised to establish himself as the team’s top running back, rushing for 49 yards and a touchdown on four attempts, before a Upper body injury ruled him out early in the game.

“Demi is fine,” Doeren said. “He was in pain. Plan for his return. If it was a different type of game, we probably could have played it today.

For a day, the Wolfpack’s offensive woes seemed resolved, but it’s hard to gauge the state of NC State’s offense against a weak opponent who was more than a five-touchdown underdog.

NC State’s defense, however, was as good as ever, stopping two fourth-down conversion attempts and limiting the Huskies to just 39 passing yards and 121 rushing yards. The Wolfpack had two sacks, forced seven outs and didn’t allow a touchdown until less than four minutes remained in the game and the field was filled with reserves.

“I think [confidence] is really important,” junior linebacker Drake Thomas said. “We are proud of the way we play. We want to play aggressive, we want to play hard, we want to play physical, but we also like to play confident. We like to play with a bit of swagger. I think that’s the key to our defense and who we are. Going out there to make plays and three-and-out after three-and-out is a confidence booster for sure.

The Wolfpack’s offense and defense will be really challenged next week when they travel to Death Valley to take on No. 5 Clemson on Saturday in an early-season game that will establish a favorite in the ACC.

“It will be a big challenge, a big opportunity,” Doeren said. “We did the things that I wanted to improve on and there are going to be a lot of things that we have to do well to win this game, but we are delighted with this opportunity. It’s a great environment to play there and it’s going to be one hell of a game of football.

Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies During a Correction – CryptoMode


Corrections are natural and happen in all markets, so having a solid investment strategy is essential. No matter how optimistic one is about the long-term prospects of a specific investment asset, especially cryptocurrency, it is essential to consider both scenarios, a breakout up or down .

Unfortunately, many people who trade crypto do not have a detailed plan to follow during a correction, and as the saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

While not every correction leads to a stock market crash, all cryptocurrency crashes start with a correction. So, a crypto trader must know the strategies to follow during one. This article covers the basics of market corrections and crypto trading strategies to adopt.

What is the market correction?

A market correction is a fall in the price of an asset. There is no limited time range for a corrective stretch; it can last from a few minutes to years.

This happens cyclically in all markets (not just the crypto market) and can be triggered by the slightest bit of negative news. Corrections always signal that the asset has derailed from its predicted trend. Sometimes it may turn up, but some may lead to a bear market.

What are the causes of the corrections

There are many reasons why a correction can occur in a crypto market. Here are some of the causes:

  • Irrational Exuberance: This is when the market shows a positive trend and traders are confident in their predictions that the price of crypto will continue to rise. But this is not the case as the cryptocurrency price starts falling for a while and traders start panic selling; this is when a correction has occurred. Then the forces of demand and supply balance out so that prices rise again.
  • Other causes include:
  1. trade wars
  2. A downturn in a country’s economy
  3. Political unrest
  4. Insider trading
  5. Market makers controlling the market

What crypto trading strategy to adopt during a correction?

You can use various strategies to avoid any losses that may occur in the market during a correction. However, every crypto trader should have a strategy mapped out if a correction occurs. This will avoid unnecessary losses and minimal profit.

These strategies will show you what to do when a correction occurs instead of acting rationally. Crypto trading strategies to use during a correction include:

Removal of exposure

This is the first strategy, where you prepare for the appearance of a correction. This can avoid large losses and poor performance. Once you have noticed the shape of a downtrend, it may be a good idea to lower your exposure. Or, when the oscillator drops, you might want to consider your long position on the trade.

Closing part of your long position instead of all of it in case the correction re-establishes itself and the price rises again has proven to be a winning strategy. It also helps to solve one of the biggest problems for traders, namely cutting short their winning positions. With this method, you get the best of both words.

Buy the dip

The second strategy to follow during a correction is to have enough savings to buy cryptocurrency sold at a discount. This means buying crypto from panicked traders while ignoring fake news and analysis, otherwise known as buying the dip.

This strategy is more about acting after the correction has started. As soon as the crypto market corrects lower, technical support levels such as longer and shorter term support levels begin to break. But the longer term support level lasts better than the short term. So, look for longer-term support levels on your chart and take advantage of the correction by subscribing there.

Recurring purchases by fixed sums

This strategy involves periodically deploying a fixed amount of money and investing it in the market without regard to the current state of the market. Dollar cost averaging helps crypto traders practice excellent investing skills such as patience and discipline. The DCA has proven to be effective and can offer a significant return when the market correction reverts back to a bullish formation.

The cost average also divides your entire investment, initiating a systematic entry. This strategy is a solution to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, as you can reduce the effect of volatility on your portfolio. For those looking to automate this process, tools such as a DCA trading bot are available. This bot automates the DCA process allowing for a shorter time scale than the traditional DCA method, while allowing the trader to reap all the benefits and more!


Following the best crypto trading strategy during a correction mainly depends on the trader’s risk appetite and preference. Traders who take risks will try to stake their crypto for liquidity. In contrast, conservative traders will save their cryptocurrency in anticipation of the resumption of the market correction.

Regardless of your type of trading psychology, make sure you have an elaborate trading strategy to combat a market correction. This will protect your investment from unwanted losses.

CryptoMode produces high quality content for cryptocurrency companies. To date, we’ve provided brand visibility for dozens of companies, and you can be one of them. All our customers appreciate our value for money ratio. Contact us if you have any questions: [email protected]

None of the information on this website is investment or financial advice. CryptoMode is not responsible for any financial losses incurred while acting on the information provided on this website by its authors or customers. No advice should be taken at face value, always do your research before making financial commitments.

City letter about potential CUPE strike sent in error – Winnipeg Free Press


Some Winnipeggers who have signed up for swimming lessons and other recreational guiding programs have been inadvertently told that the city is not responsible for any inconvenience they would suffer if city workers striking.

The city sent out a notice on Thursday addressed to “customers of the City of Winnipeg Recreation Services,” noting that the government is preparing for a possible labor disruption and may not be able to meet its recreation agreements if it happens.

“City services, features and support may be unavailable during this time. It’s unclear what effect the labor disruption will have on the city’s ability to enforce the terms of the agreement. The city is not responsible for any inconvenience, nuisance or discomfort this may cause you,” the document states.

CUPE Local 500 / TWITTER

Local 500 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the city’s largest union, recently set up a strike headquarters to prepare for a possible strike.

It also warns recipients, “you may have to cross a picket line to access any property in the city”, in the event of a strike.

Local 500 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the city’s largest union, recently set up a strike headquarters to prepare for a possible strike. The union represents approximately 4,900 City of Winnipeg workers, who provide key services to pools, libraries, 311, public works and water and waste.

Workers voted 93% in favor of a strike mandate in July, but have yet to walk off the job.

The city’s notice was posted on social media, where a Reddit user pointed to the claim that the city is “not responsible” for the potential disruption. Some commentators have criticized the city for not paying workers enough to avoid the threat of industrial action.

A post deemed the letter redundant, alleging that parents are already aware that “the city is not responsible for any inconvenience” after long delays in registering for leisure guide swimming lessons last month.

In a written statement, a city spokesperson said the email was accidentally sent to some residents who signed up for recreation activities, when it was only intended for recreation contractors in the city.

“The city distributed this letter in error to residents who hold memberships at our recreation facilities and a segment of residents enrolled in recreation guide programming. We will issue a correction, letting them know that the city will abide by the terms and conditions of their memberships and program registrations in the event of a labor disruption,” wrote Felicia Wiltshire, the city’s director of communications.

Wiltshire said the city has begun efforts to maintain critical and essential services in the event of a strike.

However, the statement said it was premature to talk about possible disruptions in service, if the workers left the job.

[email protected]

Twitter: @joyanne_pursaga

Joyanne Pursaga

Joyanne Pursaga

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Joyanne loves telling the stories of this city, especially when it comes to politics. Joyanne became a reporter at City Hall for the Winnipeg Free Press in early 2020.

NM candidate removes offer to donate guns for $100

Audrey Trujillo, the Republican candidate for Secretary of State of New Mexico, woos voters during a campaign rally in Rio Rancho, NM on June 24, 2022. Trujillo on Thursday, September 22, 2022 deleted a flyer online campaign that offered the chance to receive a gun in exchange for campaign donations in apparent violation of state restrictions on raffles. State gaming regulators say the matter was resolved voluntarily. (AP Photo/Morgan Lee)

SANTA FE — New Mexico’s Republican nominee for secretary of state has removed an online campaign flyer that offered the chance to receive a gun in exchange for $100 in donations to her campaign.

The ‘gift’ offer of firearms on a Facebook campaign website for candidate Audrey Trujillo appeared to violate a state ban on using raffles to raise money for someone standing for election.

Contacted by The Associated Press on Thursday, Trujillo said she was withdrawing the firearms flyer out of concern that it might not be compliant. She said her campaign would offer reimbursements for any possible contributions related to the gun supply.

Trujillo is challenging incumbent Democratic Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver in the November general election for the post of New Mexico election regulator who also oversees campaign finance and ethics provisions. The small-business owner from Corrales is campaigning for large-scale election changes as part of the US First Secretary of State’s coalition.

Trujillo said she was aware of the restrictions on sweepstakes for campaign purposes and simply intended to donate a gun that was provided to her campaign in honor of constitutional law to bear arms. She said the review was posted without her review and she took it down after seeing the wording.

“I know…for a fact we’re not supposed to do raffles or sell anything – it was a given,” Trujillo said. “We removed it immediately. We don’t do this because we want to make sure we comply.

The campaign flyer, with an image of Trujillo, advertised a gun giveaway in October and that, “with every $100 donation, you will be entered for a ticket. Only 200 tickets will be sold… the winner is responsible a background check fee A QR code was linked to a campaign contribution processing website.

The gun shown in the flyer was a 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun with a magazine for multiple rounds.

Trujillo campaign manager Freddie Lopez said the campaign spoke with an official from the state Gaming Control Board to advise the agency that the gun offer had been removed.

“It was a mistake on our part, and we corrected it,” he said.

Gaming Control Board staff representative Richard Kottenstette said the agency was happy with voluntary compliance so far after an enforcement officer contacted Trujillo’s campaign manager to confirm that the notices of campaign had been removed, with no apparent campaign contributions being received.

“It was made public before that political campaigns should not use raffles for fundraising,” he said. ” It is over there. It’s not hard to find.

Guide to Friday Day Trading: 4 Stocks to Buy or Sell Today — September 23


Today’s trading guide for Friday: Weak volatility continues to support Dalal Street bears and major benchmarks ended in the red zone for the second session in a row. The Nifty 50 index lost 88 points and closed at 17,629, BSE Sensex plunged 337 points and closed at 59,119 while the Bank Nifty index finished 572 points lower at 40,630 levels.

According to stock market watchers, a small positive candle formed on the daily chart at the lows, with an upper and lower shadow. Technically, this pattern indicates a high wave type candle pattern formation. Normally, such a high wave formation after a reasonable upward or downward move acts more often as a reversal pattern, after the confirmation. There is therefore a possibility of a rebound in the short term.

Stock market today: Nifty outlook, Bank Nifty

“Nifty’s short-term trend continues to be choppy. Thursday’s support candle formation and overall chart pattern signal the possibility of a near-term bullish bounce. Immediate support for NSE Nifty is placed at 17530 and the next overhead resistance to watch at the 17750 level,” said Nagaraj Shetti, technical research analyst at HDFC Securities.

On what is hurting bull sentiment, Ruchit Jain, Lead Research at 5paisa.com, said, “The Bank Nifty Index corrected sharply as traders were seen unwinding positions in the space that had shown relative outperformance in the recent past The trigger for the markets was led by the currency which saw a break after the consolidation of the last few weeks and depreciated sharply to reach new lows Our equity markets have recently outperformed the global markets mainly due to the outperformance of the INR despite the rise in the dollar index.a forex move above 80 certainly does not bode well for the equity market and hence the risk continues to remain high in the short term.”

Ruchit Jain continued by adding, “Momentum readings on Bank Nifty, which has been the relative outperformer so far, also turned negative. Immediate support for the Bank Nifty index is placed around its support” 20 DEMA” of 40245 and a violation of this could then lead to further price correction. Traders are advised to closely monitor the movement of currencies and global markets which are likely to dictate short-term movements.

Nifty call put option data

Speaking on the Nifty call sell ratio, Shilpa Rout, Principal Derivatives Analyst at Prabhudas Lilladher, said: “The Nifty options chain for weekly expiry reflects a wide range between 16000 and 19000 zones, as the maximum contract additions sit at 16,000PE – over 90,000 contracts and 19,000 CE – over 1.4 lakh contracts. either side will show more movement for the INDEX in the future.

Bank Nifty Call Put Options Data

“The Bank Nifty Future Option channel reflects that PE writers are active at 40,000/39,500 strikes – overall above 50,000 contracts each, CE writers continue to be aggressively active through 45,000 strikes – the highest new additions of over 40,000 contracts,” added Shilpa Rout.

Day trading stocks

On stocks to buy today, equity market experts – Mehul Kothari, AVP – Technical Research at Anand Rathi and Ravi Singh, VP and Head of Research at Share India – have listed 4 buy stocks or sale for today.

Mehul Kothari’s action recommendations

1]Tech Mahindra: Buy on 1049 target 1090, stop loss 1030

2]Gujarat Gas: Buy on 520 target 560, stop loss 500

Ravi Singh shares to buy today

3]Titan Company: Buy on 2740 target 2850, stop loss 2700

4]Ashok Leyland: Buy on 164 target 175, stop loss 161.

Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms, and not of Mint.

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SoCal Banks receives $330 million for small business loans and support | KFI AM 640

SoCal Banks receives $330 million for small business loans and support |  KFI AM 640

LOS ANGELES (CNS) — Six Southern California financial institutions were named Wednesday as recipients of nearly $330 million in federal funds intended to provide loans and other assistance to small and business-owned businesses. to minorities.

Rewards from the emergency capital investment program funds were among $671 million distributed to 10 institutions across California, and nearly $9 billion nationwide, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

According to the department, the funds are designed to enable financial institutions to “provide loans, grants and forbearance to small businesses and minority consumers, particularly in low-income and financially underserved communities that have the most struggled during the COVID-19 crisis.”

The Southern California institutions receiving funds were:

— Broadway Financial Corp., Los Angeles, $150 million;

— Federal Episcopal Fellowship Credit Union, Los Angeles, $38,000;

— Financial Partners Credit Union, Downey, $35 million;

— New Omni Bank, Alhambra, $39.9 million;

— Orange County Credit Union, Santa Ana, $35 million; and

— PCB Bancorp, Los Angeles, $69.1 million.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris praised national grants, saying success for small businesses “requires access to capital.”

“To buy, for example, inventory, you need capital; to make a down payment, to hire employees,” she said. “So to grow, these smart entrepreneurs just need access to capital. They have ideas. They have the capacity and the means to work hard, but they need access to capital.”

She noted that minority-owned business owners often face tougher hurdles when applying for loans, “even when they have similar credit profiles to other applicants.”

Meanwhile, the Treasury Department also announced on Wednesday that California would receive up to $1.1 billion from the State Small Business Credit Initiative, authorized under US bailout legislation.

The funding — $10 billion in total nationwide — is designed to enable states and other government entities “to increase access to capital and promote entrepreneurship, particularly in traditionally underserved communities as they emerge from the pandemic,” according to the Treasury Department.

“California is home to the largest and most diverse small business community in the nation,” Governor Gavin Newsom said in a statement responding to the funding award. “We are a state that is driven by innovation and small business entrepreneurship – that is why we have invested billions of dollars to help our businesses recover from the pandemic and to give more Californians a chance to achieve the California Dream. With this funding, underrepresented and underserved business owners will have greater access to the critical financing they need to succeed and thrive.”

Copyright 2022, City News Service, Inc.

Annual home sales rose 7.6% in August


The number of home sales in August was 7.6% higher than the same month a year earlier, according to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

An estimated 104,980 property transactions took place in the UK in August, 1.1% more than in July and 7.6% more than in August 2021.

A stamp duty holiday, which ended last year, skewed the year-on-year figures.

Spikes in house sales were recorded in June and September last year as the ‘zero rate’ stamp duty holiday band was gradually reduced, as the break was phased out, and Homebuyers rushed to strike deals to maximize stamp duty savings.

The HMRC report said: “August 2021 fell between two transaction peaks in June and September 2021, causing non-seasonal trends over this period.”

A Times report, ahead of the government’s mini-budget on Friday, suggests further stamp duty reduction plans are in the works, as part of efforts to spur economic growth.

The Bank of England is expected to raise the base interest rate further on Thursday, pushing up costs for some mortgage borrowers.

Financial experts have suggested that the rate could rise from 1.75% to 2.25% or even 2.50%.

Gareth Lewis, commercial director of property lender MT Finance, said: “With interest rates likely to rise in the new year, potential buyers who make the sums will find that their monthly payments will be that much higher. , which will deter them from buying a property.

“As transactions take around three months, these numbers reflect activity at the start of the year. It will be interesting to see where the statistics stand at the end of the year, once the rising costs of and mortgages will have had an impact.

Jeremy Leaf, a North London estate agent and former residential chairman of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), said: ‘Despite anomalies resulting from comparisons with last year, sales are still broadly in line with historical averages of August pre-Covid. Transactions, rather than more volatile property prices, are always a better indicator of future activity.

“There is no sign of a price correction yet, but it is clear that the government is sensitive to even a relatively small drop in transactions, prompting talk of lowering the stamp duty.”

Matthew Thompson, head of sales at London estate agent Chestertons, said: “Despite rising interest rates and the cost of living crisis, August remained a busy month for the London property market. . The number of buyer inquiries alone is up 35% from August of last year.

“One of the drivers of housing demand is the return of professionals who are looking for a property closer to their work.”

Jason Tebb, managing director of property research website OnTheMarket.com, said: “Our own data indicates that sentiment remained positive in August, with 79% of sellers confident they could close a sale within three months. “

Andrew Montlake, managing director of mortgage broker Coreco, said: “While we are likely to get a big rate hike this week, for many people it will still be cheaper to own than to rent and that is driving growth. ‘activity.

“The news that the stamp duty is about to be reduced is likely to ignite a match below transaction levels. However, if it pushes prices up further, it certainly won’t help first-time buyers who are already dealing with rapidly rising mortgage rates and increases in the cost of living.

“Get it right, though, and in the medium to long term we might just see a market with more transactions rather than a market where the stamp duty acts as an additional deterrent to moving.”

Wednesday’s Daily Trading Guide: 6 Stocks to Buy or Sell Today – September 21


Today’s trading guide for Wednesday: After showing a sustained bullish rebound from lower support levels on Monday, the Indian stock market saw a bullish move with high volatility on Tuesday and closed the day higher for the second session in a row. NSE Nifty closed 194 points higher at 17,816, BSE Sensex gained 578 points and closed at 59,719 while Bank Nifty finished 563 points higher at 41,468. All indexes ended on the positive side in Tuesday’s session, with the pharmaceuticals, healthcare and consumer durables sectors leading the way.

According to stock market experts, strong global signals and steady foreign flows are helping Indian markets outperform their emerging and Asian market peers. They said a small positive candle formed on the daily chart with a rising open and a long upper shadow. Technically, there is strong overhead resistance around the 17,900-18,000 levels in this signal. The chart pattern could also point to a weak rebound to the upside over the past two sessions from recent low highs. They added that after an upper low formed on Monday at 17,429 levels on Monday, the current high of 17,919 signals a possible lower upper formation, which needs to be confirmed with weakness in the following session.

Stock Market Today: Technical Outlook

Speaking on the Nifty 50 Technical Outlook, Nagaraj Shetti, Technical Research Analyst, HDFC Securities, said: “The bounce higher in the last two sessions could be a relief rally after strong weakness from the highs. If Nifty fails to break above 17,920 levels in the short-term, we can expect a new cycle of weakness from the highs towards the 17,450 levels. Above said hurdle, the market might encounter the next resistance around 18,100 levels.

“If we look at the short-term charts, the recent Nifty correction has led to a breakout of a ‘Rising Wedge’ pattern on the daily chart and momentum readings have given a negative crossover of the overbought zone. This has already turned the short-term trend lower and due to the oversold setups on the lower timeframe chart, we have seen a pullback in the last couple of trading sessions, therefore risk continues to remain high and up. “Until we break above the 18100 level, we are not off the hook,” said Ruchit Jain, Lead Research at 5paisa.com.

Ruchit Jain of 5paisa.com added: “In our outlook on Monday, we mentioned the likelihood of buying interest in the defensive sector such as Pharma. Volatility expectations ahead, this sector should experience some relative outperformance in the near term. »

Nifty call put option data

“Clever options chain for weekly expiry reflects PE editors adding highest exposure at 17000CE overall, over 1.5 lakh contracts (with highest new additions more than 65,000 contracts also), followed by 17800PE – new additions of more than 50,000 contracts. “a lakh of contracts as well. The PCR OI at 17800 being comfortably above 1, shows signs of strength for the index,” said Shilpa Rout – Principal Derivatives Analyst at Prabhudas Lilladher.

Nifty Bank Call Put Options Data

Prabhudas Lilladher’s Shilpa Rout added: “The Bank Nifty Future Option channel reflects that PE writers are active at 41,000 strikes – broadly above 65,000 contracts, followed by 41,500 CE – the most recent additions from more than 40,000 contracts. CE drafters active at 42,000/43,000 strikes – nearly one lakh contract each.”

Buy or sell stocks for today

On stocks to buy or sell today, the stock market experts — Sumeet Bagadia, executive director at Choice Broking; Mehul Kothari, AVP – Technical Research at Anand Rathi and Ravi Singh, VP and Head of Research at Share India – listed these 6 stocks.

Sumeet Bagadia shares to buy today

1]Dr Reddy’s: Shop at CMP, target 4325 to 4400, stop-loss 4100

2]Eicher Motors: Buy from CMP, objective 3850, stop-loss 3620

Mehul Kothari stocks to buy today

3]IndiGo: Buy on 1905 target 1970, stop-loss 1860

4]Bajaj Auto: Buy on 3770 target 3870 stop loss 3710

Ravi Singh’s stock picks for Wednesday

5]Metro Brands: Buy at 875, target 920, stop loss 855

6]Deepak Nitrite: Buy on 2175 target 2240, stop loss 2150.

Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms, and not of Mint.

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I’ve paid off student loans, but I support help for those who can’t


In December 2019, my husband submitted his last student loan payment. From the time we got married and started attacking those student loans as a team, it took us 18 months to pay off $51,234.51. Of this debt, $34,134.51 was federal loans and $17,100 was private. There’s not a part of me that blames the millions of Americans who are about to receive $10,000 to $20,000 in student loan relief.

From the outside, it looks like my husband and I “got off the hook” to pay off that debt and heck, if we did, all student borrowers should too. But that’s just not a practical, kind, empathetic, or, frankly, reasonable response.

When it comes to the “bootstraps” story, it’s important to recognize that my husband and I were collectively earning in the six figures and had no other debt besides his student loans. Granted, we live in one of the most expensive cities in the country, but during this time we still had enough flexibility in our budget to aggressively pay off student loans and live our lives. There was no rice or beans. We still took vacations, went out to dinner, invested in our retirement plans, and had a healthy emergency savings account.

However, this strategy of accelerated earning while balancing a well-balanced life would not have been possible without getting married. Well, that’s not entirely true – I could have helped pay off his debt as an unmarried couple, but I didn’t and I’m not advising anyone to do so. My husband could not have afforded such an aggressive repayment strategy, even living a modest life, on his salary alone, which included overtime. In fact, getting married had a negative impact on her monthly payments.

My husband, like many others with federal student loans, followed an income-based repayment plan, which caps your monthly payments based on a percentage of your discretionary income. This means that those who do not earn a high salary but have large loans will have an affordable payment relative to their income. However, filing a joint tax return meant that my income was factored into the calculation and his minimum monthly payment had increased significantly.

We made the decision to aggressively repay student loans based on what was in our best interests as a family and our sanity. Wiping off his private loan made mathematical sense, but giving up federal student loan debt at a rapid pace didn’t make much sense on paper, especially since my husband was eligible for two different forgiveness programs through his work as a student. ‘teacher. Forgiveness programs, depending on the type, eliminate some or all of the remaining federal student loans after a certain number of services.

If we had chosen not to repay his federal loans aggressively, we could have paid down debt slowly on his income-driven repayment plan, and then we ended up enjoying 2 and a half years of a break on payments during the pandemic that would still have counted towards his pardon eligibility. That would have been thousands of dollars back in our bank account with a credit for the remaining balance canceled – plus the $10,000 relief.

But for me, there are no regrets.

We decided not to pursue forgiveness programs given the restrictions that would have kept my husband’s career in a particular type of waiting pattern for five years to a decade, depending on the program. For example, the civil service forgiveness program requires you to work for a government or non-profit organization for a decade before your loans can be forgiven. This means that if you have the ability or desire to enter the private sector before the end of your ten-year commitment, you will forfeit the ability to have your federal loans forgiven. This is a significant request that could have long-term consequences for someone’s career and potential earnings.

Then, at the start of the pandemic, my income started to hit rock bottom, and it was a huge relief to be at least debt-free at a time when everything seemed so unstable. Once the income issues passed and financial stability returned, I still felt grateful that we were able to get rid of debt anxiety.

Listen, I know some may still have problems – and my anecdotal story probably won’t change your mind – but this is a nuanced problem with no perfect solution. The decision to provide one-time lump-sum relief may be a flawed option, but it will provide a much-needed financial lifeline for many Americans, some of whom did not fully understand the consequences of taking out tens of thousands of dollars in student loans.

Historically, little or no meaningful education was provided to student borrowers. It was simple for people to access thousands of dollars in loans and not fully understand how much interest would accrue or even the true likelihood of gainful employment upon graduation. You could have made an informed decision based on the data and your employment situation might not have resulted in the salary you needed to stay on top of your student loans.

It’s easy to put a 2022 target on this, but I signed up in 2007 – before the financial crisis – and I’m in the middle of millennials. How many millennial seniors were sold a bill about career opportunities and the need for college only to end up being part of the mass layoffs and bottoming job market during the Great Recession? Then, when they finally started to feel some level of respite and financial stability, they were hit in the mouth by the pandemic.

Of course, there is plenty of information and resources available for someone to be proactive and do their own research. But we have to be realistic about whether the average 18-year-old makes rational, practical decisions rather than emotional ones. Even parents can push to go to the most prestigious school, no matter the cost. It’s also frustrating how many people point to “useless degrees” and “fancy schools” as if they’re the only graduates who will get help. It’s not just liberal arts majors who struggle with the burden of student loans. It is also irrational to expect everyone to be a STEM major.

For many, the concern is who will bear the financial burden of this student loan relief. Will it be the average taxpayer who did it to pay off student loans or never even accepted them? It’s unclear right now, and it’s understandable that people are concerned about their own wallets being hit to help someone else. However, there are many ways in which people’s taxes support systems where they receive little or no personal benefit, but help the community at large.

It’s always been strange to me how a contingent of people feel determined to make those who come behind them struggle in exactly the same way. We all know that life isn’t fair, and some of us will have breaks at certain times in our lives or receive moments of luck that others simply won’t. But it’s a strange phenomenon to want people to struggle just because you had to too. It is also a mistake that the next generation even has the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors.

Will there be some of the relieved people who maybe could work harder? Sure. But will millions of Americans have a lifeline who have worked overtime or multiple jobs or had unfortunate situations that cost money? Certainly. Just because some people haven’t “deserved” relief from your personal metric doesn’t mean the many hard-working, struggling people shouldn’t get help.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board or of Bloomberg LP and its owners.

Erin Lowry is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering personal finance. She is the author of the three-part “Broke Millennial” series.

More stories like this are available at bloomberg.com/opinion

Hinge dating app adds more ways to connect with new polls and video-specific prompts


Targeting a younger generation of daters, the Match-owned dating app Hinge today launched two new features, “Video Prompts” and “Prompt Polls,” allowing users to answer video-specific prompts as well as post polls with three unique answers to choose from as potential matches.

The announcement of the two new features comes a year after the rollout of Hinge”Voice promptsa voice recording feature that allows users to hear the voice of a potential match. Video prompts and polls on Hinge profiles take these online interactions a step further, giving daters more ways to make connections.

The dating app is the first to offer users a way to post polls, the company claims. However, we reported last month that Bumble had started experimenting with polls, as well.

With the addition of “Prompt Polls,” Hinge hopes daters can have better conversations by asking questions about potential matches they want to know about them.

Users can choose from 21 poll prompts such as “If we won the lottery, let’s spend it”, “A dream house must include” and “Two truths and a lie”, among other prompts that aim to create a connection. After selecting a prompt, the user can enter three answers to choose from.

Picture credits: Hinge

Video, meanwhile, is nothing new to Hinge. But to add a new video-specific prompt, users can only record in the app. This encourages unfiltered and authentic interaction between users, Hinge believes.

The app added 16 new prompts designed for video. This includes “Something special for me”, “Hello from me and my pet”, “Assess my fitness”, and “Quick story time”.

Users can record a 30 second video to pair with the video prompt.

The new feature differs from the already existing video functionality in the “Photo Prompt” section of a Hinge user’s profile, allowing them to download previously recorded videos from Instagram and Facebook or their camera roll.

Hinge is also testing a way for users to also record a 30 second video in the photo section. The recording function is not available for all users. If a user doesn’t have the test, they can still record in the app with the new video prompt section.

Picture credits: Hinge

Like new video oriented dating apps continue to surface, Hinge is launching its new feature in hopes of improving the online dating game with a more expressive and fun way to date.

“With the launch of Video Prompts, we’re continuing to take the guesswork out of daters sometimes, so our community can feel confident about who they’re meeting,” Michelle Parsons, product manager at Hinge, told Hinge. TechCrunch.

Hinge users can go to “Edit Profile” and click on “Prompt Video” or “Prompt Poll”. Once a video prompt or poll is added, it will display under the first profile picture.

Users can add video prompt and prompt poll to their profile. They will still be able to add one voice prompt, six photos/videos, and three text prompts.

Similar to voice prompts, video prompts and quick polls are optional and can be added to a Hinge profile as an additional way to show off a user’s personality.

The updates are rolling out today for users of the Hinge app in global markets.

Updated 9/21/22 1:00 PM ET with a correction that not all users can save to the app in the “Prompt Photo” section as this is a feature under test.

Letter to the Editor: Easton Ratings Gone Terribly Wrong | Letters


I hear there are a lot of disgruntled landlords and a lot of people paying vastly increased taxes. My story may not be unique but seems so unfair. Let me explain.

Undervalued before, I agree, but a data error has now grossly overvalued my property.

My house is about 1,947 square feet, built in 1990. The tax roll has always correctly reflected the square footage. During the reappraisal, the square footage of my house was increased to 2,906. Why this was done and randomly accepted is the perplexing question and it had a profound impact. My school taxes went from $4,711 to $8,900.

I never received the letter from GAR that my rating had increased, so I never had the opportunity to challenge the rating in the spring of 2022.

I don’t know why this falls under a grievance and not just a correction and recalculation of data points. At the current price per square foot of $157, my assessment is down $150,000 and my school taxes are only up $6,200. I’m happy to pay my fair taxes, but now I’m paying an extra $2,000 for incorrect data used in the assessment and I still have to fight next year. PS: I will also have to pay property taxes in January based on the incorrect square footage.

People also read…

GAR blamed Easton for not having good property records, drone use, and cathedral ceilings, but none of that is acceptable. Everyone is friendly and admits it’s wrong but I have no choice but to pay. I will never be reimbursed for the error. Am I crazy or is this very wrong?

Regina Salerno, Greenwich

Browns make same mistakes, suffer inexcusable loss to Jets


CLEVELAND (AP) — There are losses that can linger and leave marks, some that don’t heal as quickly.

The Browns may have suffered one with an unimaginable giveaway on Sunday.

With less than two minutes left in a 2-0 start in front of a raucous home crowd in what is supposed to be the “soft” part of their schedule as they await the return of Deshaun Watson, the Browns imploded, crumbled, crumbled. disintegrated, broken.

Leading by 13 points, they gave up 14 in 60 seconds in a still hard-to-understand slump and bagged a 31-30 victory for the New York Jets, who, to their credit, never stopped fighting until until zeros appear on the FirstEnergy Stadium Scoreboard.

The Browns played 58 minutes and retired.

“It’s tough,” said All-Pro left guard Joel Bitonio, who thought he’d seen it through nine seasons with Cleveland. “Every loss is tough. This one was particularly tough. We thought we had it in the bag. We just didn’t do enough.

It’s being nice.

The Browns’ errors in the final two minutes were baffling for a professional team. No wonder they heard boos leaving the field. They won them.

All-Pro defensive end Myles Garrett felt the negativity was extreme. Bitonio wouldn’t go there.

“They invested their hard-earned money to support the team and they were frustrated and disappointed, just like we were frustrated and disappointed,” Bitonio said. “Let’s hope we don’t give them a reason to boo in the future.”

Only in Cleveland has been a slogan of both civic pride and embarrassment for years. Well, consider that through Sunday, NFL teams had won 2,229 straight games leading by 13 with two minutes left.

The Browns ended the streak. They also launched it in 2001.

Whether it was running back Nick Chubb scoring on a 12-yard run instead of staying inbounds (he wasn’t told not to) to miss time or cornerback Denzel Ward leaving receiver of the Jets’ Corey Davis getting behind him (he said that wasn’t his mission) for a lightning-fast TD or Cleveland failing to recover an onside kick, there was plenty of blame to share.

Coach Kevin Stefanski must explain why his side let an almost certain victory turn into a crushing defeat

“A tough pill to swallow,” Stefanski said Monday. “The frustration is very, very real when you have a game that you think you can close and we haven’t, so that’s frustration and disappointment.”

The Browns got lucky last week in Carolina. They let a late lead slip away with defensive communication breakdowns that were meant to be cleaned up. Only rookie Cade York’s 58-yard field goal saved them.

But after Chubb scored his third TD on Sunday with 1:55 left and York missed the extra point, the Browns probably committed their worst late-game sins when Ward, perhaps thinking he was receiving valuable security aide Grant Delpit, left Davis. uncovered for a 66-yard touchdown.

“Just one missed cover and we let a guy run free,” Ward said.

The stunning strike gave life and hope to the Jets. The Browns handed it to them.

It would be easier to forgive this type of error if almost the exact same thing had not happened seven days earlier.

It’s on Stefanski, defensive coordinator Joe Woods and secondary coach Jeff Howard, who don’t have much time to patch things up with the rival Pittsburgh Steelers coming to town Thursday.

He must also mend his team’s fractured psyche.

“They (the losses) hurt and I think it’s so important because of that that you have to move on very quickly,” Stefanski said. “That doesn’t mean you don’t own it, that doesn’t mean you don’t make corrections, but you better move on.”


It took a little longer to gain ground, but Cleveland’s running game went 184 yards on New York’s strong defensive front. The Browns’ 401 yards in two games is the most for the team since 1974 (416).


The Browns’ secondary isn’t on the same page or in the same playbook.

For the second week in a row, confusion over assignments resulted in a long touchdown pass at the worst possible time. Ward said he covered the flat on Davis’ play. Delpit was not so clear about his responsibility.

“I’m not going to play the blame game with my teammates so I’m just going to let it go because it was a miscommunication,” he said.

Cleveland’s special teams were also guilty of York’s missed PAT and failure to recover the inbounds kick from the worst offenses. Cleveland was also burned on a fake punt in the first half.


Quarterback Jacoby Brissett rebounded from a nervous opener, completing 22 of 27 passes for 229 yards and a touchdown. He also moved well, rushing for 43 yards — 21 on a late rush — and played the final minutes on a sprained ankle. He should play on Thursday.


Stefanski is second and third guessed for many decisions, starting with him not passing on his offensive playmakers to stay inbounds late. The Jets were out of timeouts and the Browns could have taken three knees and come away with a win before the cavalcade of errors.


Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney will miss Thursday’s game with a right ankle injury. Clowney, who had a strip bag in the first half, went out in the third quarter with a non-contact injury. Stefanski did not provide any details about the injury. … Brissett also injured his ankle, but stayed and is not on the injury report.


.874: The Browns are 118-17 (.874 winning percentage) since 1999 in last-minute games. Only the Raiders (.866) are worse.


Emergency. As difficult as it may be, the Browns need to put this debacle behind them.


More AP NFL: https://apnews.com/hub/nfl and https://twitter.com/AP_NFL

Cleveland Browns running back Jerome Ford (34) and tight end David Njoku (85) leave the field after losing to the New York Jets in an NFL football game on Sunday 18 September 2022, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski leaves the field after his team lost to the New York Jets in an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2022, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski watches his team play against the New York Jets in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2022, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

With $968m in loans, India overtakes China to become Sri Lanka’s top lender


Overtaking China, India has become the largest bilateral lender to Sri Lanka by disbursing a total of $968 million in loans in four months of 2022, according to a media report.

Notably, with its predatory lending policy, China has maintained its position as the largest bilateral lender to Sri Lanka over the past five years. From 2017 to 2021, China disbursed approximately $947 million. Of the total amount loaned, $809 million was secured in the form of market loans from the China Development Bank, ANI reported citing the Daily Financial Times (FT) report. The report obtained data from public finance.lk.

Read also : Sri Lanka will not participate in any turf wars in the Indian Ocean: President Wickremesinghe

According to the report, the Asian Development Bank (AfDB) has been the largest multilateral lender for the past five years disbursing $610 million in 2021.

Read also : Ex-Sri Lanka Prez Maithripala Sirisena suspects 2019 Easter bombings that left 269 dead

India disbursed $377 million and AfDB disbursed $360 million. The collective amount was equal to 76% of the total disbursements that were made to the island country until April 2022, ANI reported quoting Daily FT.

Read also : India set to secure Lanka port rights

On the other hand, the Permanent Representative of India to the UN, Ruchira Kamboj, informed about the funds that have been provided to Sri Lanka. At a joint annual UNGA debate on the reports of the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) and the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF), Ruchira Kamboj said that India had provided 4 billion of food and financial aid to Sri Lanka.

“In our immediate vicinity, we continue to help our good friend and neighbor Sri Lanka achieve food security by providing nearly $4 billion in food and cash assistance over the past few months,” Kamboj said.

On top of that, India handed over 21,000 tonnes of fertilizer to Sri Lanka in August. India’s High Commission in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in its tweet, viewed the step as an initiative to enhance friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

Since the arrival of the COVID pandemic, Sri Lanka has been grappling with its worst economic crisis with extreme inflation in the country due to fuel and food shortages. During the crisis, India has been at the forefront in helping the nation and providing economic assistance to Sri Lanka.

The country is also facing an extreme crisis in foreign exchange reserves which has reduced its power to import essential goods, including fuel and food. People witness constant power cuts and gasoline shortages in Sri Lanka.

(With ANI entries)

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